Bits + pieces: colourful playroom + bedroom

Welcome to the full room tour of the boys’ super colourful-artsy-vintage bedroom/playroom !20130324-160552.jpg20130330-091248.jpgThis room is a collection of thrifted + gifted items from over the years (the most expensive thing I paid for was the $20 orange rug from IKEA – that’s really not a bragging point, but just to say, I’m a cheap-o and also, to hopefully encourage thrifting, because I know it works! ) I started collecting vintage toys since before we were pregnant with Chase. It has always been a small dream of mine to do a vintage inspired bedroom/playroom  – if we are ever blessed with another girl I think this dream will come into fruition even more so!20130330-083743.jpgAs you enter your eyes might be a tad overwhelmed ;) It is a bit of a colour explosion.

Chase spotted this rug at IKEA. $20 for a decent sized rug, not bad! We previously had a CARS blanket laid down for the wear and tear my boys put carpet through. Since we always rent – this rug was a nice find! It will help be a catch all for the little messes little hands can quickly make :)20130330-083725.jpgYou might remember the room tour from our previous home. I had a very specific colour pallete – which is mainly the colours you see on the 5 canvases above. Well, that all flew out the window with this room. But I have to say, I LOVE where it went; Colour galore.
20130324-160608.jpgI hung an outfit both boys wore when they were infants. I also framed one of Chaseyboy’s first toys – it was well loved as you can see ;) The cars prints are from IKEA as well as the white frames. The ‘love’ Chase painted a while back.
20130324-160600.jpgOn top of the changing table: a cute pillow friend my mom made Chase two Christmases ago. I also put their basket of musical toys up high for special times when my ears can handle the banging symbols ;)20130324-160758.jpgWe’ve barely used the changing table for what it is really for – to change kiddos. We mostly have used it for storage. I thrifted the baskets that hold Shailo’s jammies and paints/comfy clothes. The bottom drawer holds the awkward sized toys that can’t fit into bins very well.
20130330-083810.jpg20130330-083731.jpgSome art I made for the boys room with a few quotes I love.20130330-083750.jpgThe pendant banner is made of felt + string. It was decor I made for  Shailo’s 1st birthday party.
20130330-083641.jpgClouds + Shailo’s 1st year painting! Didn’t his turn out super cute?! 20130324-160632.jpgI absolutely LOVED these curtains from the moment I saw them in an IKEA catalog. They were a whopping $15. Notice, I didn’t actually hang them with a rod. I just simply hung them with pins! They have yet to be torn down and they’ve been up for months now.

We like to call this tent the little “pirate ship cove” because… as you can see… my little pirate-lovin’ Chaseyboy houses his ships here. He and I found the first pirate ship at a thrift store for $3 and at Christmas time this year, he was gifted 2 more pirate ships. WHOA. Thankfully both of my boys are super into pirates currently (Chase’s 4th birthday party is actually pirate themed – per his request!)
The boys cozy spot of the room. Side note: The boys room has the most beautiful natural light all. day. long. We all enjoy being in this room and I think that is a part of it. LOVE natural light.20130324-160454.jpgIt is a blessing to have both a mother and a mother-in-law who are seriously gifted in sewing. My mom has made these cute little stuffed animals for each of our kiddos!

20130324-160411.jpgMy MIL, Anisa, makes the most amazing quilts and blankets for the boys. This one beneath my feet was one she made right before Chase was born. The basket that holds their stuffed animals (seriously, don’t know how this happened, so many!)20130324-160431.jpg This is where Chaseyboy sleeps (you might remember, Shailo sleeps in our room, sometimes in his crib, mostly in our bed ;)) Chase has never had a beloved stuffed animal that he just can’t sleep without but this pillow case is his ‘must have’. Thankfully I have 2! The sock monkey blanket I thrifted and it fits for when he moves to a twin bed. The name banners I made with scrap fabric and twine. And the picture was a gift from my MIL! I spotted a smaller version at an antique mall and she surprised me and mailed this beauty to me. Brought me to tears. LOVE it. 20130330-120152.jpg

Chaseyboy also “can’t sleep” without the “rain” of the white noise maker and his turtle that puts blue stars on his wall at nighttime.

