Apple Orchard + Pumpkin Patch

This year we visited Colon Orchard – an apple Farm. Unfortunately the orchard had a terrible freeze which killed their apple trees so we picked pumpkins and ran through a corn maze instead :) fall2015-19

Everly 1.5, Chase 6, Shailo almost 4. fall2015-2fall2015-1fall2015-1-2fall2015-6fall2015-5fall2015-3-2fall2015-2-2Fall2015-5-2.jpgFall2015-7.jpgfall2015-9fall2015-11fall2015-17fall2015-16fall2015-15fall2015-14ColonOrchard_collage.jpgfall2015-13fall2015-12fall2015-18

One day we will look back and say “Remember that one day when we dressed our kids in flannels and it ended up being 90 degrees…” Oooops! It was still so fun, even though it was a hot one!

Family Walks.

Chase was delighted to see Dad pushing him this time!

He is becoming a “daddy’s boy”.

I managed to lose his socks before we took this walk Thursday, so we weren’t able to swing long.

But we did swing long enough to get some giggles out of him.

A mini ted, seriously.

When I was pregnant, I couldn’t wait for moments like these. Now here they are, and they are the most precious times to me.

P.S. I forgot to say, I took the first 4 photos and Ted took the rest! I did edit these how I prefer to edit them. Ted also did, check it out here.

My Heart Breaks.

Today my heart is breaking for two specific things.

One, Haiti. The devastation, the tragedy.

Two, my immediate family. Specifically my mom and my 16-year-old sister, Abie.
For years, my mom has struggled with depression and the past few months, she has hit rock bottom. It is something to do with the chemicals in her brain. I won’t go into all of the details, but I will say, she is in desperate need of a change and our prayers.

My sister Abie was also recently diagnosed with depression.

{It breaks my heart in a way I can’t explain}
I hate to see them hurting.
Believing lies.

It’s the things which seem so helpless and moments which seem so lifeless and hopeless where I realized and I am stunned by the power of prayer.

Here I am, Father. Seeking You, asking You to bring a peace which surpasses all understanding, hope where hope is lost and truth where lies have been spoken.

I ask Father you help Haiti, my mother and my sister to find peace in you.
And to dream again.

They are in Your hands, Abba.

Much to Be Thankful For.

We celebrated Chase’s first Thanksgiving with my side of the fam,
plus his Godfather and Godmother.
About to leave for a little outing to the neighborhood park.
Notice anything wrong with this picture?
He is sockless! We noticed after my sister took this picture.
Thankfully before we left :)
Chases LOVES to swing.
He was laughing in this shot.
He fell asleep in Nana’s arms.
Uncle Darren (our friend and his Godfather).
Walking back to Nana and Papa’s house.
Auntie Chey (Godmother & friend) and Chase.
We’re so thankful for you lil buddy!!

I’ll take the food poisoning, please.

Yesterday I was extremely sick with food poisoning
But that isn’t what aches the most.

My closest loved ones are hurting.
One possible more than ever before.
And the other is in utter confusion and despair.

I have been challenged to trust God despite the circumstances
But today I stand in frustration and confusion. Why is everything around us falling apart?

How could God bring my sister this far, only to take away the very thing needed the most?
Healing, positive people surrounding her, a time set apart with Him.

She too has such a hard time trusting God and then this?
I am at a loss of understanding.

I don’t understand why people couldn’t help her and those I know that could have but just didn’t.

I wish I had what she needs to stay.
I wish I could have helped, even just a little bit.

I was thinking about what I could sell this weekend but it’s too late.
The grace period is up…

God, it’s hard to understand what you were thinking here.
And it makes me wonder, are really controlling this situation?
I mean, is this your doing?
I am realizing more and more how hard trusting is while living in this world of sin and selfishness.
Please, Father, guide her, love her, speak to her and if possible MAKE A WAY for her to stay!
All things are possible with you.

That is what I will cling to now.

Harvest Farm Trip & Randomness.

Here are some photos of our trip to the Harvest Farm in Ft. Collins, CO. We went with my mom and the Murphy fam 3 weeks ago. Thanks Madre for getting the photos up so I could steal them!

My fav of the day!

Grandma showing him the baby goat is nice. Earlier, when a big goat came up and put his face in Chase’s, he got excited but as soon as the second goat came out of nowhere, he freaked out! Other than that, I think he enjoyed the day ;)

Well, maybe ;)

Trying to eat his zipper.

