Harvest Farm Trip & Randomness.

Here are some photos of our trip to the Harvest Farm in Ft. Collins, CO. We went with my mom and the Murphy fam 3 weeks ago. Thanks Madre for getting the photos up so I could steal them!

My fav of the day!

Grandma showing him the baby goat is nice. Earlier, when a big goat came up and put his face in Chase’s, he got excited but as soon as the second goat came out of nowhere, he freaked out! Other than that, I think he enjoyed the day ;)

Well, maybe ;)

Trying to eat his zipper.

He enjoyed the corn “sand box” the most.
We enjoyed fall while it lasted. I say ‘enjoyed’ because the trees are already turning ugly (in most places) and it has snowed 4 times now!
Chase grew overnight this past week, I swear. It’s crazy to me how fast he is growing physically and mentally. Bittersweet! I love each new milestone and lil roll but at the same time, it means he is growing up! Some fun facts/milestones of the past few weeks;
  • He now loves to “play with his food” meaning while he is nursing he’ll pull of randomly and start smiling, cooing, screaming for fun and then when I smile in return, he DIVEBOMBS um…. his food source. It’s hilarious! I would video it but… kinda awkward :P
  • He giggles. Not all of the time but when he does… oh my WORD your heart melts!
  • His new play toy is his feet. One morning 2 weekends ago, Chase was lying in bed between us and Ted would take his foot and touch his toe to his nose. Chase thought it was funny and from that moment on we catch him constantly watching his feet! Like “what are these?”! It’s both cute and funny!
  • He sucks and chews on everything! If he wears a hoodie, it’s the zipper. When he’s in the car seat, it’s the soft muchkin’ shoulder pads. When he can’t find anything, he sucks on his fist or both fists. I thought maybe he was teething, but can’t feel anything coming in yet. Thank goodness! That takes nursing to a whole new level I hear!
  • He responds. You talk, pause, he talks, pauses, you talk, etc.!
I just realized how often I make the boy noises, when I talk to Chase or move him from here to there or whenever. Hmmm, I wonder what I will do when I have a little girl?!

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