20130324-160708.jpgUnder Chasey’s bed is a mesh organizer (IKEA) that holds extra blankets and the bright bin (thrifted) holds his Dinosaur Train + characters)


Art wall. Love this so very much. From left to right: chalk pastel art by Chase framed in a thrifted, vintage frame, a ‘you are my sunshine’ canvas I painted on Eisley’s due date – for her, next is Chase’s 1st year canvas and some photos you’ll see up close below, next is another You are my sunshine canvas – this one for the boys.20130330-110433.jpg This AMAZING piece of art is one my sister, Abie, did. She took a photo of Chase and I and re-created it with, get this, ONLY the words ‘You are my sunshine’ over and over. Isn’t that AMAZING?!20130330-083737.jpg

Up close of each of the boys’ 1st year canvases.


Frames are from IKEA and the far right one is from Target. Photos: Chase and his friend Anthem at our Ugly Sweater Christmas Party, and then one of my FAVES of the boys from this summer – by a tractor, and another of the boys, dressed the same with a similar expression – at the Denver Aquarium.20130330-091149.jpgWe’ve all seen the crayon art on Pinterest – when it was becoming popular, a mom’s group I was a part of in Fort Collins did it! It was actually a lot of fun, mine of course, was a sun for my “sunshines” :)  Below that is Chase’s 3rd year canvas and 2nd year, above that is a small painted frame with an ultrasound photo of Shailo and above that is the quote “every cloud has a silver lining” that I printed offline a few years ago..



Some of the collected vintage toys are able to be displayed (and played with) on their bookcase. The little red, foam car up top was Chase’s very first car! It has now been chewed and torn up but it’s one I just can’t seem to throw away! 20130324-160701.jpg

My MIL often brings us things Ted owned or made as a child. I LOVE THAT. She brought down these heavy wooden cars Ted made when he was little. This blue truck is one of them.
20130324-162004.jpgThis dresser was really nothing special. So I decided to add green and star knobs from Hobby Lobby! The mesh blue hanging organizer I thrifted but found out it is actually from IKEA! It holds dress up things and sometimes toys and stuffed animals – depending on what Chase puts in it.20130324-160737.jpgFrom left to right: The little picture frame which holds the first photo of Chase and Shailo (when he first met his baby brother) was actually made by Ted when he was a kiddo! The other painted frame – Chase and his friend Anthem each painted one before his friend moved away to Georgia recently. It holds a photo of the boys in a tent at their first sleepover! The skateboard I thrifted when Chase was a baby (hope to made skateboard shelving when they are older) and the blocks spell out our boys’ middle names.  To the right: close up of the alphabet lamp I thrifted.20130324-160833.jpgThese little white shoes were Ted’s when he was a baby! Next to it is the Willow Tree ‘brothers’ figure I bought for Christmas and a gum ball machine I added thrifted glass marbles to.20130330-094009.jpgThe closet is my LEAST favourite spot in this room and you can imagine why :) But I am thankful for this toy organizer.20130324-160444.jpgI thrifted both the toy organizer and this vintage shelving! I love the little vintage print with the train and fox.

I made this pinterest inspired organizers “for the boys” this Christmas. It has been a HUGE help. I bought the little wooden creatures from Hobby Lobby for around .50-.67 a piece. I painted the wooden door hangers, and used scrap fabric to hang them. The letters are foam stickers. And the ‘months’ was written with a silver sharpie marker.20130324-160616.jpg

Laundry basket from, you guessed it, IKEA. :)


As you exit, you’ll always see this little sign on the door. Yes, indeed :)

Annnnd… just to keep it real… YES, I did clean their room for the photos and this is actually what it looks like 90% of the time…


Have a happy Saturday and a wonderful Easter Sunday!

bits + pieces: our bedroom

Confession: in any of the homes we’ve lived in during our 5.5 years of marriage, this is the first home in which I fully decorated our bedroom! I realized that it is kind of our oasis and it tends to be overlooks and usually is our messiest room of the house. The “catch all”.