He enjoyed the corn “sand box” the most.
We enjoyed fall while it lasted. I say ‘enjoyed’ because the trees are already turning ugly (in most places) and it has snowed 4 times now!
Chase grew overnight this past week, I swear. It’s crazy to me how fast he is growing physically and mentally. Bittersweet! I love each new milestone and lil roll but at the same time, it means he is growing up! Some fun facts/milestones of the past few weeks;
  • He now loves to “play with his food” meaning while he is nursing he’ll pull of randomly and start smiling, cooing, screaming for fun and then when I smile in return, he DIVEBOMBS um…. his food source. It’s hilarious! I would video it but… kinda awkward :P
  • He giggles. Not all of the time but when he does… oh my WORD your heart melts!
  • His new play toy is his feet. One morning 2 weekends ago, Chase was lying in bed between us and Ted would take his foot and touch his toe to his nose. Chase thought it was funny and from that moment on we catch him constantly watching his feet! Like “what are these?”! It’s both cute and funny!
  • He sucks and chews on everything! If he wears a hoodie, it’s the zipper. When he’s in the car seat, it’s the soft muchkin’ shoulder pads. When he can’t find anything, he sucks on his fist or both fists. I thought maybe he was teething, but can’t feel anything coming in yet. Thank goodness! That takes nursing to a whole new level I hear!
  • He responds. You talk, pause, he talks, pauses, you talk, etc.!
I just realized how often I make the boy noises, when I talk to Chase or move him from here to there or whenever. Hmmm, I wonder what I will do when I have a little girl?!

5 Generations!

Chase, Momma, Grandma Kami, Great Grandma Mary Jo and Great GREAT Grandma Lois.

Our first family photo!
Can you believe it? 5 generations! We were all first borns and we all started young, so that combo helps I guess ;)

Late night feedings with Chase usually end with me rocking him while singing ‘You are my sunshine’. Last night was my favourite by far (minus staying up for 3 1/2 hours straight). As I sung to him, he cuddled with me and kept looking up at me, wide eyed, smiling and cooing as if he was trying to talk to me. I LOVE IT! He makes everything so worth it, even the long nights.

Today I was worried about his breathing and took him into the doctors “just in case”. See, I have asthma and it could be hereditary because last week he started to cough or choke during/after feedings. It turns out he has a mild case of reflux but he is okay! Praise God! I was really worried.
Oh, and our little man is now weighing in at a whopping 11 lbs 4 oz! Even though that sounds huge, he really is still small and infant-like. I don’t want you to picture a 4 month old, cause he’s not that huge ;)
Ahh bummer, I just realized I forgot to do ‘not me Monday’ but I don’t have the energy to remember all of my lovely not me’s for this week. Next time!

Salam Aleykum.

Tonight was probably my favourite night of this week, and not just because it’s Friday evening. Although the fact that the weekend is here after a busy week is wonderful news!

Lately it has really been on our hearts to do something outside of the YWAM community & to do something that will help keep our future visions awakened and well. Thankfully, God provided a way for both! It is the best way ever, nothing like we expected!

A man working at our YWAM base here in Arvada was speaking with Ted about how he worked assisting the government with new refugee families from all over the world who are brought to the Denver area to live.
As many of you know, Ted live in Afghanistan for 6 months, among the people and the culture and has such a heart to head back someday. Ted was thrilled to tell me about this opportunity to help a family, possibly an Afghan family. We immediately called and soon we met with a man who was excited to tell us there was an Afghan family in need of services and lessons on our culture and language! An AFGHAN family!
This evening we met with our “adopted” Afghan family for the first time, and it was so wonderful. We were both so nervous to meet them, especially me because I have heard about the culture but never experienced it! Oh golly, did we experience it tonight!! Hours of conversations & amazing homemade Afghan food!
We immediately “hit it off” with the family. The family is a mother with 6 children; 3 boys, 3 girls. And probably the most stunningly beautiful girls I have ever seen! Their ages range from 10 – 20. We ended up only meeting the 3 daughters & the mother tonight. Although I did briefly catch a young boy peeking his cute little head around the corner!
So, what will we be doing with them?
Honestly, whatever they need. Nothing financially unless God leads but they aren’t expecting anything like that. We will be helping them reapply for food stamps, help with anything they need fixed in their home, teaching them how to drive before the drivers test, basic american culture, language, etc. You get the idea. The mother is the only one who barely speaks any english. The children, especially the oldest, speak it well but can improve.
On the ride home tonight we talked about all of the possibilities for them and “we could take them to do this” and “they should learn this”. Needless to say we are so excited for this God given opportunity!
We will also be doing fun things with them too hopefully. Things like taking them into the mountains, possibly Eagle Rock, or taking them sledding, or taking them downtown to see sites, things they’ve never done in their year and 1/2 here.
Please pray for this relationship to deepen & that God will pour out through us! They are Muslim and we both really feel led to be Christ, but we will not bring anything religious up unless they do. We know and trust Christ’s pursuit for his children and pray He shines through us! Please pray for us!
Love much,
Ted & Jami