why you {should} buy that ugly thrift store decor.

Thrift stores have a ton of wood – all different shapes and sizes. Some with weird quotes or sayings, some with cheesy holiday paintings, etc. But oh the possibilities!


Here are a few reasons and ideas for WHY you should buy that ugly decor…

diys (6 of 9)

Yes, yet another chalkboard project, hehe. I’m obsessed. This gift was for our dear friends who got engaged over Christmastime!

I used a drill and added knobs I bought from Hobby Lobby so this can be used to hang keys or jewelry, etc.

diys (5 of 9)My sister is also getting married this year (August!)

diys (3 of 9)

She used this as decoration at her engagement party :)

photo 2-17

Supplies used (for the above projects):

-thrifted wood

-chalkboard paint (pictured above) -this particular kind I have found is my personal favourite! SO incredibly smooth. It is expensive but you wouldn’t believe how far a little bottle can go. $5/6 Hobby Lobby (probably any hobby store – and use a coupon! :)) and ALWAYS let the chalkboard paint dry for at {least} 24 hours preferably 48 hours before using it.

-stickers for the words – make them yourself or buy. I made mine with a Cricut.


-chalk – you can buy an assortment of coloured or white chalk (boxes) at Hobby Lobby for just $2 (for 48 pieces). You can either give an entire box (12 pieces) or use little baggies like I do with just a few pieces with the gift you’ve made them.

DIY gifts for grandparents (or other possibilities!) 

diys (9 of 9)

supplies used:

-thrifted wood

-mini canvases

-printed photos (wallet size)

-modge podge

– mini hooks (painted then screwed into wood) bag of 8 for $2

-ribbon (used hot glue to attatch them so the canveses to hang)

-stickers (I used my cricut but you could buy them)

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My mom sings this song with Chase often so we thought this would be a cute idea :)diyblog
The above was for my mother-in-law. I am kind of regretting not doing something a little more in the middle – like a cute quote. This was for her office so she could see her grand babies everyday (she lives in AK.)

Supplies used:

-This particular project I actually did {NOT} thrift the wood – here is an example of a time it was cheaper to use a coupon and visit a hobby store (it also came with little hooks to hang it)

– ribbon

-photos printed – wallet size

-little mini frames (that actually had little canvases in them which I used for the above gift for my mom) Hobby Lobby $2.80 a piece but used for 2 gifts.

– little hooks (I just screwed them into the bottom of the wood)

-stickers or Cricut and vinyl

Other thrifted items turned gifts:


Left: Gift for my grandparents for their front yard.  Right Top: Jewelry holder for my sister Abie (knobs from Hobby Lobby) Right Bottom: I found a HUGE beer lid and couldn’t pass it up. Made this for my future brother-in-law.

Some things to look/look out for while sorting through thrift store decor:

-Look for ones with a way to hang the piece. Obviously you wouldn’t want to pay more on a piece of wood from a thrift store than one at a hardware or hobby store. The plus about thrifting it – even if the price may be similar to a blank piece you could buy – most of the time the thrifted piece already has a way you could hang the decor.

– Look out for paintings that aren’t smooth on the wood. Because you would most likely paint or modge podge, etc on the wood you would want to be sure the surface is flat. Sanding is an option too, but a little more work for you.

-Look for deals within the thrift store. After holidays most thrift stores put their holiday decor 50% off and I’ve even seen it 75%! This is a perfect time to search for pieces of wood to repurpose.

(not many tips, but I hope that helps)

Below is a photo to show that I DO indeed fail at things I try to create… I tend to show the things that have worked… well, here ya go ;)…20130123-103231.jpg

My friend Brittany and I attempted to make the Starbucks peppermint cake pops. BAHAHAHAHA.

Thanks for popping by! Hope you are inspired and that you look like you have HORRIBLE taste when you now buy that ugly thrifted decor you once turned away from.


12 Days of Creating: Pretty Muslin Banner (no sew)

Day 12! I just can’t even believe it, December 12th already?! Tonight is one I really love. I think the possibilities are endless! Fairly simple and oh so pretty! I found a pin on Pinterest of a banner while I was searching for ideas to help decorate a recent event. It is my inspiration for tonights post. (all photos below are taken with my iPhone)

AJL Art Auction (1 of 4)

Supplies used:

Muslin – hobby lobby with a 40% off coupon

twine  (or yarn – or rope)

hot glue gun (I had planned on using a HeatNBond type thing but totally forget to get one so I used hot glue instead and it worked just find… I think it would depend on your choice of fabric)

rotary cutter (or scissors)

other fabric – for the banner words

AJL Art Auction (2 of 4)

Step 1: Iron muslin and then cut it. Mine are all 5 inches long and 4 inches wide.

Step 2: After cutting it, lay material out in the exact spacing you would like your banner to be.

