DIY fabric scraps to tassel decor.

DIY fabric scraps to tassel decor

This image of a ribbon backdrop I found on Pinterest sparked inspiration. You see, we live in the bottom level of a duplex (just for 2 more months, yay!) and the perimeter walls are {all} solid cement. Makes decorating interesting and room walls somewhat creepy. We recently rearranged out bedroom to fit our family’s needs currently. To maximize the most space for our small room, we ended up needing to put our head of the bed against one of the cement walls. Ugh. I didn’t like it at all.

(Side note: Please excuse the quality of the photos. Most were taken with a phone)
I decided I’d had enough and would do the best I could with what we already had to make something to somehow “pretty” up that wall until we move. (I do have a headboard idea – I bought a wooden privacy screen for $5 and plan to paint it but am not able to do that at the moment due to cold weather and no garage to paint it in) Okay, enough chattin’.

Supplies used:

scissors, twine, fabric

How to DIY:

1. Cut fabric into strips of whatever length and width you’d like.

2. Lay  fabric strips out in a pattern

3. One by one tie then onto the twine.

…and you’re done! It’s that easy!

 You can stop here. I did for a few weeks and then decided to add a bit more…

I decided to add words to our tassel “headboard”.

4. draw letters onto fabric

5. cut letters out

He is my little crafting buddy joined in, of course :) I decided to do ‘You + me’ for two reasons; one, it’s cute and fitting. two, it was the song we danced to for our first dance at our wedding.

6. spray with fabric stiffener (a step i did not do but totally recommend, ours letters are a bit flimsy)

7. pin them to the tassel decor – you could so this for a birthday party and pin a name or word(s) to it as well! All kinds of possibilities!

Call me crazy but this simple decor really does help our room feel more welcoming and cozy!

Let me know if you do this. I always love hearing of others who do the DIYs I post and enjoy seeing pictures of your work too. Thanks for stopping by!

{Happy Sunday} and for some {Happy SuperBowl Sunday} :)

3 thoughts on “DIY fabric scraps to tassel decor.

  1. Mimi says:

    Love it, J. Can’t wait to sew with you on Friday. I have been sewing and sewing lately, being home sick and all. I can’t wait to show you the things I’ve made. Love you and see you Monday afternoon too!


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