Ocean Eyes.

“What colour are Chase’s eyes?”

I admit, I edit photos. I l o v e to take and edit photos! As you can see in our header pic on the main page, I edited Chase’s eye colour by adding a little teal to tie in the background colour of our site. Silly, I know.

Well… his eyes have changed a lot since birth. At first I thought they would be blue like Ted. Now I think they will be hazel like mommy. Most days they are mostly hazel with an outer rim of blue.

Here are  his UNEDITED EYES;

Ocean eyes, see!

My favourite shot.

His “Are we done yet?” face.

What age do their eyes stop changing and stay a certain colour? Anyone know?

4 thoughts on “Ocean Eyes.

  1. meagan schmidt says:

    holy cow jami! these pictures are amazing! you are beautiful and your baby is “baby catalog” cute! seriously, i wish i could take pics and edit them the way you do. wow.


  2. Hannah says:

    Amazing eyes!
    I have read that their general color (especially brown) can usually be correctly determined after one year, but they can keep changing up to three years old!


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