Step 3: glue twine to material carefully

AJL Art Auction (4 of 4) Step 4: Draw your letters onto the fabric. I used a sharpie which is all I could find at the time ;) Maybe use a disappearing ink one instead. hehe

Step 5: Cut out letters

Step 6: Glue letters to muslin (or to HeatNBond and then iron them onto muslin)

Chaseboy worked on his snowflakes while I worked on the banner for our bedroom :)AJL Art Auction (3 of 4)Step 7: Hang and admire.

LOVE IT. So simple!

Gotta run before 12. 12. 12. turns, 12. 13. 12 ;)

G’night (or mornin’) everyone!

DIY yarn wreath with rosettes

Recently I instagram’d a photo of a yarn wreath in progress and there was interest shown in how to make one so the next wreath I did, I decided to photograph and share with you all :)

Foam wreath(sometimes you can get lucky and thrift a foam wreath. Or you can buy one at a hobby store for about $5), yarn (Chasey-boy got ahold of mine, can you tell?), felt, scissors and a hot glue gun – or fabric glue. (also a bowl and pen if you need help making a circle)

First tie a knot around the foam wreath. Then begins the wrapping… and wrapping and wrapping :) Just like in the above photos.

Decide what size you would like your flowers. For the medium flowers I use a medium sized bowl and trace a perfect circle. (for large you can use a large plate, bowl or like me, use a large embroidery hoop ;)) So, trace, cut out your circles and then make a spiral cut.

Your next step is to roll the rosette. I actually clip the smallest tip down a bit because it’s easier to roll that way. Then you roll it inward from the tiny tip to the wider end. Then you glue.

Glue the flowers onto the wreath. I first lay the flowers onto the wreath to decide placement and then carefully glue them on.

Then hang and admire :) (Please note that I didn’t straighten the flowers before photographing this wreath. I only noticed the few small scrunched flowers after the first photogrpahs were taken. You can see the difference between this photo and last photo you’ll see on this post)

So there you have it. A yarn wreath! Hope you’re inspired to create!

(If you don’t have the time or energy to make said wreath, it’s actually up for sale on my Etsy store if you want it ;))

From dress to binder cover {a DIY}

Like many New Year’s Reso fans, I have a goal of getting our life organized this year. Really though, who doesn’t want to be organized? (Husbands… and men/boys in general don’t count ;)) What a serious {task} organizing is! Yikes! At the beginning of the year, I began a project I call “Organize Our Life” because I’m weird like that. And boy, is it a project.

Two pack rats (hubby more than me, not to throw him under the bus or anything, hehe), many temporary living situations, seemingly always on the go, etc, etc, excuse after excuse and boy does it pile up to huge mounds of odds and ends, some sentimental and memoury associated things (mostly my stuff because I save EVERY memorabilia), the we-can’t-throw-that-out-because-we-might-need-it-someday stuff crammed in boxes that aren’t properly labeled, bags and more bags (you know, because we go camping and hiking so much these days :)), my breast pump is somewhere in the pile of boxes we literally haven’t opened and used since we moved into our current temporary home of… ahem, a year.

We’re both at a place where we want to get rid of things, de-clutter, organize and simplify. Oh, that sounds so nice…but easy it is not. Right? So, I put together a binder titled “Organize Our Life” and began…

I was on a roll. So excited and inspired. WOOHOO! And then slowly but surely as each new week came, not so much. I began dreading it. This big ugly beast of a binder wasn’t helping much. I needed a break from the organizing, walked into our craft/office/playroom/pile-everything-in-here-when-guest-come-over room and swiped a binder from Ted’s little collection then headed right towards my crafty stuff and grabbed the following items.

Hot glue gun, sciscors, fabric scraps (in my fav shade of pink), a fabric flower, an old dress with a torn strap that I last wore when I was skinny minny me at 3 months pregnant with Chase and swore I would fix and fit into again someday (I think I now have 3 boxed full of clothes labeled ‘Jami’s skinny clothes’, HA! Someday, maybe. It will be like Christmas!! ;)) What you don’t see pictured here is felt (or just use some kind of fabric you could use for the inside covers).

Now for the ghetto fab DIY :) It’s not perfect but, I {love} it and it’s super simple. You probably have everything you need lying around.

First, I measured both the binder and a few inches to spare on the fabric so I could overlap it. You’ll see in a sec.

Cut the fabric.

Carefully hot glue the fabric on. It’s not pictured but you then cut any extra fabric you may have.

You can buy felt for $.25 a piece at Hobby Lobby. I decided on using felt because I liked the way it looked and I felt like it could hold the fabric down pretty well without me needing to use my sewing machine to make this entire cover.

Add some pretties if ya want. I used the ruffle from the dress and then added my little flare to it.

