Because I’m Still Waiting…

40 weeks 2 days (today).

40 week belly. Taking one of yourself, just doesn’t do it justice. I’m huge!

Garage sale find: $1.50 play mat

Garage sale find: $2 Lamaze baby toys

Today’s thrift store find: $12 changing table!

This one’s for mom. All set up!

We rearranged. Our crib is no longer right next to the bed.

Thrift store find: $1.50 brown, green and white elephant pillow!

Matches our baby bedding! I laughed when I first saw it! I had to buy it!

Momma’s go thrift/garage saleing! The only problem about going garage saleing while prego is when people see your belly, they try and get you to buy everything they have that is baby! I kept telling them “I don’t know the sex.” Which still didn’t help!

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