2 months.

 here are my littlest man’s 2 month photos (he’s almost 3 months now, can you believe that?!)

be ready to {melt} from cuteness

big brother wanted to join in again this time. i. love. it. 

this past month we’ve seen the most change…so far. full of real smiles and coos. oh my WORD, he is a joy.

also, i could swear he’s teething already (Chase began early at 3 months but his first tooth didn’t pop through until 6 months)! chew, chew, chew. drool, drool, drool

he is a super chill, {peaceful} and happy baby (once i figured out a few things for his sleeping and stuffiness)

 he absolutely {adores} his big brother Chase and thinks he is HILarious. (like you see here, ha! no, but seriously, he does. ;)

{melts. my. heart} Chase thought Shailo was tickling him. so stinkin’ funny and cute!

he prefers to sit upright and look around at his surroundings. and while he really does adore his daddy and big brother, he is {such} a momma’s boy already. loves to be in my arms… and i love him there. he’s just a tad “spoiled” some would say.

Shailo Valour, we absolutely adore you and are so very thankful for you.

(in other news, kind of related to this… i have really struggled lately with our loss of Eisley. missing her being apart of even such things as our monthly photoshoots. i should be photographing 3 of my babies; my 2 month old boy, my 2.5-year-old Chasey-boy, and my 15 month Eisley-girl.it’s hard not to think about the “ifs”, especially when i’m reminded daily. i know it would be a tad bit crazier than it sometimes feels now, but i’d give anything for that. anything. the constant reminder that she’s gone is still really hard for me to grasp, especially some days. anyways, my heart just kind of aches a lot lately. i am so grateful for my boys and their LIFE. so very grateful, beyond words. yet i do still ache so much knowing one of my babies isn’t with me anymore. didn’t want to make a post out of this bit, just i guess asking for your thoughts and prayers for me as i walk through this new place that i am. thanks for stoping by and for caring.)

bump to baby (a before & after)

we took a few shots during out maternity shoot with an idea to copy cat that very pose later, when “Boy S” came along. well, the outfit we chose fit a lot quicker than i had imagined. in fact it’s getting pretty snug. so we hurried along to our favourite place to shoot in our town; Old Town FoCo.

before (37 weeks pregnant) and after (Shailo, 2 months old)

this photo is a personal fave of the bunch because of his adorable little smirk, but as you can see it didn’t really copy cat the before picture ;)


i should be posting a 3rd photo we did here, however …

as you can read on his face; DISTRACTED. so we never did capture that exact shot. What, might you ask, could possibly be distracting him from such a fun photo shoot (note the sarcasm, I mean, he’s 2)?!

say cheese! a camera, of course! We noticed his interest in Ted’s camera and this year spotted this amazing “kid’s tough” digital camera and knew this would be the perfect christmas gift for Chasey-boy.

and oh. my. word. does he love it.

i’ll be posting his photos soon! i’m planning to do a little series as he photographs!

Shailo’s 2 month photos coming soon too!

p.s. check out this amazing photo Ted took which captured the colour of Shai’s eyes!

Harvest Farm Trip & Randomness.

Here are some photos of our trip to the Harvest Farm in Ft. Collins, CO. We went with my mom and the Murphy fam 3 weeks ago. Thanks Madre for getting the photos up so I could steal them!

My fav of the day!

Grandma showing him the baby goat is nice. Earlier, when a big goat came up and put his face in Chase’s, he got excited but as soon as the second goat came out of nowhere, he freaked out! Other than that, I think he enjoyed the day ;)

Well, maybe ;)

Trying to eat his zipper.

