my disappearing act is over (for the most part).

I pretty much dropped off the face of the earth in regards to keeping my blog updated. {A lot} has happened since I last wrote.

We have moved, yet again! We had an insane month of March with packing, still searching for a place, finding a place (to rent), packing some more, a dear friend’s wedding, Ted being a best man, working and doing to school full time and then finally, our “big” move an hour and a half (ish) south. Cra-zy. Then we move in and it’s literally been go, go, go since we have. All good things though!

I wanted to just write a quick update while my kiddos are sleeping to say I’m still here, missing blogging and sharing my heart and photos. Will be back hopefully once things settle down a bit here. Thanks for popping by. Until then here are a few photos… (all taken with instagram because I’m short of on time to post camera photos ;)…)

Shai; is now 5 months old, scooting and trying to play with brother! {Unbelievably fast}

Chasey-boy; doing GREAT here. A big helper to momma and super excited about our new home because he lives near a bunch of friends around his age!

Ted; busier than ever but it’s about to be a little easier on his shoulders. He has a bunch of new and exciting things about to take place for him. He is working his last day in Fort Collins as I type (huge yay!) and has a new job down near us that is much better for working with him school-wise. So thankful. He’s also lost a little bit of weight (we’re both getting back into the routine of health and to keep “shedding” pounds this week!) and yes, he did shave (had to for an interview) and thankfully he got him that job because he sure love his beard :). More soon.

As for me, I am enjoying making our place home-y, taking care of my precious little studs, and now, caring for a baby girl, Addi, during the weekdays as well. I have been slacking since our move, but have to share my exciting news… you guys, I have lost a little over 15lbs now and am, hopefully, on my way to a healthier Jami!! Got my nose re-pierced which has been a (yes, slightly silly) goal of mine for 3 years now since I had Chase. I said, if I could lose 15lbs, after the initial post partum weight loss chunk that comes off, then I could. And I did it. I have a {LONG} way to go but am more hopeful than ever before. Sharing some exciting things with you all soon…

I am hopeful that this new season, new move, new home, new job(s), etc… is a great step in the right direction for us.We feel, for the first time in almost 2 years (since bedrest), that we are {finally} regaining some sort of footing and finding hope that we can accomplish our dreams. Here we go. Be back soon :)

Hope you had a Happy Easter and continue to dwell in the promise of the new and resurrected life He’s given.

10 thoughts on “my disappearing act is over (for the most part).

  1. Kris says:

    So glad to see you back! You’re kids are growing so fast and are so beautiful! Congrats to you and hubby on your weight losses and your new home! Show us all the pics. of your
    awesome decorating. We know you’ll make it look amazing!………Kris


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