DIY yarn wreath with rosettes

Recently I instagram’d a photo of a yarn wreath in progress and there was interest shown in how to make one so the next wreath I did, I decided to photograph and share with you all :)

Foam wreath(sometimes you can get lucky and thrift a foam wreath. Or you can buy one at a hobby store for about $5), yarn (Chasey-boy got ahold of mine, can you tell?), felt, scissors and a hot glue gun – or fabric glue. (also a bowl and pen if you need help making a circle)

First tie a knot around the foam wreath. Then begins the wrapping… and wrapping and wrapping :) Just like in the above photos.

Decide what size you would like your flowers. For the medium flowers I use a medium sized bowl and trace a perfect circle. (for large you can use a large plate, bowl or like me, use a large embroidery hoop ;)) So, trace, cut out your circles and then make a spiral cut.

Your next step is to roll the rosette. I actually clip the smallest tip down a bit because it’s easier to roll that way. Then you roll it inward from the tiny tip to the wider end. Then you glue.

Glue the flowers onto the wreath. I first lay the flowers onto the wreath to decide placement and then carefully glue them on.

Then hang and admire :) (Please note that I didn’t straighten the flowers before photographing this wreath. I only noticed the few small scrunched flowers after the first photogrpahs were taken. You can see the difference between this photo and last photo you’ll see on this post)

So there you have it. A yarn wreath! Hope you’re inspired to create!

(If you don’t have the time or energy to make said wreath, it’s actually up for sale on my Etsy store if you want it ;))

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