“Healing” Fresh Air.

Chase has been extremely sick and lethargic the past few days. He will have his occasional moments of feeling good and like himself, but for the most part has been incredibly clingy and fussy. He is nursing almost hourly and won’t eat a spoonful of baby food.

The daytime sickness is {nothing} in comparison to the nighttime sickness. They say croup gets worse and night and they aren’t kidding. The past 3 nights Chase and I have maybe slept 8 hours combined. Last night was the worst since I brought him home from the hospital. Partly because I could see and hear his labored breathing and it terrified me into checking on him more often than usual.

I would like to say he is getting better but so far I don’t see much improvement. Please pray for him!

One thing did brighten his day and that was {the sunshine and fresh air}.

We’ve been cooped up inside for the past few days, with the exception of picking up daddy from work or running an errand. Today I knew we needed to get out, so we went for a walk and then played in the backyard while daddy and his friends worked on a car in the driveway

This was one of Chase’s first times playing in the grass like this. I am looking forward to spring and summertime with him. He LOVED it… and the grass, which of course he tried. Thankfully he learns the first time and didn’t try eating it anymore :)

It wasn’t long before the fun, silly boy I knew, emerged.

Takin’ a water break.

Refreshed and back to being silly.

My favourite photo of the day. This made me smile, even with nasty ol’ croup, he is such a joy.

Next time we’re having a rough day, we’re headed outside for some “healing” fresh air. It did good for my little guy today. Spring is almost on her way and then summer and fall!! Hooray! Can’t wait.

Pictures coming tomorrow of a masquerade birthday party we attended tonight. Great fun and a lot of beautiful masks :) Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on ““Healing” Fresh Air.

  1. Melissa says:

    I’m so glad he enjoyed being outside. You’d never know from these pictures that he’s so sick! I just let Josiah play in the grass too and we’re so ready for spring!! We have had a fair amount of sick days/nights although nothing as intense as croup but I know you must be completely exhausted… physically & emotionally. Do you have anyone that could come over and let you take a nap? We will continue to pray for Chase.


  2. Emily osburn says:

    I had a terribe night with Harper Friday. After being up till 4 am with a very miserable and screaming baby I felt completey defeated and 100% exhausted. From one momma to another I just wanna say you aren’t alone. Especially during the dark and lonely night I feel like I’m te only one awake in the whole world. Sometimes it just feels so good to know someone else is struggling too. I will most definitely be praying for you, Ted, and chase as you heal, recouperate and find sleep [whenever you can] I love looking at your pics! He is such a beautiful boy!!!


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