why you {should} buy that ugly thrift store decor.

Thrift stores have a ton of wood – all different shapes and sizes. Some with weird quotes or sayings, some with cheesy holiday paintings, etc. But oh the possibilities!


Here are a few reasons and ideas for WHY you should buy that ugly decor…

diys (6 of 9)

Yes, yet another chalkboard project, hehe. I’m obsessed. This gift was for our dear friends who got engaged over Christmastime!

I used a drill and added knobs I bought from Hobby Lobby so this can be used to hang keys or jewelry, etc.

diys (5 of 9)My sister is also getting married this year (August!)

diys (3 of 9)

She used this as decoration at her engagement party :)

photo 2-17

Supplies used (for the above projects):

-thrifted wood

-chalkboard paint (pictured above) -this particular kind I have found is my personal favourite! SO incredibly smooth. It is expensive but you wouldn’t believe how far a little bottle can go. $5/6 Hobby Lobby (probably any hobby store – and use a coupon! :)) and ALWAYS let the chalkboard paint dry for at {least} 24 hours preferably 48 hours before using it.

-stickers for the words – make them yourself or buy. I made mine with a Cricut.


-chalk – you can buy an assortment of coloured or white chalk (boxes) at Hobby Lobby for just $2 (for 48 pieces). You can either give an entire box (12 pieces) or use little baggies like I do with just a few pieces with the gift you’ve made them.

DIY gifts for grandparents (or other possibilities!) 

diys (9 of 9)

supplies used:

-thrifted wood

-mini canvases

-printed photos (wallet size)

-modge podge

– mini hooks (painted then screwed into wood) bag of 8 for $2

-ribbon (used hot glue to attatch them so the canveses to hang)

-stickers (I used my cricut but you could buy them)

diys (4 of 9)

My mom sings this song with Chase often so we thought this would be a cute idea :)diyblog
The above was for my mother-in-law. I am kind of regretting not doing something a little more in the middle – like a cute quote. This was for her office so she could see her grand babies everyday (she lives in AK.)

Supplies used:

-This particular project I actually did {NOT} thrift the wood – here is an example of a time it was cheaper to use a coupon and visit a hobby store (it also came with little hooks to hang it)

– ribbon

-photos printed – wallet size

-little mini frames (that actually had little canvases in them which I used for the above gift for my mom) Hobby Lobby $2.80 a piece but used for 2 gifts.

– little hooks (I just screwed them into the bottom of the wood)

-stickers or Cricut and vinyl

Other thrifted items turned gifts:


Left: Gift for my grandparents for their front yard.  Right Top: Jewelry holder for my sister Abie (knobs from Hobby Lobby) Right Bottom: I found a HUGE beer lid and couldn’t pass it up. Made this for my future brother-in-law.

Some things to look/look out for while sorting through thrift store decor:

-Look for ones with a way to hang the piece. Obviously you wouldn’t want to pay more on a piece of wood from a thrift store than one at a hardware or hobby store. The plus about thrifting it – even if the price may be similar to a blank piece you could buy – most of the time the thrifted piece already has a way you could hang the decor.

– Look out for paintings that aren’t smooth on the wood. Because you would most likely paint or modge podge, etc on the wood you would want to be sure the surface is flat. Sanding is an option too, but a little more work for you.

-Look for deals within the thrift store. After holidays most thrift stores put their holiday decor 50% off and I’ve even seen it 75%! This is a perfect time to search for pieces of wood to repurpose.

(not many tips, but I hope that helps)

Below is a photo to show that I DO indeed fail at things I try to create… I tend to show the things that have worked… well, here ya go ;)…20130123-103231.jpg

My friend Brittany and I attempted to make the Starbucks peppermint cake pops. BAHAHAHAHA.

Thanks for popping by! Hope you are inspired and that you look like you have HORRIBLE taste when you now buy that ugly thrifted decor you once turned away from.


Simple Fall Decor.

I don’t know about you, but I am just blown away by how fast this fall – this year – has flown by! I mean, it’s Thanksgiving week already?! Whew.

I realize this post is a little bit late in coming, for the DIY-ers out there but maybe this some of this can spark ideas for your Thanksgiving this week or just ideas for next year decor. Here are some simple fall DIYs:

I was asked to make centerpieces for a non-profit event. It was super fun to think of ideas! I went with simple, because of the quantity and picnic-like because of the setting. Mason jars and used cans (washed) wrapped in muslin. Coffee filter flowers. Little candles wrapped with twine. Super simple but cute!

