I wanted to write a post before 2012 arrives and was inspired by Chelsey from The Paper Mama to do a post of key things from each month in 2011. I gathered and shared mostly just what happened on here (my blog) the past year. What a year it’s been!

I tear up when I look at the above photos of my Chasey-Boy. I think the biggest change in our family, besides having a new baby boy obviously ;), it Chase. I mean, can you believe it? I’m in awe of how much he’s grown in just ONE year. Wow. This really makes me want to stop and savor each moment this year, so much more! As I put this collage together I showed Ted and we both agree that this year has brought the most change in Chase. He is a little man now and can actually have a conversation with us! When did this happen?! TEARS. Seriously, time is flying before our very eyes!

entered 2010 with heartache just 4 months after Eisley’s death. // Chase turned one and a half (look at how much he’s changed this year! Too fast!) // did my first ever ‘What I Wore’  post and actually posted them! My first photos I willingly posted since my major weight gain. Took a lot to do it but I did! // wrote a post about new year’s resolutions (and still feel the same about them this year!) // posted honestly about Ted and I and how losing Eisley affected us. // blogged words that resonate. // posted a few DIYs; homemade booklet, recipe box , jewelry holder  // and more… 

had a dream that spoke deeply // did a lot of Valentines DIY projects; paper heart garland, heart frame , “LOVE” display  // guest blogged at U-Create // spray painted some jars for decor // 5 months; our shock started to wear off //learned about pinterest  and got myself and many friends hooked haha! // found some awesome images that reminded me of her // i was brutally honest  // and then felt horrible about it  // posted an easy peasy DIY // and more…

wrote blurry // signed lease papers for a duplex // found out we were expecting our 3rd baby // barely made it off the couch out of fear of losing baby // turned 24 // opened my Etsy store  // posted DIY freezer paper stenciling  // did quite a few {thrifted treasures} posts; 1, 2, 3. // 6 months after losing Eisley I realized some things //

moved from my grandparent’s home into a duplex // gave a house tour on the blog // found out that baby #3 was a boy at just 13 weeks pregnant // decided on the perfect first name for S (writing a blog about his name and full meaning soon!!) // let my fear of losing Shailo paralyze me from really doing anything (see that couch there, yeah, I was on that most of this month) // april began the failing of my Etsy store, i lost all motivation when i became so anxious and fearful in pregnancy // April 26 arrived – one year since we’d found out we were pregnant with our Eisley-girl // wrote a whopping 4 blog posts  total …

 Ted turned 26 // threw an “Abie in Wonderland”  party for my sister’s 18th birthday // i made business cards and did my first ever craft fair (loved it!) // 8 months passed and I wrote ‘Grace’ // wrote about Chase’s love for music // Ted shot his first wedding! //

this was an eventful month for sure // finally fought my fears, sought after peace and His heart for me in this pregnancy and made myself get up // did the 30 Day Photo Fun challenge  // made a bunch of tissue paper flowers for two different parties (Chase destroyed most of one batch but i re-did them and they were better anyways :)  // planted a flower garden // did a simple home decor/party DIY // posted a before and after of our hallway (need to update this majorly!) // made a gate entrance sign! // finally shared we were pregnant…5 months pregnant… // threw a ‘Mustache or Bows’ gender reveal party // celebrated Ted’s 3rd Father’s Day //shared part 1 and part 2 of a new series I started called ‘Pregnancy After Loss’ // celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary // posted “Eisley’s Song” // faced our most bittersweet news in our pregnancy with S //

celebrated Chase’s 2nd birthday! // my momma turned 44 // fell in love with instagram // walked almost daily to the park nearby // spent hours at Windsor Lake Beach // shared some fun photobooth pics //

took Chase to the Zoo for the first time ever! (above photo is of when he saw a live elephant for the first time; priceless.) //Chase had his first train ride and loved it dearly and still sometimes talkes about it // whined and whined and whined about being pregnant during Colorado’s 23 days straight heat wave of high 90s with humidity. I LOVE heat and humidity just {not} pregnant apparently! // hence spending hours at Windsor Lake Beach // reached 26 weeks and 4 days // shared a remarkable memory // began the boy’s room // wrote part 3 and part 4 of ‘Pregnancy After Loss’// wrote about the anniversary of being hospitalized for Eisley and the precious memories i hold very dear to my heart // had my due date pushed back a week (insert major sad face here at the time) //

oh, September. whew. // reached the anniversary of Eisley’s death // celebrated one year since the birth of our precious Eisley-girl // shared part 2 of the boys’ room // wrote ‘anniversary reactions & shadow grief’ // got rid of the “ba-bas” (bottles) // wrote a post with pictures of Chase’s summer //

did our maternity photoshoot (which i just updated with some never before seen pics of ones with Shailo’s name) // visited the “punkin’ patch”  // painted the “baby punkin'” // started ‘No Sugar October’ and failed miserably just 2 weeks in! :) // had our first snowfall of the season // Ted and I bought our first car (well, a used van but still) First time for both of us!) // finished the boys’ room // made two separate birth announcements with two separate middle names for S, as Ted and I still couldn’t agree on one :)

shared a post with final belly pics and a prayer request // had a baby boy!!!! //  shared precious pictures of his first week // shared the (mostly) finished look of the boys’ room (only to have the landlord tell us we can’t use it as a room after all. Yes, true story where i sobbed.) // had Shailo’s first thanksgiving and first bath  // answered a frequently asked question //

celebrated Shailo’s first Christmas and the first Christmas that Chase will truly remember // actually made and finished our entire advent calendar! // had a white christmas tree // made some cute christmas decor // Eisley’s due date week passed by us again // shared pictures of Shailo’s zero and one monthly photoshoots // shared a poem and wrote honestly about where i’m at currently // posted some precious moments with Shailo //

I didn’t really share much about what’s going outside of what I shared on the blog but Ted does exist in this family and DID have things happen this year for sure :) Like finishing 2 full semesters of college // starting a photography business // doing a TON of free but portfolio building photo shoots (we’re hoping for PAID jobs this year! ;)) // entering the bathroom a bearded man with long blond hair and coming out shaved and BALD. and much to his wife’s surprise!! ;) …

We’re excited to enter 2012 and see what kinds of things God has in store for our family. Ted and I both have some major personal goals and I feel very optimistic that we will see them through. We’re going to face and conquer some mountains this year.


8 thoughts on “{2011}

  1. Ashleigh Dean says:

    Wow – I love the way you did this! It was great to read your ‘year in review’ and I love the months on the pics with the short sentences about each month. I’m writing my ‘year in review’ today and I might have to do something similar to this! :)

    PS – The landlord said you can’t use the boys’ room as a bedroom?!?! Crazy! And so sad!


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