Well, when we moved into this house (almost a year ago) I said I would make it just that: an oasis.  In the fall we swapped our master bedroom (our largest bedroom in the house) with our office/craft room (smallest bedroom) so we could be near Chase’s room which at the time we were across the house from him.

Over the past few years I’ve slowly collected this or that “vintage” or “eclectic” specifically for our room. This weekend I finally “finished” the basic decorating in our bedroom. Here are bits + pieces of what our little room looks like…

20130216-145119.jpgThis dresser is from my mother’s childhood. I absolutely love it and even though there are all kinds of tutorials for how to update old dressers, I just can’t bring myself to do it. Love it the way it is. I found the old springs on the side of the road and for now it holds Ted’s ties. I have a another plan for this, but it’ll take me a little more time. (the closet space is actually used to store things, so it is nice because we rarely have to get into it)

20130216-145051.jpgBrass lion heads…Love ’em.
20130216-145109.jpgThe inside of this beautiful vintage frame was actually fabric that had water damage. The fabric texture felt like canvas so I tried painting it a spa blue and was thrilled to see it worked! Also, don’t you just LOVE the details of this frame?

Right before Ted and I began dating, I made him this shadow box for his birthday. When we started dating I noticed he has dried and kept a small flower I had given him months before. BAH, love that he’s sappy-sweet like that :) He’s kept this shadow box over the years, it has even survived a fall onto tile!
20130216-151452.jpgI found chevron print curtains on Urban Outfitters that I loved, however, the price… not so much. So I decided to make my own! I was so excited to find a chevron print to go with our bedroom!
20130216-145152.jpgThis beauty (that currently holds our towels and guest blankets, etc) cost me $20 at a garage sale! In our previous home it was used as a pantry since we didn’t have an actual pantry. The umbrella is from Thailand. The frame was thrifted and painted. The pallet behind, of Jesus’ hands, was a gift. The ‘D’ still needs to be spray painted to look metal, but for now… :)

The old books are mine: a book of poems and an old Streams in the Desert and My Utmost for His Highest. The amazing old jar was filled with glass marbles (which are used as decor in the boys room in an old gum ball machine) only cost me $4! 20130216-144936.jpg

This old door I picked out of someone’s trash. The neighbors near them stared awkwardly as I lifted this BEAST of a door into my mini van. I have no regrets, I love her, broken glass and all. I have a plan for this as well… just for now, she simply holds a broken but pretty wreath!20130216-155816.jpg (The ONLY red in our bedroom is on this wreath. For those of you who’ve followed my blog or know me at all, you know this is huge. You could say, I’m typically a red-aholic. Teal – or more specifically here – spa blue, you cannot keep me away from apparently ;))


(above: older photo of our bed and headboard hence the different lighting :)20130216-144929.jpg

Headboard made from a room divider I bought at a garage sale for $5. I just added chalkboard paint and our ‘You + me’ banner.


I would still love to add some more photos but I am so very thrilled to have wedding photos hung! WHAT? It has only taken me 5.5 years haha

It is a work in progress but I must say this feels pretty good to have it oasis-like instead of our grungy-catch-all room!

Thanks for popping by, hope you are inspired by our room tour!

the boys’ room {part 3}

I’ve been doing a little series with photos of the progress on the boys’ room. If ya want, you can check out Part 1 here and Part 2 here. See what we started with :) Their room is really small and one of the main walls (with the window) is all cement (ick!) I was considering painting but since we’re renting and I’ve already painted on huge wall in our home (I needed colour in the living room for my sanity ;)) We decided against painting and instead have made the most with what we could. It’s turning out fun and bright! Chase is loving it! Especially the paper lanterns which he calls balloons :)

I added the boys’ names to the cement wall for colour. Boy S’s name isn’t being announced until Tuesday next week, so I couldn’t share a photo with his name. His name is painted in the aqua blue.

