4 months.

Sadly, all of the photos of Shai from his 4 month photo shoot, were deleted before they were even uploaded. I have not a one. That was a sad moment but that’s okay, because thankfully I took quite a bit of photos during his 4th month of life ;) Here are the ones taken from my phone.

I feel as though each new month I say that same thing and that is that this is my favourite age. I just absolutely adore  watching Shai’s personality shine with each passing month.

In his 4th month: he (unfortunetly but thankfully) spent his first time (of many) in the jumperoo as we packed and moved and unpacked, he started doing the same “pterodactyl scream” Chaseyboy did at that age, he chomped and chomped on everything, he started scootin’ around, he started really getting some hair, started really interacting with brother more…

He is an absolute JOY. He is truly such a happy baby and oh-so-sweet!

There’s a snitbit of Shai’s 4th month. Ya know, only a few months behind! ;)

happy valentine’s day!

while pregnant with Shailo i found this little “chicks dig me” flinstone shirt that my aunt bought while for Chase in 2010. i just couldn’t help it and of course {had} to do another paper hearts photoshoot. looking at the two of them side to side (chase: 7 months here and Shailo 3 months) we are stunned at how much they really do look alike!

and maybe even more stunned by how fast timing is flying by. just whoa.

here’s some shots from our little paper hearts photoshoot with the boys;

(one of my new faves of these two!)

Ted did take some of his own shots of Shailo while I was but I only uploaded my shots. He may post a few of his shots on his photo blog if you want to pop by.

{Happy Valentine’s Day}


What I Wore {1}

I have been inspired by four lovely ladies; Elsie, Rachel, Danielle, and James who do “What I Wore” posts where they do a little photoshoot to capture… what they wore ;) Usually they wear thrifted, vintage and handmade items, so it’s really inspirational! I decided to join in, I was planning on waiting until I lost at least 20 lbs, but with a push from a few friends and family, decided maybe this would be another incentive to losing the weight. I have been really, really, really wanting to join in this!

I have to tell you, this is a {huge} step for me to, first, have my photos taken and second, to post them at my current size! If you know me personally, you’ve seen, I’ve gained a lot of weight. I’m not proud of it, and as much as yes, I had two babies very close together, I can’t keep using that as an excuse because… that’s not why! I’ve put on 16lbs since I’ve been home from the hospital… breaks my heart. WHEW. Anyways, I realize that I shouldn’t let that hold me back, I need to learn to love who I am (which I’ve always had a hard time with, even at my smallest) and I’m trying… Here we go, eeeeeep!

What I (we) Wore shoot;

my outfit;

top, Daytrip, thrifted

jeans, Paris Blues, sale rack at Ross

shoes, Rocketdogs, thrifted

necklace, made by me

his outfit:

top, Circo, thrifted

jeans, Calvin Klien, thrifted (funny story, I thought they were skinny jeans but they are in fact girls jeans! :)I still love the look)

shoes, Converse, sale Nordstrom’s Rack


For those who follow me and don’t know me personally, it’s nice to finally see the face behind the blog, eh? I always like it when I can put a face with the blogs I read!

 Huge thanks to my sister Chels for taking the photos of me! Stay tuned as my sister Abie is about to post her “What I wore” post that I shot yesterday. She is ADORABLE. I will link to her blog once she does!

This was fun and totally challenged my insecurity in a very good way (hitting “publish” was SO hard). I will definitely keep this up! As I loose the weight, my style will (hopefully) be more and more vintage! Ever since I’ve put on the weight, my “style” has evolved but I have yet to buy anything vintage. I’m waiting until I loose the weight. EXCITED!

Stay tuned as I’m working on a Thrifted Treasures post next!

{Vintage} Beauties.

Monday I called my sisters, excited to share the news. My mother’s day gift had arrived!

And I wanted to share it’s instant joy, take some vintage photos of my beautiful sisters. So I called them, they came almost immediately with armfuls of their most “vintage” pieces of clothing. I pieced the outfits and jewelry together and between shots, one would run and change. It was great fun! And thankfully a beautiful day. I used my digital camera more than I used the intax because it’s a lot cheaper ;) And I am glad I did so I could share with you!

