25 by 25 list.

I was inspired by The Paper Mama to make this list. Her idea is to make a list of goals to accomplish by your next birthday (I’ll be 24), but since I am on bedrest and will be recovering from a c-section for 6-8 weeks after December 10th. I was thinking I would set these goals to be accomplished by my 25th birthday March 16, 2012. (Eeeep! 25! That’s crazy!)

So here is my list of goals to accomplish by the time I am 25:

* means I am doing these currently and this means accomplished :)

1. Get Chase to sleep in his bed all night long with the exception of morning snuggles. 

2. Sew Chase and Eisley a stuffed animal.

3. Finish the online Home Ec sewing class (which I am unable to do at the moment) and learn to truly sew!

4. Find a place to call our own without going into debt.

5. Have many dates with my Ted.

6. Do summer camping with our little family & teach Chase to fish.

7. Learn everything I can about nutrition and health and change our lifestyle so we are healthy. *

8. Teach Chase the alphabet, numbers, colours and shapes. *

9. Finish the final part of Chase’s birth story.

10. Write Eisley’s birth story (now that we’ve lost her… this will be even more difficult.)

11. Make handmade gifts for birthdays, christmas and other occasions. *

12. Make a wedding album. Our wedding photos we’re a disappointment but I know we’ll want a book of photos for memory’s sake.

13. Learn to cook.*

14. After I learn to cook- make healthy, nurtitious meals for my family daily.*

15. Get my body back into shape and to my natural weight BEFORE baby #3.

16. Teach my kids to create and use their imaginations.*

17.  Buy a crib at a thrift store or garage sale and paint it a fabulous colour for Eisley or our other babies.

18. Organize all of our photos into neat and detailed albums and put them on cds.*

19. Learn to reupholster furniture and maybe even reupholster the furniture for our living room!

20. Make photo books of Chase’s first and second year.

21. Decorate our home with photographs by Ted or I.

22. Finally frame photos of our wedding and hang them!

23. Have most of our home decor be thrifted and handmade (from diy projects) and decorate our next home fully. Make it our own handmade home!

24. Do art projects with the kids often and frame/hang their work.

25. Encourage Ted and help him to finish college with excellence and a feeling of victory. *

I’ve added my list to the right side of our blog and will be scratching them out as we go along. I LOVE goals lists and am super thrilled to be doing this!

16 thoughts on “25 by 25 list.

  1. Gail says:

    Great list, great idea!

    Praying that you will be told good, promising news about Eisley’s growth at your checkup tomorrow, Jami.


  2. Hannah says:

    Great list. You have so many beautiful wishes for your beautiful little family- I love it.
    I think I might just do a similar list on my birthday- I’ve been thinking about what would be on it…


  3. Stephanie says:

    Jami! This is awesome and super inspiring. So you know I used to be an apprentice reupholsterer. But I’ve forgotten a lot of what is need. When you’re ready to tackle your first project I’d love to try it with you. I’ve been wanting to learn further and possibly reupholster some of our stuff. Fun Fun!


  4. Chris says:

    I think these are some fabulous goals. Bless you and your family. Thank heaven for our Savior who helps lighten our hearts and burdens. Someday you’ll have your daughter again because of Him.


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