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Atlas’s first birthday

Oh Atlas – our Wonder-boy. YOU ARE SUCH A JOY. So incredibly sweet, extra snuggly (especially with daddy), you’re quite inquisitive and tend to awkwardly stare at people until you figure them out and then give your best toothy little grin. You’re turning out to be a hilarious character and you’re shockingly soft spoken (so… Continue reading Atlas’s first birthday

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DIY Diffuser Bracelet

Heyyyyy there!! Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve done a DIY on here. It’s funny to think back to when this was mostly DIY blog. Feels like a lifetime ago. But I’m aching to have this creative outlet again. So here we are!So let’s make some (suuuuper easy) awesome bracelets. First, what’s the heck… Continue reading DIY Diffuser Bracelet


I want to see you rightly, Jesus.

“You’re never gunna let, never gunna let me down.” (Repeat 10,000x) My kids LOVE this song. Sing and scream that line on repeat. Truth be told I hated that line specifically. The one they loved, I hated. I couldn’t even sing it most of the time. I didn’t believe it. I believed God let us… Continue reading I want to see you rightly, Jesus.


At the table of brokenness by Ted

Ted recently shared publicly what has been going on within him. I personally hadn’t felt I should share details unless he wanted to himself. And I was shocked when he shared publicly but felt it was so profound in his journey too. Letting people in. Please read. At the table of brokenness By Ted. Opening… Continue reading At the table of brokenness by Ted