Favourite Finds

When Chase falls asleep at night, I cozy up in bed and first, read -currently it’s either a chapter from Wings of Mourning or a passage from Streams in the Desert or Through a Season of Grief- and then I grab Ted’s iPad and head to Pinterest.com to be inspired. I heard of pinterest from Rachel of Smile & Wave and even found my inspirational booklet on there, but then again, most anyone can “pin” anything, but it was a nice surprise to see it on there.

Most of these finds below I first found on Pinterest or Etsy but I linked most of them to their direct source.

I would love something like this little crafting nook. {Pinterest}

Or this Kitchen cart transformed into a crafting cart. I LOVE this and friday I will be searching for one at thrift stores!! {Better Homes & Gardens} So practical and super smart! I have a crafting room, but usually end up pulling out a table into the living room because it’s better for me, esp since Chase isn’t napping twice a day anymore. This would make things so much easier!

Below is currently my favourite Etsy store for clothing. I could never afford her incredible stuff but I hope to someday know how to make things as beautiful as this!!

Amazing. Love this. Beautiful! {Little Houses Etsy shop}

I want to make these and wear them around the house. Added to my list of things to sew (or try to ;))! {I Think Sew}

Very cute. Chase would have a blast with this cute little handmade “bowling” set! {Mazska Etsy shop}

First, If you know me, you know I love the colour teal. I know turquoise is a little off from my love of teal, but it is pretty similar. This week via Pinterest I found House of Turquoise. Amazing and suuuper inspirational in home decor!

And remember my 25 by 25 List well, this is almost exactly the style crib I envisioned when I said I wanted to revamp a crib and paint it an awesome colour! Love!!

For creating. I really, really want these! You could use it for so many things! Some girls would buy shoes, I would buy this hahaha. {Cinderella Gift Shop on Etsy}

For home decor. I have a plan to do a small wall kind of similar to this. Love it! {The Purl Bee}

For the kiddo room. Vintage camera. Sad it sold. Hope to find one! {found on Etsy}

Pretty vintage pyrex. I hope to find some in this colour while thrifting! {Modern Findings}

I like everything about this, the owl, colours, the cuteness, etc! {Anthropologie }

This is just amazing! I would change the colour, but other than that, I love it! {source}

For our girls (someday). SO adorable! This little raincoat reminds me of my Eisley-girl, in a good way. If I’m blessed with another girl, she’ll sport stuff like this. {Old Navy}


Below is my favourite find;

I saw this on Pinterest and gasped. I showed Ted and he did too. Whew. This reminds me of my Eisley-girl. Not the girl herself, just the idea and the pink balloons. I felt a wave of happiness when I thought of her in heaven and jokingly thought of all the balloons that we (and a lot of others) released for her being up there with her. I kind of want to frame this. :) {source}

Well, hope this post lifted the mood from last night’s post!

For some, surfing blogs and pinterest and Etsy might seem like a waste of time, and maybe it is for you, everyone has their opinions of what time wasting is for them ;) For me I find it super inspirational and relaxing. If you find it a waste or maybe you don’t have time, just pop in here from time to time as I’m starting ‘Fabulous Finds’ back up, but I’ve changed the name to ‘Favourite Finds’ cause honestly, I don’t like the word fabulous, I know, I’m weird!

I haven’t done one since I was hospitalized for Eisley. It was kinda hard to start it back up because I’m not surfing for cute things for her anymore, but it was also really good for me too. So stay tuned every once in a while for Favourite Finds.


8 thoughts on “Favourite Finds

  1. mybeautifulsimplicity says:

    i showed ian the craft card after you showed me. on sunday he moved ours upstairs so i can tranform it! I am going to add a few things, put the door back on and then start organizing it! I’m excited :) I hope you find one! I know ours had wheels at some point but i can’t remember where they ended up. If we had a one story house it’d be perfect but for now i think it will be staying in my room so wheels aren’t necessary.

    i love a lot of those finds! i really like the one with the embroidery hoops and vintage fabric. i did something with vintage scarves in found thrifting once. thats a great idea to do again. i wonder how many ideas in our decorating we will end up both using! but i know they will be totally different because our colors are different and so our styles in some ways…but alike in others! i so wish we could go thrifting together!


  2. Lorrie says:

    I LOVE the book tree. That is so amazing. I might have to find a way to incorporate something like that in our girls room someday. Thanks for the post. I don’t usually take time to look for things like this, but really enjoy seeing your finds. I can’t really create much right now, but there is something inspiring about all things beautiful.


  3. danielle cochrane says:

    Hey Jami… I just wanted to let you know that I love checking out your blog every now and then. I’ve even told my mom about some of your creative ideas, and made a Christmas present that was inspired by stuff you posted. it’s really lovely. and so are you. <3 danielle.


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