Painted pumpkins, little owl from the $1 section at Target, felt leaves hung from twine and little clothespins. Rug $5 from IKEA and hand painted: so many possibilities!Very simple DIY using nature, a wreath ($1 section at target), fabric scraps to make rolled flowers and a hot glue gun. This is my twist on an idea(found here via Pinterest) making a twig wreath. Chaseyboy even helped with this one.

Super simple and cute! I saw this cinnamon stick wreath idea not long ago on Pinterest that I might have to try out, since I love this one so much and will be sad to take it down!

I am SO anxious to get the ball rolling on Christmas decor! I have already pulled out our boxes of decor from last year and have begun creating new decor to add to this year. Favourite holiday of the year. And it’s even more fun now that Chase is so into helping out.

Anyone else excited about Christmas time?! The season and traditions?! The smells?! Hehe, can’t wait! Putting our decorations up this weekend you can guarantee.

Thrifted Treasures {8}

I haven’t posted a Thrifted Treasures post in a while, so I thought I would today. These are some of the items I’ve found at thrift stores and garage sales in the past two months. My goal is always to hope to spark interest and inspiration in thrifting … and let’s be honsest, I have fun sharing my finds too. :)

Found this little guy for Boy S for $1!! Perfect and working condition too!

I’ve been searching for a picnic basket for a long time now. I’ve found many but nothing that I was in love with. This one caught my eye! I got it for $4 and we’ve already used it 3 times!! I want to make a liner with pockets for the inside to make it more complete!

These are the frames I used to make these party trays for our ‘Mustache or Bows’ Party! $2! I am seriously doing a DIY post about these in more detail soon because you will love to make some!!

Items for the Boys’ Room. $2 for a brand new super soft throw (their room colours are brown, a lime-ish green and this beautiful aqua/blue). I plan on painting the little tires and seat on the bike more brown.

Beautiful platter, $1. I’m going to use it as art in our kitchen.

Frames to (somehow) fit onto my hallway wall. I might swap out a couple just for these two recent finds. $.25 for the small red one and $1 for the brand new Peace one!

Fold up camping chair in seriously amazing shape; $5. We’ve been needing some easy to haul chair for the backyard but also for camping/fishing season.

Clothes for Boy S $1 a piece which seems like much if you garage sale, but these are in incredible condition!

“Skidders” for Boys S. $2 thrift store find! <3 I wanted some for Chase when he was first walking but wasn’t going to pay $13 (Target price) for them!

Clothes for Chaser-Boy. $1 each or less. And Nemo swim trunks! He {loves} Nemo whom he’s called “My-no” since he first fell in love. I don’t correct him cause to me,  it’s SUPER cute!

 Hope you’re inspired to thrift! There are SO many treasures out there, seriously, it’s incredible! I would thrift every single weekend if I could :)

(P.s. I am behind in editing and posting my photos for this months photo challenge. I will do a post before Sunday with the past two weeks photos. Did anyone else decide to join in?)

Thrifted Treasures {7}

I really love sharing my thrifted treasures to share the exciting finds but also in hope to inspire you to thrift! This bunch of treasures is actually a combination of garage sale and thrift store and craigslist finds!

I am a sucker for wicker baskets (and spray painting them to match). Large one: $2 Medium one: $.25 Both found at garage sales.

I got all of this for a whopping $1 from a garage sale. I love garage sales like that!

In this lovely stash of all of our things is a new end table (which I’m redoing!) and a kitchen island cart! I got both for $5 each!

Teal and coral pink blankets. I honestly can’t remember the price of the small teal one but the large coral one (for our living room) was $4 from a thrift store.

Let me just say, garage sales are the BEST places to buy frames. They are SO cheap (usually) and much cheaper than most thrift stores! I got the chalkboard for $.50 and the frame came with the bunch of stuff I got for a buck (a few photos above) and the smallest frame for $.25.

I’m also a sucker for doilies :) I have a plan to do something like this with them.

I won’t even need to paint this pretty little tea light lantern ($1 thrift store)! It’s teal!

Matching sugar and cream set for $3.50 at a thrift store. Red and black to go with our kitchen colours! I love the patterns!

Deep coral, teal and black rug thrifted for $1.50! I was very very very happy to find this!

I got this for $1 at a garage sale! I already began step 1 of my plan for this and it’s looking awesome already!

More jars to add to my slowly growing collection to do something like this for food/craft storage!

