7 month Shai.

In just 3 days Shailo will be 9 months. 9. I am in utter shock at how fast time has flown! I realized I never got around to posting his 7 or 8 month photos, so here I am, playing catchup :)

7 months was OH SO EXCITING! :)

Below are photos taken with my phone during his 7 month.Left: Shai next to the outfit we brought him home in. Right: brothers and a puff explosion.
In his 7 month, his top teeth began to bother him and he stared struggling with sleeping because of them, he started throwing his arms up when we said, “touch down” and “so big”, he started really crawling everywhere, pulled himself up for the first time, banged his head and face numerous times, etc…
Like big brother Chase, Shai {LOVES} water. The difference between them is that Chase is my cautious, wait and watch and THEN play – kiddo. While Shailo is my just go for it, daring child. He is FEARLESS. I am in big trouble.
Shai absolutely {adores} his big brother. It’s so precious to watch!

Shailo is my EATER. He’s probably already eaten more than Chase ever has in his 3 years… exaggerate much? Haha, but really, this kid can eat! (also pictured above, Father’s Day 2012)

Shai really tries to be wherever brother is. I love it and Chase usually does too. Sometimes, it’s a struggle especially now that little brother is on the move :)

Shai, you rock our worlds with your fun personality and your daring spirit. We {adore} you!


“Healing” Fresh Air.

Chase has been extremely sick and lethargic the past few days. He will have his occasional moments of feeling good and like himself, but for the most part has been incredibly clingy and fussy. He is nursing almost hourly and won’t eat a spoonful of baby food.

The daytime sickness is {nothing} in comparison to the nighttime sickness. They say croup gets worse and night and they aren’t kidding. The past 3 nights Chase and I have maybe slept 8 hours combined. Last night was the worst since I brought him home from the hospital. Partly because I could see and hear his labored breathing and it terrified me into checking on him more often than usual.

I would like to say he is getting better but so far I don’t see much improvement. Please pray for him!

One thing did brighten his day and that was {the sunshine and fresh air}.

We’ve been cooped up inside for the past few days, with the exception of picking up daddy from work or running an errand. Today I knew we needed to get out, so we went for a walk and then played in the backyard while daddy and his friends worked on a car in the driveway

This was one of Chase’s first times playing in the grass like this. I am looking forward to spring and summertime with him. He LOVED it… and the grass, which of course he tried. Thankfully he learns the first time and didn’t try eating it anymore :)

It wasn’t long before the fun, silly boy I knew, emerged.

Takin’ a water break.

Refreshed and back to being silly.

My favourite photo of the day. This made me smile, even with nasty ol’ croup, he is such a joy.

Next time we’re having a rough day, we’re headed outside for some “healing” fresh air. It did good for my little guy today. Spring is almost on her way and then summer and fall!! Hooray! Can’t wait.

Pictures coming tomorrow of a masquerade birthday party we attended tonight. Great fun and a lot of beautiful masks :) Stay tuned!

Big Cough, Little Boy.

Chase has croup. It started with a cold, then overnight he had a fever and a horrid cough. Poor buddy, it makes my heart ache to hear him cough so deep and cry from the pain of it. I feel so helpless but we’re doing our best to make him comfortable as he gets better.

What can cheer up a little boy with a big cough?

A laundry basket? Yep! :)

This might seem like torture but he was having a great time. I just loved seeing him smile!

A few drops of eucalyptus oil on his chest does {wonders} (thanks Petra for the advice!), along with warm/hot showers with mom or dad and waaaaay more naps than this boy normally takes. He should be back to his normal, playful, happy self soon!

Croup gets worse at night but I am still hoping for a good night for the boy. Please pray for healing for his little “broken” body!

Going to go “sleep while he sleeps” and may blog more tomorrow. :)

Meeting An Inspiration.

Yesterday, Ted, Chase and I attended a “mckgathering” at Focus on the Family, where we met Jenniger Mckinney aka MckMama and her husband Isreal. I’ve been following her blog since I was about 3 months pregnant and it was so nice to meet this amazing, inspirational woman. She, and her family of (almost) 7 have walked through a lot. Her perseverance alone inspires many, including me. She also inspires me as a mother and a blogger.

There was a Q & A time as well where they answered questions about blogging, their family, where God is leading them, etc. The thing I loved the most was how real they were about their life and hearing of how she began blogging and why.

Some of you know of her and follow her blog. So what is MckMama like face to face? She was very personable and I could tell she cared about meeting us. During the q & a time, she was so real, honest and raw about their lives, their family and their struggles. I know if we lived close, we would be friends.

In fact, I felt like I had finally met my friend, because I knew so much about her through her blog!

Now I know what it is like for our friends (who we know personally) that read our blog but that have never met Chase. A few of them have met him after reading all about our journey of pregnancy, his delivery, etc and have told me they felt like they knew him personally. That was how I felt when I met Jennifer.

We weren’t able to stay for the hangout and tour of Focus on the Family afterwards, but we were able to be apart of the group photo which you can see here. We are on the far left, 3-4ish people in. I am not looking, but Ted is. Hopefully I will be able to get that photo for memories sake.

I am SO grateful for the opportunity to meet her, but if it weren’t for Ted I never would have!

I didn’t have the courage to do it alone. Silly, I know…but if you know me, you know how I can be :) When I first told him about the “mckgathering” he told me we should go because he knew she was an inspiration to me. He said if he has an opportunity to meet someone who inspired him in photography or blogging, he would definitely do so. He encouraged me and even took the day off to make it a family outing!

And, Chase did awesome! There were many mothers with their kiddos, so Chase was entertained just watching them run around. Okay, just wanted to share!

{Happy weekend!}

The Mckinneys are in incredible family, if you’re interested, please check out their site and read the amazing story of their son Stellan!

7 Months Old.

Today, my little baby boy (yes, I’m in denial as he grows), is one month older! It’s bittersweet and I’m pretty sure I say that with every month and with every stage. I’ll be one of those mommas who call their 18 year old their baby. ;)

Chase is on the verge of crawling, I finally gave in and decided, it’s not that big of a deal if he does. I read and heard that crawling before walking is essential in brain development and when he decided to reach over and pull himself up to our coffee table, I freaked out! He also pulls himself up with whatever he can now and usually that doesn’t end well for him. I’d better get used to having a boy!

So… I’m now an advocate for crawling…

and despite the many banged up lips, so is Chase.

He still falls asleep anywhere, which I love.  Don’t be jealous of me though- for he does not sleep through the night and when he does nap, it is only 30-40 minutes long! I sometimes wonder how I manage with little sleep and I really think it’s a little thing called God’s grace. I’ve also tried to stay positive which has helped a lot too. I do have my days and moments though where I let it get to me!

He has a crazy love for legos and wicker baskets. He is fascinated with them in a way I can’t explain. He’s such a boy… I will post a video soon!

Chase is growing  up so fast, he looks like a little boy instead of a baby, more and more each month. His personality is a strong, slightly stubborn but mostly sweet one.

His strong side comes out physically as he learns what his body can do like rock back and forth while on his knees, pull himself to a sitting or standing position, etc.

His more stubborn side has taught him to arch his back every time mommy puts him in his car seat or on the changing table. And most recently his more stubborn side comes out when I am dressing him.

His sweet side comes as he snuggles against mommy or daddy or friends or he gets sleepy or when he is teething and achy. And my favorite part, the little moments throughout the day where he leans his head against mine and looks into my eyes… the most.precious.thing.ever.

Well, I’ve got to run, because Ted comes home tonight!!! Sorry for the crappy pictures from my camera phone. It’s all I’ve got this week :)