He enjoyed the corn “sand box” the most.
We enjoyed fall while it lasted. I say ‘enjoyed’ because the trees are already turning ugly (in most places) and it has snowed 4 times now!
Chase grew overnight this past week, I swear. It’s crazy to me how fast he is growing physically and mentally. Bittersweet! I love each new milestone and lil roll but at the same time, it means he is growing up! Some fun facts/milestones of the past few weeks;
  • He now loves to “play with his food” meaning while he is nursing he’ll pull of randomly and start smiling, cooing, screaming for fun and then when I smile in return, he DIVEBOMBS um…. his food source. It’s hilarious! I would video it but… kinda awkward :P
  • He giggles. Not all of the time but when he does… oh my WORD your heart melts!
  • His new play toy is his feet. One morning 2 weekends ago, Chase was lying in bed between us and Ted would take his foot and touch his toe to his nose. Chase thought it was funny and from that moment on we catch him constantly watching his feet! Like “what are these?”! It’s both cute and funny!
  • He sucks and chews on everything! If he wears a hoodie, it’s the zipper. When he’s in the car seat, it’s the soft muchkin’ shoulder pads. When he can’t find anything, he sucks on his fist or both fists. I thought maybe he was teething, but can’t feel anything coming in yet. Thank goodness! That takes nursing to a whole new level I hear!
  • He responds. You talk, pause, he talks, pauses, you talk, etc.!
I just realized how often I make the boy noises, when I talk to Chase or move him from here to there or whenever. Hmmm, I wonder what I will do when I have a little girl?!

A Just Because Blog.

Growing up, my mom would say this verse with us (click to enlarge the above photo to read it, if you want). We’d come to her every night and ask for our blessing :) I still love it and do it with Chase now.

A few random things:
  • we’ve got a nickname for Chase. Chasey. My mom and siblings call him this and it just sticks. I like it too.
  • there is another nickname brewing but I don’t like this one. CJ. Let’s just call him Chase or Chasey, k? Hahaha
  • we’ve started this new thing (also thanks to my mom; she’s pretty rad) where you ask Chase to “tell me a story about…” and say a persons name or ask about his day… he talks and talks and coos and screams with delight… ahhhh i love it!
  • he looooves to stand in your lap, a table etc. and get’s excited when he does and starts swinging his arms out, holding his head up and looking around. Like “Look at me! I’m a big boy!”… (kinda bittersweet…)
  • he loves his musical cow, mr. moose toy, playing on the floor (but still knowing your in the room), punching everything and when he’s not punching, he’s grasping (your hair, your shirt, toys…), MUSIC (yay!), dancing with momma, being tickled, baby einstein videos (although i don’t put them on much), snuggling with momma when it’s nap time and obviously eating :)
I somehow lost track of a week of Chase’s life! Well, I mean it was there, I just got stuck on the same week twice. He is ALREADY 11 weeks and will be 12 weeks on Saturday! eeee!

Dear Chase, stop growing up so fast! Love, Your mom who doesn’t want to think about getting prego again right now. ;)
p.s. These photos are taken with my mobile or iphoto so the quality stinks but the memories I’m already lovin’.

10 Weeks of Memories.

My first time holding my beautiful boy one day after his arrival.

He’s finally here!

In complete awe.

First full bath time @ almost 2 weeks old

One of his favourite places. The sling.

He has my nose! :)

Snuggles galore.

A day out to a park.


Blue grey eyes standing out.

Totally relaxed.

Loooove this face!

Copying Momma.

Being silly.

10 weeks of wonderful memories!


Tonight this happened for the first time…

He scoot his blanket up to his face!

So I ran and grabbed his froggy snuggly that I’ve been waiting to show him!

He loves his snuggly and I stinkin’ love him!

(Sorry they are blurry! I was so excited that I took photos with my phone.)

2 Month Photoshoot.


He is a smiley boy, which you can’t tell here because the camera distracts him!

He rolls over now. Bittersweet for me, because it means he’s growing up!

Chase rolls over from back to front now! Today I was hanging out with a friend and she pulled out a book and read that baby’s don’t typically roll from back to front until 6 months!

I know I just ranted about people always telling me he doesn’t act his age and here I am talking about him rolling over. The truth is, it really is incredible, but when I hear it often, I think that he is growing up too fast and I missed out on his baby stage! It’s bittersweet!