I actually just erased and did something totally different from my original plans for this post. I want to share a bit about my sisters instead. What I see in them and who they are.

{Chelsea Jordan} (20) A musician; singer and songwriter, faithful friend, incredible cook, passionately longs for justice, gives 110% at everything she does, peacemaker, true, dependable, deeply discerning. Chels is one you can count on to be there for you when you need her the most. She has walked through a lot in the past few years, but she is persistent, strong and determined not to let it dictate her future. One of her favourite quotes;

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone”- Audrey Hepburn

{Abigayil Reide} (17) A writer, an artist, a loyal friend, an avid reader, creative in everything she does, uniquely styled, effortlessly original, friend to the friendless, deep, imaginative, loyal. She is often misunderstood, but is one of the most amazingly, deep, passionate girls you will ever meet! One of her favourite quotes;

“I’m just a Raggedy Ann girl, living in a Barbie Doll world”.

I feel truly blessed to have them as my sisters and to call them friends.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them and of course I’m anxious for them to meet great guys and have babies!! My labor with Chase “convinced” Abie that she never wants to have children on her own, we shall see! I said I was never getting married, look at me now! :)

For more of the “Vintage” photoshoot click here to see them on flickr.

Ocean Eyes.

“What colour are Chase’s eyes?”

I admit, I edit photos. I l o v e to take and edit photos! As you can see in our header pic on the main page, I edited Chase’s eye colour by adding a little teal to tie in the background colour of our site. Silly, I know.

Well… his eyes have changed a lot since birth. At first I thought they would be blue like Ted. Now I think they will be hazel like mommy. Most days they are mostly hazel with an outer rim of blue.

Here are  his UNEDITED EYES;

Ocean eyes, see!

My favourite shot.

His “Are we done yet?” face.

What age do their eyes stop changing and stay a certain colour? Anyone know?

Nakie Boy.

Chase LOVES being “nakie”… well, almost nakie.
My favourite.
He is so used to the camera I think. It looks like he’s posing here. Haha.
Love kissing this belly!
Second fave.
*sigh*… this smile.
Chase and I had our first (free) baby sign language class yesterday! Ever since we started feeding Chase Christmas day, we’ve been signing to him; eat, more, all done, mommy and daddy and I was worried about teaching him without really know what I am doing and a mom at the base asked me if I wanted to join a free class! How amazing is that?! Anyways, I’ll write more about that later. Gotta run!

You’ll Never Guess What We Did Yesterday…

…a little photoshoot with our computer’s photobooth! (more photos?! Yep.) Only this time, it was a bit more fun because he understood what was happening and enjoyed it!

The idea came to me while doing this…
He was a little unsure at first.
But then he saw his handsome self. ;)
And then he found the keyboard…
So then we had a mini little discussion about the keyboard being a “no,no”.
So instead, I held him while he played with his toesies.
He thinks he is pretty funny.
Making the “same” face.
Thanks for humoring momma Chase!

Future Rockstar Photoshoot (just for fun)

Here are some photos of the little guy sitting up like a “big boy”.
We bought this outfit as one of our boy outfits before Chase arrived.
We were given the “future rockstar” shoes and it matched perfectly!
LOVE it!
{love this smile}
Super adorable.
Literally a few seconds later… HAHA.
Can’t you just picture a fauxhawk here? Whenever his hair decides to get thicker!
“Can we please be done already?”
I’m sorry I haven’t posted a lot in the past month, it really makes me sad. I feel like I’ve forgotten to share important and fun facts about Chase with all of you! I have a ton of pictures you have yet to see, but I think since I’m so behind you’ll just have to check out my shutterfly or my flickr which I will try to remember to keep updating. One thing I desire for 2010 is to blog frequently (I feel like I’ve slowed down a bit) and to keep documenting Chase’s life and sharing it with you. I am so excited as I already see his little personality shining through and look forward to this next year. Wonder what it holds!
His 5 month photos are coming soon because, it’s hard to believe, but he is almost 6 months!