Vintage Ornaments & Journal.

Our pre-lite 3′ faux Christmas tree for $3 at Goodwill. Below are pictures of the ornaments I found at the ARC for under $2! I love the vintage look!
I also found a bag of mirror ornaments for $1 brand new. They add so much!
This reminds me of the Nutcracker Ballet.
I love these mirrors.
This is one of my faves.
Our cozy little basement home.
One of mys gift from Ted was this very old journal which was made in Japan.
I am in love with it… and him of course :)

Huggies Reward Points & A Coupon.

Okay, so I am becoming kind of annoying now huh? But I know a lot of you that read my blog are Momma’s or aunties or you know someone who could use the deal and I always find sweet deals on the thrifty blogs and it just recently hit me… why not share them with you?

Huggies has a reward system similar to the pamper’s Gifts to Grow points. Here are some codes below.
Huggies Enjoy The Ride rewards (What is enjoy the ride?);

Oh and a 3$ off coupon HERE for the Huggies Pure & Natural I wrote about yesterday. Just scroll through the coupon pages and it is on there. Click clip and when you are done scrolling through the coupons hit the red print coupon button on the right hand side above the coupons. My mom showed me this site a few months ago and I am thankful for it :)

Enjoy Momma’s! Have a wonderful Saturday! We are just chillin’ today for we had a loooong night! I will post videos soon.

Our New Fav! (Try a sample for free too)

I have found a new favourite diaper!
A few weeks ago I signed up for a free sample and my aunt signed my up as well (which, I promise, I didn’t know)! The size just barely fit Chase, so I’m not sure how many of you can actually get a sample size that will fit your baby, just check it out. Anyways, they send you a packet explaining the new diapers and THREE diapers to try out! (Click here for your free sample!)
I love the feel and most importantly, Chase is completely satisfied with the feel. We haven’t bought a box yet! I will know for the next little one which ones to choose right away because they only go to size 3 which is what Chase needs.
Right now we are finishing up a large pack of diapers from Sam’s Club- I don’t want to waste the money so I am still somehow managing to put them on Chase. We almost have one blowout a day (today was 3 blowouts!) and I wonder when I will just get over it and move onto size 3?!
My second fav is Pampers Swaddlers and can get them reasonably at Sam’s club in a huge box! I also like huggies but now that they’ve created pure and natural… yay! They are so soft! I will never again use Parent’s Choice diapers because we had too many blowouts and he doesn’t like the feel.
Yep, I have a texture baby! He is very much a texture baby. Also, nothing can touch his face while sleeping unless it’s ultra soft. Thankfully we have a few blankies and a froggy snuggly to suffice.
If I was doing cloth, I would be doing SO many loads of laundry! Defeating one of the purposes of a cloth diaper :) This boy pees and poos so much and large quantities too!
Try out a sample if your baby fits the size!
And here is a free Pampers Gifts to Grow code worth 1 point;


What is Gifts to Grow? Click here.
And… What kind of diaper do YOU prefer or recommend?

Swing, Swing

Originally we were going to purchase this one. I’m am SO thankful we were advised to not get a swing because (and only for this reason)…

Chase LOVES the cheesy things!
I would have never bought this one, but now I love it! Because I know it will keep his attention.
I love the more modern look, like our baby bouncer, but honestly it’s such a waste of money for us. For our baby and what he likes. Maybe our next baby will want the modern look? Yeah probably not. He pretty much dislikes his bouncer and the mobile on it doesn’t keep his attention. I am going to blame this on me. But you can’t blame me… the elephants and how it matched our colours, the ipod plug in… okay, okay it was because I liked it. Me.
P.S. amazon and ebay ROCK for purchases like this! Online garage sales :)

Because I’m Still Waiting…

40 weeks 2 days (today).

40 week belly. Taking one of yourself, just doesn’t do it justice. I’m huge!

Garage sale find: $1.50 play mat

Garage sale find: $2 Lamaze baby toys

Today’s thrift store find: $12 changing table!

This one’s for mom. All set up!

We rearranged. Our crib is no longer right next to the bed.

Thrift store find: $1.50 brown, green and white elephant pillow!

Matches our baby bedding! I laughed when I first saw it! I had to buy it!

Momma’s go thrift/garage saleing! The only problem about going garage saleing while prego is when people see your belly, they try and get you to buy everything they have that is baby! I kept telling them “I don’t know the sex.” Which still didn’t help!