Not much change here with the changing table. A few baskets and the elephant my mom sewed for Chase when he was a baby.

The canvas you see was canvas I got on sale a year ago. I finally used all but two up! The paper lanterns I got on sale at (AMAZING prices!) The curtain was thrifted at the price of $2.50! It is super thick and retro-ish but matches pretty well. I still need to cute and sew the bottom so it fits the window better, but for now…

This was a seriously fun project. I used tape to make my own chevron style pattern. I also used my cricut and vinyl to create the words you see. The “puffy” words are from 2 packages of stickers I bought half off at Hobby Lobby!

The boys’ closet is tiny so we added 3 poles to hold clothes and also a over the door rack for their coats and hoodies and such. I’m in awe how much a tiny closet can hold :) When I shut the door, I can pop up this thrifted green chair which I sit on sometimes as Chase falls asleep in his bed.

I still have some work to do on this wall but here is what it looks like currently. I need to move the You are my Sunshine canvas up so I can add a frame with a copy of Boy S’s footprints and stats.

I still need to hang this IKEA bar and hooks below the frames and above the dresser to hold little buckets of things.

The little tricycle you see was a thrifted find that I painted to make it a bit more modern to fit the boys’ room style. At some point, I want to hang the kid skateboard up on the wall (which isn’t pictured because it’s blank and unfinished) above S’s bed. I have a plan to do that entire wall with shelves like the skateboard and photos from pregnancy, newborn and different stages in both boy’s life.

The boys’ room is really, really bright during almost all hours of the day. This curtain is pretty thick and it helps to keep the room looking softly lit for the boys’ naptimes.

I’m pretty excited that their room is {mostly} finished before S comes in just {6 days} now!! Thanks for popping in :)




Thrifted Treasures {8}

I haven’t posted a Thrifted Treasures post in a while, so I thought I would today. These are some of the items I’ve found at thrift stores and garage sales in the past two months. My goal is always to hope to spark interest and inspiration in thrifting … and let’s be honsest, I have fun sharing my finds too. :)

Found this little guy for Boy S for $1!! Perfect and working condition too!

I’ve been searching for a picnic basket for a long time now. I’ve found many but nothing that I was in love with. This one caught my eye! I got it for $4 and we’ve already used it 3 times!! I want to make a liner with pockets for the inside to make it more complete!

These are the frames I used to make these party trays for our ‘Mustache or Bows’ Party! $2! I am seriously doing a DIY post about these in more detail soon because you will love to make some!!

Items for the Boys’ Room. $2 for a brand new super soft throw (their room colours are brown, a lime-ish green and this beautiful aqua/blue). I plan on painting the little tires and seat on the bike more brown.

Beautiful platter, $1. I’m going to use it as art in our kitchen.

Frames to (somehow) fit onto my hallway wall. I might swap out a couple just for these two recent finds. $.25 for the small red one and $1 for the brand new Peace one!

Fold up camping chair in seriously amazing shape; $5. We’ve been needing some easy to haul chair for the backyard but also for camping/fishing season.

Clothes for Boy S $1 a piece which seems like much if you garage sale, but these are in incredible condition!

“Skidders” for Boys S. $2 thrift store find! <3 I wanted some for Chase when he was first walking but wasn’t going to pay $13 (Target price) for them!

Clothes for Chaser-Boy. $1 each or less. And Nemo swim trunks! He {loves} Nemo whom he’s called “My-no” since he first fell in love. I don’t correct him cause to me,  it’s SUPER cute!

 Hope you’re inspired to thrift! There are SO many treasures out there, seriously, it’s incredible! I would thrift every single weekend if I could :)

(P.s. I am behind in editing and posting my photos for this months photo challenge. I will do a post before Sunday with the past two weeks photos. Did anyone else decide to join in?)