Below is one of my favourite finds of this last week;

This beautiful antique cabinet for a stunning $20! My heart sunk when we arrived at a garage sale just a few steps behind a lady who decided to get all of their beautiful and amazingly priced antique items! I almost felt like crying (which might sound ridiculous but I have been SEARCHING my little heart out for something so perfect for in one area of our kitchen!) I told the lady at the garage sale that if the woman didn’t end up buying it, she could call me because I really wanted it. Just seconds later the woman decided against getting it and I bought it! I was so excited. When I showed Ted, he too loved it! I might leave this as is, except for the door knob.

This was seriously such a steal. I got this little skateboard half off for $2 at a thrift store. I had just seen this idea on pinterest and knew I wanted to do this in Chase’s space!

Another HUGE steal; step 2 fire truck for $15 off a craigslist add. This was another one where my heart sunk because I knew Chase would LOVE this (and he is in need of outdoor toys for his new yard!) and I called but the lady had just had a lady decide to come get it. The lady never showed so she called me to tell me it was still available! I was thrilled and Chase was especially thrilled although he did NOT want me to leave it outside. We did but it was kinda a struggle :)

So what does Chase do when I’m taking pictures of my thrifted treasures? He helps of course! ;) It sometimes drives me crazy, not gonna lie but today we realized…. He was setting up a display and waiting for me to take a picture and then he’d put it “away”! So above is his display of the thrifted treasures!

Once mommy needed her table back, he sorted his dinosaurs on his own table nearby :)

Okay well I know without a doubt I’m missing a lot to share, but it’s in a pile in my grandparent’s garage because….we’re moving next Saturday to our “new little home” aka a duplex! EXCITING! From now on it will be so exciting to show you WHAT I am doing with these thrifted treasures!

Thrifted Treasures {6}

Time for another Thrifted Treasures post because this Saturday I’m taking another trip to Cheyenne, Wyoming to visit my Aunt and to go thrifting along with my mom and grandma (and of course, Chasers)

But before I show you Monday’s finds… I must show you a {incredible} treasure that I forgot to show you last week!

This kids TotSpot lounge chair, a whopping $3! And it looks like it’s never been used! When I found it I even thought to myself, How is this still here?! What a steal! And most importantly, Chase LOVES it :) (and yes, if you noticed, his feet really ARE that big! He has a monsterous sized foot for a 20 month old!)

Okay, now onto my treasures from this week;

Set of black dishes (minus one bowl) $6.50

Shutter $1.50 I plan to paint this and used it in my craft room.

Brand new Target brand towel which I got half off; $2.50!

My mom found this book for Chase which was perfect. It has a little camera which he loves. I found this chair for $2! I plan on spray painting it because the original colour is pretty banged up.

These beautiful jars for food storage like this idea. $1-1.25 a piece!

One of my favourite treasures of the week!! Kid’s art easle for $3!!! I plan to make the whiteboard side a felt board for learning!

Below is my all time favourite treasure of the week;

This stunning eclectic patchwork quilt $22. This was pricey but so worth it and such a steal!

This will be our spring/summer blanket for our bed when we put away our black duvet and down comforter. It has ALL of our bedroom colours and more; black, blue, aqua, red, deep yellow, etc.

We’re slowly gathering everything we need for our new home which we get April 1st!! We’re so excited!

If you’re a thrifter please join in and let me know so I can be inspired by YOUR finds :)

I’ll leave ya with this fun photo. We had gotten home from thrifting and decided to work on my Etsy store stuff outside because it was a beautiful sunny day. So we made this “thrifted fort” for Chasey-boy which he enjoyed :)

Thrifted Treasures {5}

Oh wow… I really can’t believe it’s been a month since I’ve posted one of these ‘Thrifted Treasures’. Or much at all for that matter. I’ve been avoiding my blog lately, because I’m in a pretty hard-to-explain-place right now. A strength but also a weakness of mine is that when I write, I’m honest and raw. The place I’m at right now isn’t a healthy place, regarding my wounded heart.

I just want to write from a place in my grieving heart instead of being so overcome by this place of my hurt and bitterness and until then, I’m silent. I know it’s hard to explain because I really can’t. I had a friend recently tell me she too was in a “speechless place” and that’s it exactly. A speechless place.  Just kinda stunned, taken aback, hurt and deeply wounded but seeking peace over anger and forgiveness over bitterness. 

 It might seem silly, but even little things like doing this Thrifted post are healing for me. I think it reminds me that I’m still me … and that I’m alive and surviving.

 Okay, enough of that… this wasn’t meant to be an emotionally raw post ;)

Well, for the first time since…. ever… I set a goal with a friend of mine to “blog once this week”. If you know me, you know this is a pretty strange thing huh? Me; not blogging. Writing and blogging, creating and inspiring …they are just apart of me and I’ve felt super disappointed with myself lately, even in my personal life – regarding these areas. So we are, this is a step ;)

Garage sale season is just beginning to start and it’s pretty much the perfect timing since we’re getting our home April 1st!