And, ta-da. This took me no time at all. This DIY will probably seem so weird to some and to others you might totally get why I needed this change. It does help for minds like mine that do not have the gift of organizing naturally :) Add a little creative spunk and perhaps peeking inside each day won’t be so bad. Wishful thinking? I’ll let you know at the end of the year ;)

A few tools that have  helped me IMMENSELY and I personally could not do this whole “Organize Our Life” thing without;

  • printables that other seriously awesome, gifted, organizing-love’n people created… for us… for FREE. You can go here to see some of the free printables I’m using currently. And this amazing site – where most of what I use are currently from. They have a totally free day keeper printable with days of the week and all sort of amazing things.
  • organizing tips and brilliant ideas from Pinterest.

Hope you are {inspired to create} and maybe (dare I say it on my blog? Who am I? :) get organized!!

Favourite Finds {2}

Pinterest. If ya haven’t already heard of this amazing site, you should definitely go check it out.

Basically pinterest is a collaboration of creativity and inspiration from all over the web but pinned in one place. It’s an amazing way to have all of your inspirations in one place. I get a little carried away because it’s so inspirational, you just keep pinning others finds without pinning things that I’ve found and want to save for future reference.

Well, I thought I would post a blog post on Sunday afternoons called ‘Favourite Finds’ with some good finds from that week or previous weeks that I’d love to share, but totally couldn’t get one out last night. So here we are :)

Below are 1-3 favourite finds I found the past few weeks from a few of my boards. Click on the image to direct you to the source. Side note: on pinterest you can organize your “pins” into inspiration “boards”.

Two “pins” from my Someday Soon DIYs board:

I absolutely love this idea. I would like to do something a little different but with the same idea. SO cute!

Super simple and cute idea. Framed pincushion.

Two from my Create Play Learn – with my Littles board:

This is a brilliant idea for whenever someone is “bored”. I know a lot of momma’s who’d appreciate me posting this one :)

I am making something like this as soon as possible. His art is always piled in odd places. This would be handy and Ted would get to see it right away too!

Two from my Jami Stylee boards:

I want one in each colour. These look so comfy!

Pretty vintage dress for date nights or just because.

Two from my Inspiration for a Hopeful Home board:

Okay, so first, I know you’re probably sick of teal or  teal and coral pink “talk” on here! I changed my blog back in April to these colours and they always remind me of Eisley-girl so I think I’ll always crush on teal and pink… annnd so you might here about it more than you’d like. ;)

This is such a pretty, pretty teal. This is the colour I picuture in our living room.

This is almost exactly how I pictured doing a room for Eisley. A little more coral pink than pinky-pink and no grey(although I do love how it looks, it just wasn’t apart of what I pictured). It kind of breaks me heart but I hope someday when we have another little girl and share with her the inspiration behind the colours, her sister. Someday. Whew.

Love this idea of a dream jar. This sparked two ideas in me; one representing healing for Ted and I.

One finds from My Oh So Lovely Tattoos board:

I just love this. “Anchor of hope” couple tattoo. I love the concept. Ted and I are getting a tattoo together for our 5th wedding anniversary (’12) and this placement I like. I like this tattoo but we won’t be getting this.

Two finds from my Inspirational Ideas for Our Bedroom board:

I had this idea to do a wall of unqiue and beautiful poses representing marriage, strength, bond, love, us, etc. We decided we’d both search for photos we’d love to have a friend take of us and frame them on one wall in our room. I saw this and found it to be so powerful, especially for where we are at right now.

I also want to incorpate sayings, quotes, verses etc that are powerful and also represent what I said above. I would love to use these words and put them on canvas or frame them!

Two from my ‘Hair Inspirations’ board:


To say I miss my super tangled mess of ringlet curls is a {huge} understatement. 3 months pregnant with Chase I began to lose my curls (Chase stole them! When his hair gets wet, it curls.) Now I have only a slight wave. I had two other friends who lost all of their curl while pregnant, one got all her curls and more back! I am hopeful. It makes me regret the years of straightening them now I would give anything to have them back!

Colour, length, hairstyle. Whoa.

Two from my The Sunshine Room board:

Incredible use of embroidery hoops. Would love to do this in the kid’s room.


Two from For My Little Sunshine’s board:

This Ah.ma.zing little reading nook.

Old nightstand transformed into a little kitchenette! How amazing is this?!

Two from my Home Furniture Projects board:

Old frame transformed into an beautiful headboard.

Vintage suitcase made into this amazing nightstand/end table. Hope to do something like this!

Okay, so that’s all for now. I wish I could post more here tonight but instead, hop on over to my boards at pinterest.com/colourherhope if you found this blog inspiring! There are so many brilliant ideas.

In fact, I’ve found there to be SO many amazing ideas but you can get carried away “pinning” other people’s ideas that aren’t 100% you. I do. I end up deleting some that I thought were amazing but later realized, even through they were a great idea, they just weren’t really me or something I would really do someday.

Anyhow…if you’d like an invite, let me know!  One way to know if pinterest is something you’d use… if you already have folders on your laptop or bookmarked or “stickied” a bunch of sites/ideas and inspirations. You. will. love. this. site.