Hallway Wall {Before and Afters 1 }

So today I finished step 1 of our hallway wall display and just wanted to share the process. When we lived with my grandparents I began thrift shopping and garage sale shopping for items for our someday “Hopeful Home”. So, I have almost everything I need to decorate our home, it’s all just sitting in my craft room, ready to be hung or painted or put together, etc. I decided to knock out the hallway wall today after much thought, arranging and prepping on the living room floor :)

This is just step 1, keep that in mind when you see empty frames and space :)

I am loving the progress already! The chalkboard was a $.25 find at a garage sale and I painted it to match our colours. I plan on putting a new quote, verse or saying up on it each week. The frames were all either gifts to us (one birthday I asked all of my friends for black picture frames and an artsy photo they took!) or they were thrifted finds.

This shelf was also a thrifed find. It was a brand new shelf from Target – being sold at Goodwill for $1 because of a small chip in it! Score! I am painting wooden EST. 2007 letters and putting them up in the blank space underneath. The Kodak Duaflex was a thrifted find as well!

The keys were a gift! I spray painted the smaller one black but loved the antique look of the larger black one!

Some frames need photos and some need to be replaced, but for now this is what it looks like :) The hardest part for me will be choosing what photos of ours to print off! I know I was some of Chase, a newer family photo, something to represent our Eisley-girl… but it’s going to be hard to pick and choose through all of our photos!

Just wanted to share! Our little home is coming along, slowly but surely! Photos of more outdoor and indoor before and afters soon!


Thrifted Treasures {4}

I’m pretty excited to share my thrifted finds with you this week! I always hope you’re inspired to go thrifting when you see these posts! And before you tell me there aren’t any good thrift stores near you, spend at least one hour in it, sifting through everything and if it’s still awful, then I have a few other ideas for ya. Write me :)

Friday we ventured up to Cheyenne, Wyoming (40 min drive) to have lunch with my Aunt Cynth and to hit up the thrift stores there. So most of these finds are from their thrift stores. Here are my finds, most of which are for home decor;

Remember this wall with the embroidery hoops? Well I’ve added to my collection of hoops in hope to someday have a wall similar to that. I love how some of them are oval too! Price: $.10-1.00

Yes, it’s true, I have a love for picture frames. Most of these will be painted and used for wall decor. Price: $.25-1.00

I have an even bigger love for the gaudy frames! These will be painted as well. price: $.25-2.00

I love these little vintage ceramics. These will be decor for our kid’s room, ‘The Sunshine Room’. Price: .50

Fabrics! Price: $.25-.100 Below are the up close photos of my favourite fabrics;

Remember this wall? I plan on putting these in one of the embroidery hoops I bought to create a similar look.

This will be made into some kind of decor in the kid’s room.

I absolutely love this piece! I was planning on using this as decor in embroidery hoops, but honestly, I don’t know if I can cut it up!

Ceramic that I will paint for the kid’s room. Price: .25

vintage avon pitcher and dish. So amazing because I had this picked out on the treasury list I made of inspiration from Etsy for our living room, ‘The Hope Room’. Price: $2

Vintage snoopy thermas for decor in the kid’s room. $.25

This was an Avon lotion bottle. I love the colours and well it goes with the plan I have the kid’s room! $.75

Chase’s favourite thrifted treasure was this little vintage horse my grandma found for $5. A steal!

This was a suuuuuper awesome find! We recently added plumb to our colour scheme in our kitchen and this pitcher was $.50 and this tea-pot was a $4.50!


All of this matches our living room decor {perfectly}. $.50 for the coral pieces, $.25 for all the rest! Almost a steal!

These were also on my Hope Room treasury. I would like to hang lace curtains inside of our main living room curtains (which I hope to make/thrift!) My grandma found this set for me!

