Favourite Finds {3}

Happy Sunday!

Chase is in bed, my feet are up, massage chair on, ahhhhh, so good! I’m really not bragging, you should have seen what I did today ;) You wouldn’t be jealous, I promise. I always try to get thing in order Sunday so I face the new week afresh. Today’s “straightening” took hours! I don’t mind Sundays being like this though because our “sabbath” is Mondays; Ted is off work and school so we indeed have one day to rest. My mom usually comes over and creates with me, which makes it even better :)

Whoa, sidetrack. All that to say, my feet are up and it’s time to post some inspirational finds. Yay (I’m such a nerd). You can read the first two posts here and here to get a feel for what ‘Favourite Finds’ is and to {hopefully} be inspired!

(click on photos to take you to the link)

From my Create Play Learn – with my Little Sunshines board;

Cute idea! I’m going to attempt this with Chase’s dinosaur cookie cutters (and probably burn my finger because they don’t have these nifty handles)! Thanks Justine for pinning this!

Having a boy who LOVES to throw things, this is truly a brilliant learning idea!!

From my For My Little Sunshine’s board;

I want to make something like this for Chase! (in regards to his daddy not me. Even though I LOVE to take photos, I am not a the Photographer!)

this. is. adorable. A great idea for kid’s who share a room or a playroom!

From my Inspiration for a Hopeful Home board;

Isn’t this beautiful?! This would be so peaceful. If we ever are blessed with a porch, I hope to do something as beautiful as this.

From my Daydream – my wishlist board;

Oh wow. For Ted. Love the details!

And this two pretty much screams Jami! I would just love this. hint hint. ;)

This one too. I mean, teal, pink and a polaroid! LOVE.

Lace back workout top. one of the cutest workout tops I’ve seen! (from Gap)

From my Photography I Love board;

So cute and slightly nerdy. I like. (Thanks CayeDee for finding this!)

I’ll always think of her.

Beautifully captured.

From my Oh So Lovely Tattoos board;

So so so beautiful. From the e.e. cummings poem “I carry your heart with me” THIS is an idea I had for the place “above my heart”, but I have a few different ideas as well. But SEEING it actually tattooed… love it even more!

Ready to have your breath taken away?

I teared up when I saw. Incredible. Makes me think of my Eisley-girl in her Saviours hands. WHEW.

From my Quotes and Saying I Heart board;

be still. i love this verse so. very. much.

thank you, Jesus.

From My Dream Creative Space board;

art brush vase. beautiful! for my craft room or even the living room!

From my Sew Cute board;

Simple dress tutorial. Would love to make one for this summer!

From my The Sunshine’s Room board;

Well, if that’s the case… Chase sure loves me a WHOLE bunch ;)

I love this idea of fabric cloud decals on the wall for our Kid’s room.  I know it’s called “The Sunshine’s room” but this really fits what I pictured!

From My Someday Soon DIYs board;

For those who know me, they know just how fitting this is. hehe. I LOVE my creamer and definitely making something (maybe this!) with this saying, for our kitchen!

How simple and incredible?! I want to do this with a few photos and I told my two sisters, this would be an incredible idea for a part of centerpieces as a wedding!

And, perhaps my favourite find of the week;

A stunning idea to display Eisley’s precious things. I showed Ted and we’d love to do something like this.

Well, those are just a few of my favourite finds for this week. If you’re inspired here, you’ll probably like the rest I’ve posted! Also, if you’d like a Pinterest account, please let me know and I’ll send you an invite!

AND FINALLY…the Freezer paper stencil DIY I’ve been promising… coming tomorrow or Tuesday! This is a DIY you’ll definitely love!

6 thoughts on “Favourite Finds {3}

  1. Ashleigh Dean says:

    YAY! I love these ideas! And I love your pinterest page (page…? is that what it is called?). One of my favorite ideas from this post is the glass jar photo thing.

    I’m definitely going to spend time figuring out pinterest tomorrow!


  2. Nichola McCleery says:

    I just love the idea of Pinterest! Could I ask for an invite? I know you don’t know me (I don’t even remember whose blog I got here from, but I’ve been praying with and for you since mid-fall), but you have me absolutely hooked on the idea of that site!

    Thanks! You’ve also been inspiring me to gather things I think are pretty for my own home! :)


  3. Danielle says:

    Jami!! Will you please send me an invite for Pinterest?? I LOVE the idea of it and would love to figure it all out! :D You have such WONDERFUL finds! :D Love you friend


  4. Courtney says:

    so cute! i love all of these, the I will always carry you in my heart is beautiful! I got angel wings on my wrist in memory of my baby girl and I love having that little thing all to myself. The one with the baby is AMAZING!


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