Here are my most recent thrift store and garage sale finds; Hope you’re inspired to thrift!

Kid safe coffee table $5. We learned with Chase the sharp edged coffee tables are a major bruiser. I can’t decide if I’ll redo this because it’s really well painted. We’ll see.

Large and medium rugs $4 all together.

In this lovely mess is our new kitchen table $20 (I LOVE our old one but it’s not practical with kiddos because it’s bar stool heighth) and the room divider $10. I am planning on restyling both with lots of sanding and painting and a little sewing, etc.

This was my favourite find of the week. A pink chair I found at a used furniture place for $25. That might seem spendy (it pretty much is) but it reminds me of my Eisley-girl and it’s my new craft chair. (The two lawn chairs we got for FREE!!)


I wish this was a better photo but if you look closely… it’s TEAL inside!! This chair was a serious treasured find.

So this was $3 but I think it was worth it! It looks brand new, has a sealed lid and is the {perfect} match to our colours. Going in the kitchen!

$3 brand new wicker basket

$2 organizer for the kitchen. Going to restyle this big time!

$1 dinosaur plates :)

Brand new $2 shelf (Target brand found at Goodwill).

(Side note: Notice Chase in the background… when we get home from thrifting he always helps me takes tags off (or if we forget on his toys, he tears them off himself later, haha). Well, he’s so used to this that when we were at a Thrift store he kept trying to take tags off!)

$1 curtain for one of the rooms until I make some.

Hope you’re inspired to check out the Thrift Stores and garage sales in your area! And if you begin blogging Thrifted Treasures, let me know so I can stop by your blog  and be inspired myself!

Pretty Storage Boxes (an easy-peesy DIY)

I don’t know about you, but I’m always in need of more storage space for crafty purposes and for memoury type stuff. I wait for sales at hobby stores but even then you’re spending $4 or more for the super cute storage boxes. (I’ll totally admit, I’ve spent more money just because they were cute!) Well, today my mom pointed to a stack of boxes we had sitting out and asked if I had seen the cute storage boxes at Michaels (a hobby storre we had just gotten back from). I misunderstood what she said and that’s where this idea sparked from;

Why not make our own cute storage boxes today?!

Supplies used:

shoe boxes

modge podge

spondge brush

pretty paper!!

paper cutter or xacto knife

Here’s the DIY. It’s super simple!

Measure the paper to fit the box.

Apply modge podge, one section at a time and carefully place the pretty paper on.

Smooth out any bubbles. I did not add a layer on top but you can if you want to be super safe.

(mine remind me of spring, hope!)

And now I’ve got super CUTE storage boxes that cost close to nothing!

Hope you’re inspired! Another DIY coming soon :)

Thrifted Treasures {4}

I’m pretty excited to share my thrifted finds with you this week! I always hope you’re inspired to go thrifting when you see these posts! And before you tell me there aren’t any good thrift stores near you, spend at least one hour in it, sifting through everything and if it’s still awful, then I have a few other ideas for ya. Write me :)

Friday we ventured up to Cheyenne, Wyoming (40 min drive) to have lunch with my Aunt Cynth and to hit up the thrift stores there. So most of these finds are from their thrift stores. Here are my finds, most of which are for home decor;

Remember this wall with the embroidery hoops? Well I’ve added to my collection of hoops in hope to someday have a wall similar to that. I love how some of them are oval too! Price: $.10-1.00

Yes, it’s true, I have a love for picture frames. Most of these will be painted and used for wall decor. Price: $.25-1.00

I have an even bigger love for the gaudy frames! These will be painted as well. price: $.25-2.00

I love these little vintage ceramics. These will be decor for our kid’s room, ‘The Sunshine Room’. Price: .50

Fabrics! Price: $.25-.100 Below are the up close photos of my favourite fabrics;

Remember this wall? I plan on putting these in one of the embroidery hoops I bought to create a similar look.

This will be made into some kind of decor in the kid’s room.

I absolutely love this piece! I was planning on using this as decor in embroidery hoops, but honestly, I don’t know if I can cut it up!

Ceramic that I will paint for the kid’s room. Price: .25

vintage avon pitcher and dish. So amazing because I had this picked out on the treasury list I made of inspiration from Etsy for our living room, ‘The Hope Room’. Price: $2

Vintage snoopy thermas for decor in the kid’s room. $.25

This was an Avon lotion bottle. I love the colours and well it goes with the plan I have the kid’s room! $.75

Chase’s favourite thrifted treasure was this little vintage horse my grandma found for $5. A steal!

