Thrifted Treasures {7}

I really love sharing my thrifted treasures to share the exciting finds but also in hope to inspire you to thrift! This bunch of treasures is actually a combination of garage sale and thrift store and craigslist finds!

I am a sucker for wicker baskets (and spray painting them to match). Large one: $2 Medium one: $.25 Both found at garage sales.

I got all of this for a whopping $1 from a garage sale. I love garage sales like that!

In this lovely stash of all of our things is a new end table (which I’m redoing!) and a kitchen island cart! I got both for $5 each!

Teal and coral pink blankets. I honestly can’t remember the price of the small teal one but the large coral one (for our living room) was $4 from a thrift store.

Let me just say, garage sales are the BEST places to buy frames. They are SO cheap (usually) and much cheaper than most thrift stores! I got the chalkboard for $.50 and the frame came with the bunch of stuff I got for a buck (a few photos above) and the smallest frame for $.25.

I’m also a sucker for doilies :) I have a plan to do something like this with them.

I won’t even need to paint this pretty little tea light lantern ($1 thrift store)! It’s teal!

Matching sugar and cream set for $3.50 at a thrift store. Red and black to go with our kitchen colours! I love the patterns!

Deep coral, teal and black rug thrifted for $1.50! I was very very very happy to find this!

I got this for $1 at a garage sale! I already began step 1 of my plan for this and it’s looking awesome already!

More jars to add to my slowly growing collection to do something like this for food/craft storage!

Below is one of my favourite finds of this last week;

This beautiful antique cabinet for a stunning $20! My heart sunk when we arrived at a garage sale just a few steps behind a lady who decided to get all of their beautiful and amazingly priced antique items! I almost felt like crying (which might sound ridiculous but I have been SEARCHING my little heart out for something so perfect for in one area of our kitchen!) I told the lady at the garage sale that if the woman didn’t end up buying it, she could call me because I really wanted it. Just seconds later the woman decided against getting it and I bought it! I was so excited. When I showed Ted, he too loved it! I might leave this as is, except for the door knob.

This was seriously such a steal. I got this little skateboard half off for $2 at a thrift store. I had just seen this idea on pinterest and knew I wanted to do this in Chase’s space!

Another HUGE steal; step 2 fire truck for $15 off a craigslist add. This was another one where my heart sunk because I knew Chase would LOVE this (and he is in need of outdoor toys for his new yard!) and I called but the lady had just had a lady decide to come get it. The lady never showed so she called me to tell me it was still available! I was thrilled and Chase was especially thrilled although he did NOT want me to leave it outside. We did but it was kinda a struggle :)

So what does Chase do when I’m taking pictures of my thrifted treasures? He helps of course! ;) It sometimes drives me crazy, not gonna lie but today we realized…. He was setting up a display and waiting for me to take a picture and then he’d put it “away”! So above is his display of the thrifted treasures!

Once mommy needed her table back, he sorted his dinosaurs on his own table nearby :)

Okay well I know without a doubt I’m missing a lot to share, but it’s in a pile in my grandparent’s garage because….we’re moving next Saturday to our “new little home” aka a duplex! EXCITING! From now on it will be so exciting to show you WHAT I am doing with these thrifted treasures!

5 thoughts on “Thrifted Treasures {7}

  1. Petra says:

    i can’t wait to start garage saling again! I had hope to go this weekend but the weather was icky. Are you going to use the kitchen cart in the kitchen or for your craft space? I’m going to start doing thrifted finds with you as soon as I find some :) I had so many last summer. What a great idea to post them on your blog!


  2. Lacey McKay says:

    I love your “Thrifted Treasures” posts! So fun! I recently switched from pricey Target shopping trips to weekly thrift store trips and I have so much fun finding things for next to nothing! Seriously, I can leave that store with a whole bag of stuff for less than three dollars! Then I get to use my creativity to turn the items into something beautiful! Thank you for sharing!


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