I know this looks coral-coloured (ish) but it’s actually red. I plan to paint it coral pink. $.50

Another “set” of oddly shaped jars. I did something super awesome with these yesterday and will share soon!! If you need home decor, vases, things to store things in, etc, go buy some and I’ll show ya something very easy to do to transform theses! Price: $.25-.75

And finally, my favourite thrifted find this time around;

I fell in love with this giant (50″ x 30.5″) vintage frame a while ago and said if it was there next time, I would get it. I assumed someone snagged this treasure and I was so glad to see it still hanging there a little over a month later! A whopping $12!! This was my largest and favourite purchase of the day. Thankfully we somehow managed to fit it in my grandma’s Buick and now it sits in the garage until Ted and I find a home!

As we left our last home (a year ago this April), I promised myself that when we had our own place again, I would immediately make it our home and an expression of us. I’ve slowly collected, revamped, restyled and made items for our home and I am so very excited to piece it all together when we find a place to call home (we’re currently searching)! I can’t wait! I might do a fun little series on our decor ideas, colour and inspiration. I keep calling it  our “hopeful home”. Each room has specific inspiration behind it. I’ve even named each room, can you tell that I’ve been dreaming of our home for far too long?! :)

Stay tuned tomorrow as I plan on posting DIY “Valentine’s” decor that could be used as regular decor too, if you aren’t into Valentine’s day :)

Thrifted Treasures {3}

Blog 3 of Thrifted Treasures! This time, I’m sharing items I found thrifting AND one item I found while going through my momma’s attic :)

Fabric, $1.75 all together

vintage mugs, $1.50 (I really want to keep these, but I think I might sell them too, they don’t match our kitchen colours)

with a little modge podge and fabric, these will be transformed into home decor for us!

This will be transformed into a jewelry holder and sold on  my etsy store.

This vintage toy I bought this summer at my grandma’s garage sale. It became my inspiration for the kid’s room (I’ve added coral pink things since we lost Eisley, in her honour). So with this in mind, check out a few more things I’ve added to the ever growing collection for the room;

I think this will look awesome on teal walls. Vintage frame, $.50

The book on the left was a book I read and loved as a child and the other I honestly bought, just for the colours! $.25 a piece

Searching through my madre’s “attic” this week and Chase found this which totally matched the theme and colours for the room, so we brought it home.

He {loves} it. I’ve let him play with it for a little while but this is actually going up on a shelf in his room when we get our new place.

vintage Bambi, $2. I had to get it. This was one of my favourite movies when I was a little girl. Kinda sad right? My first two favourite kids movies ever were Bambi and The Land Before Time! Haha. I also loved Backdraft and Pretty Women, which I even sung Pretty Women at my mom and dad’s wedding when I was 3. So those kid’s movies were actually pretty good considering ;)

jammies, $.50 and his new favourite book, $.25

I love posting these but you know what I’d really love?! If you’ve been inspired by this, blog it, comment here with the link. I’d love to see what {you’ve} found!

Thrifted Treasures {2}

(I actually wrote this post yesterday, so I’m just going to post it today. I don’t really have the strength to re-write it, so here we go :))

Today, we thrifted! This past week I’ve hit up the Fort Collins Thrift stores, all except one (that I know of). I decided to start doing “Thrifted Treasure” posts to share my finds and to hopefully inspire you to shop at your local thrift stores! I always love to see what others find a treasure! You’d be amazed at what you can find, but sometimes it just takes time. And sometimes it takes going in with a plan for what you want. My biggest struggle with thrift shopping is the moment I walk in I begin wondering how I could use, or what I could create, with such and such and sometimes have way too much in my cart when I go to pay and have to sort through what to keep and what treasure to leave for someone else to find. Oh the pain of being a thriftaholic ;)

Here are a few of my newfound treasures!

Fabric! All but the teal checkered one will be repurposed and sold on my Colour Her {Hope} Etsy store. The teal one will be made into something lovely for our (soon to be) home!

Ugly frames to be repurposed, definitely painted. :)

Mugs to paint and sell!

I’ve slowly collected vintage books and toys for our the kid’s room. Bittersweet, but I am still going to use the theme I had planned for Chase and Eisley. All things vintage, thrifted, and handmade.

Wreaths to create for my Esty shop.

