DIY Recipe Box.

Super cheap, easy, cute and practical DIY for yourself or as a gift! (mine is for me ;))

Supplies used;

Little wooden box – I got mine from a thrift store, but you can get one at a hobby store for cheap :)


modge podge

sponge/paint brush


stickers (I used my Cricut to cut out what I wanted, if you see one on sale, or if you have a birthday coming up, TOTALLY recommed!)

How to DIY;

-paint it the colour of your choice.

-measure and cut the paper to fit sections BEFORE you modge podge them :)

-add modge podge, one section at a time

-place paper {carefully} on the glue, but start at either top or bottom first and carefully rub it down and push any bubbles, that may or may not appear, out.

-let it dry (20-30 min)

-place one coat on top and let it dry

-(optional) add stickers (or vinyl)

This was seriously so simple! Hope you’re inspired to {create}!

much love, Jami

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