This was a suuuuuper awesome find! We recently added plumb to our colour scheme in our kitchen and this pitcher was $.50 and this tea-pot was a $4.50!


All of this matches our living room decor {perfectly}. $.50 for the coral pieces, $.25 for all the rest! Almost a steal!

These were also on my Hope Room treasury. I would like to hang lace curtains inside of our main living room curtains (which I hope to make/thrift!) My grandma found this set for me!

I know this looks coral-coloured (ish) but it’s actually red. I plan to paint it coral pink. $.50

Another “set” of oddly shaped jars. I did something super awesome with these yesterday and will share soon!! If you need home decor, vases, things to store things in, etc, go buy some and I’ll show ya something very easy to do to transform theses! Price: $.25-.75

And finally, my favourite thrifted find this time around;

I fell in love with this giant (50″ x 30.5″) vintage frame a while ago and said if it was there next time, I would get it. I assumed someone snagged this treasure and I was so glad to see it still hanging there a little over a month later! A whopping $12!! This was my largest and favourite purchase of the day. Thankfully we somehow managed to fit it in my grandma’s Buick and now it sits in the garage until Ted and I find a home!

As we left our last home (a year ago this April), I promised myself that when we had our own place again, I would immediately make it our home and an expression of us. I’ve slowly collected, revamped, restyled and made items for our home and I am so very excited to piece it all together when we find a place to call home (we’re currently searching)! I can’t wait! I might do a fun little series on our decor ideas, colour and inspiration. I keep calling it  our “hopeful home”. Each room has specific inspiration behind it. I’ve even named each room, can you tell that I’ve been dreaming of our home for far too long?! :)

Stay tuned tomorrow as I plan on posting DIY “Valentine’s” decor that could be used as regular decor too, if you aren’t into Valentine’s day :)

Thrifted Treasures {3}

Blog 3 of Thrifted Treasures! This time, I’m sharing items I found thrifting AND one item I found while going through my momma’s attic :)

Fabric, $1.75 all together

vintage mugs, $1.50 (I really want to keep these, but I think I might sell them too, they don’t match our kitchen colours)

with a little modge podge and fabric, these will be transformed into home decor for us!

This will be transformed into a jewelry holder and sold on  my etsy store.

This vintage toy I bought this summer at my grandma’s garage sale. It became my inspiration for the kid’s room (I’ve added coral pink things since we lost Eisley, in her honour). So with this in mind, check out a few more things I’ve added to the ever growing collection for the room;

I think this will look awesome on teal walls. Vintage frame, $.50

The book on the left was a book I read and loved as a child and the other I honestly bought, just for the colours! $.25 a piece

Searching through my madre’s “attic” this week and Chase found this which totally matched the theme and colours for the room, so we brought it home.

He {loves} it. I’ve let him play with it for a little while but this is actually going up on a shelf in his room when we get our new place.

vintage Bambi, $2. I had to get it. This was one of my favourite movies when I was a little girl. Kinda sad right? My first two favourite kids movies ever were Bambi and The Land Before Time! Haha. I also loved Backdraft and Pretty Women, which I even sung Pretty Women at my mom and dad’s wedding when I was 3. So those kid’s movies were actually pretty good considering ;)

jammies, $.50 and his new favourite book, $.25

I love posting these but you know what I’d really love?! If you’ve been inspired by this, blog it, comment here with the link. I’d love to see what {you’ve} found!

pretty jewelry holder {a DIY}

“If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes.” – St. Clement of Alexandra

Today despite everything in me that aches….I hoped. This is what I did with a bit of that hope.

I’ve needed something to hold my jewelry for some time now because hides away in little boxes in the bathroom. “Out of sight, out of mind”, which means I rarely remember that I have it. So today, I wandered into our crafting room and grabbed a few things to create this.

Supplies I used:

Frame, paint and brushes, hot glue gun, black lace, white lace/doily fabric, cardboard.

That’s it!

How to DIY:

First, I painted the frame (you know me) black :)

Hot glue the fabric to the cardboard and then glue it to the frame.

Cut the lace then braid it.

Glue it to the cardboard.

Wa-la! Handmade hanger! (The frame itself is plastic so this lace will do the job, if your frame is heavier, maybe consider another option?)

Pin and hang jewelry!!

I hope you’re inspired to {create}.

Most importantly I hope you’re inspired to keep hoping “despite_______”.


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