Beautiful large {eclectic} rug! (My biggest spend; $10) This photo doesn’t do this rug justice, but it is a faded red, almost pink colour which I love. Ted did too!

Amazing… I will definitely change the colour of these to pink/teal balloons with white strings and hang them in our kid’s room. (My 2nd big spend; $6, worth every penny)

Now, my absolute, favourite treasure of the day;

I {gasped} when I saw these tiny pink baby girl converse. If you’ve followed our journey, when I was pregnant with my sweet Eisley, then you know, this was apart of one tiny dream I had.


It makes my heart ache a bit, but also remember how I felt when I was pregnant with my Eisley-girl, my precious time with her. I can’t decide what to do with these exactly but they will go in the kid’s room as well. A whopping $1.50, my last and best find of the day.

We’ve begun our search (again) for a new home for our little family!!! I am so excited about decorating our home!! I have this little dream in my head and my hope and vision is a handmade, vintage, eclectic home! Thrifting helps all of the above. :) Pray we find a home soon? We are in need of a fresh start.

(Edit from today; Another prayer request; Please keep up in your thoughts/prayers tomorrow? It’s hard for me to even say aloud (or type) what we’re doing tomorrow, I will just say it will be a very hard day for us. )

Project ReStyle {01}

I am joining in with A Beautiful Mess and Smile and Wave. in their newly created ‘Project ReStyle’ where you take things that aren’t super awesome and you ReStyle them into amazing treasures!

As I was thinking about what to post, I realized, I already do this quite a bit!! Usually with thrifted finds or old things lying around the house so this will be a lot of fun and very inspirational! Remember my recent Thrifted {Treasures} where I found a punch of frames and a mirror? Well, I finished the mirror yesterday and absolutely {love} how it turned out!

You might have heard me say this many times before but when we get a home, the colours for our living room will be teal (not an ugly teal),  with black and white accents and splashes of this coloured pink (Eisley-inspired)! This is another piece that will someday adorn our home!

Chasey-boy love the mirror too. :) And I am pretty in love with painting everything lately, haha. Paint can transform {anything}…or most anything!

Do you have any ReStyling  you’ve done? Link me to your place for more inspiration or just join in with Elsie (do a double-take, not Eisley ;)) and Rachel and their little movement!

x, jami

OH and last night I was super honoured to be featured on U-Create (made my night!!!!!). Be sure to go and check out Kari’s site, it’s {super} inspirational!

U Create

thrifted {treasures}

today i thrifted to my little heart’s content. i haven’t done that in far too long!

3 thrift stores, many finds. Finds for crafting things for my Esty store, some for personal decor, some for chase, some for momma. here are some of my thrifted {treasures};

finds for crafting to sell on my Etsy store. each piece above price range from .25 – .50

bought to use the frames and re-design them for my store and for personal decor! thrifted price, from .50 – $2

i am a lover of lace, if you haven’t yet noticed :) lace, .25 vintage fabric, .50

wreaths for store and one personal decor, $1 total

thrifted pier 1 mugs to design and sell. thrifted price, $1.50

it is so so so so tempting for me to want to keep these beautiful treasures, but i bought them with the intention of selling them. thrifted price, $1.25 total!!

this one is for myself, it’s going to be transformed into a cute little recipe box. a DIY post will come later when i finish this.

a doily that reminded me of my sweet little e. had to have it and will someday soon create something beautiful with it.

for chasey-boy, a vintage dinosaur (.25) and a vintage ninja sweater ($1)

these i just had to have, for myself and probably borrowed by my lovely sisters ;) paid a whopping $1.50 for them!

but perhaps my favourite find of the day;

(please graciously ignore the outfit which consists of ted’s sleeping shorts ;))

i have {finally} found a vintage suitcase (with extra travel bag inside) that i adore. annnnd it’s {teal} which i’m sure by now you’ve notived it’s in the top 5 of jami davis’s favourite colours!

i hope you’re inspired to thrift! spend the time searching  and you will find treasures!

blog post coming soon with a little DIY inspirational book!