365 grateful {week 4 & 5}


For time with my dear friend, Chey. We went wedding dress shopping and found her dress on this day! I am so blessed to call this girl friend (more like my sister) and I am {beyond} ecstatic for her to be married this summer to an amazing man and also, friend of Ted :)


At the time I took this photo and was grateful that my boys were better. They had both caught a stomach bug. Unfortunetely Shailo’s lasted for over a week. Throwing up and then a fever (sometimes 103.2) for a week straight (which is apparently okay! Did you know this?! Crazy!) Broke my heart!

485897_10151254567471989_1962110312_nFor a few days with my beautiful, Aussie friend, Alanna. The last time I saw her I was overdue with Chase. She left just a week before he was born. It was so incredible to introduce her to our boys and to spend time with her!

196312_10151256784431989_2055762599_nFor precious time with our friends Alanna and Josh – visiting the zoo, but of course ;)


For a day of painting, crafting, laughter and Downton Abbey.


For this messy little one even when it’s really hard. Chocolate popsicle (hey, it’s homemade and healthy ;)) and an empty medicine bottle he dug out of the recycle. Momma of the year today during this week (jokes, seriously)
 For Ted helping me be strong when I feel helpless and weak. My heart was aching. One full week of my sweet shai being sick (viral crap & teething.) He was a little better but wanted to be held literally ALL day. And only by me. I am thankful for a husband who helped encourage me while we let him “cry it out”. My first time ever doing that as a momma. Totally not my thing but it was this or my sanity. My heart felt so torn as I listened to him cry. Bah…
62336_10151263579956989_802508135_nFor a skype sesh with our dear friends that moved away. Here is a photo of our boys playing snakes  “together” from afar. At one point they even said, “I love you.” on their own accord! So thankful for Skype and amazing friends.
For the ability to dream again. I am in the process of writing a blog about this. I haven’t really dreamt much since we’ve lost Eisley. In fact, I had thought I’d lost that ability. I was wrong. So very thankful for dreams and the ability to keep dreaming (of future plans, what we hope for our family, etc)…
For time with my Madre and for her help and calming spirit that was able to put my clingy, sick son to sleep. Oh so thankful.
Ted pulled out our juicer and juiced for the first time (for him.) I couldn’t be more thankful and excited that Ted’s now on board with me in learning what it means to be healthy! (I’ve been praying for this, shhh ;))

For beautiful weather, fresh air …46694_10151269556736989_1817490193_n…and tons of chalk dust and laughter. :)


For the opportunity to attend To Write Love On Her Arms (TWOLHA) Heavy & Light Tour. Truly an amazing ministry that in the past, spoke to me and my sisters hearts. I absolutely loved this night with my baby sis Abie and Ted. Moved to tears multiple times.


For this boy and his fun imagination. He’s truly a {joy}! He and Shailo were my little Super Bowl Sunday crew. We had our own little fun “party” which ended with me muting the game and browsing through our Thailand photos, researching the cost of living in Thailand and sharing our stories and dreams with Chase! 5 years ago we watched the Super Bowl while in Thailand! I ache for Thailand lately… oh so much!

What’s something you’re grateful today?


(01:: I am so sorry for the delayed blog of almost a month!)

Here is my attempt to fill you in on the latest in the Davis life.

Along with each new season & quarter change comes a change in our lifestyle as well. We’ve learned quickly to be flexible and now we anticipate this change with open hearts & minds!

02:: t h a i l a n d
As many of you know, we recently returned from our second outreach to Thailand. This past trip was incredibly redemptive as well as challenging. It truly grew Ted and I into the leaders God is calling us to be. Obviously there is always room for growth and I am by no means saying we’ve got this all together. I believe with each different situation, team or person, new challenges arise causing us to trust God further and either deepen our leadership or we learn a valuble lesson from trusting our own strength falling and getting back up. That was last season; our wonderful summer abroad.

03:: b a s e
Our fall season is completely different and full of new changes and challenges. Neither of us are working a school, but instead serving the base. Let me take a moment to say, this is actually ten times more challenging (for us) than leading a team of rambuncious indepedent youth to a foriegn country. We are missionaries technically, but sometimes when serving the base through little things which may seem meaningless can be difficult. God’s really changed our perspective and shown Ted and I both what it means to serve where He has called us… and to do so whole heartedly. God really shook up our “plans” of leaving staff and traveling with a buddy, to staying on staff and joining the Timothy Team here until March of 2010. This was a huge and difficult descision which ultimetly led to God telling us clearly we need to serve here until then. And all the while, grow in our leadership and live our life as abundantely as Christ’s gives.

04:: D a i l y
This quarter Ted is the maintenance director. He is really enjoying leading and changing the department for the better, and really putting God in the center of everything instead of just making it mundane every day jobs. I’ve am super proud of him. God is really doing a lot in him in leadership. It’s been amazing to watch this process! Pray for grace, energy, strength, & a more detailed perspective for him as he serves there.
As for me, I am working as kitchen assistant which uses the tiniest part of my brain and the web department with uses every bit of my brain and energy. The kitchen job is super chill and I spend most of my time in the web department, working along side with two others to help create a new website for the base. I love the graphics and creative side to this job a ton! It’s the coding side which is very challenging. I spent 2 1/2 hours one afternoon working on a project, proudly hitting enter and immediately realizing everything was wrong. I will never again make that mistake and for that I am thankful, but it was dissapointing. Pray for my mind & that I’ll press in with my everything!

Thank you lovely friends for reading my ridiculously long winded blog!
x Jami

The first thing that popped into my mind when naming this blog was Chopsticks.
Chopsticks is a name for my randomosity in every aspect of my life. I have a chopsticks playlist, a chopsticks memoury box, a chopsticks email folder, a chopsticks picture folder, a chopsticks mix cd … don’t really know how this came about but it did and it sticks.

Hence the name of this blog.


Day Market. Dried fish & humidity equals beautiful smells.
Thai tea. (love!)
Red Light District.
Intricate temples.

Tuk Tuk from here to there.

Never say “maybe later” because they come back later.

Finding joy in simple things.
Delicious “mystery meats”
Babies who do not wear diapers.
A monk drinking pepsi.

An End with a Beginning.

Oh golly, where to begin?

Well, to start, we are back in Denver. We arrived here on Friday around 2:30 am. Exhausted and dreaming of a bed!
I would have to say our last week of outreach, in Vegas, proved to be the longest and hardest stretch. After experiencing a culture with the limited “comforts” that we normally have, and arriving in a city where there is everything imaginable. 12, 000 kinds of candy, clothing, shoes, ice cream flavors, etc… it was a slight temptation for most of the team. A temptation to check out and head right back into the comforts and not into the flow of what God wanted to do in Vegas.
Our week began with many a jet lag-ged folk, getting only a few hours of sleep each evening, and finding ourselves completely exhausted by the afternoon, ready for bed. We worked hard to get everyone up and ready to work at the Pier, cleaning and moving things in.
It took a lot longer on each project than anticipated. But the end result was good! The base really felt blessed by the team, and they blessed us in return with their encouragement and prayers for us.
Our team had a huge struggle in unity in Vegas. There were two visions that were given to our team, visions of destruction and disunity. They were actually really frightening to Ted and I, making us wonder what is going on? What, if anything, would happen? It was a tiny bit upsetting.
Ted and I prayed and felt with the first vision we need to trust God and put it on the back burner. So then when the second vision came, this one specifically about all of the girls of the team, Ted and I knew there was something God wanted to do. Something that God wanted teach us as a team.
Within a day of the 2nd vision Ted and I saw exactly what God was trying to show us all along. Little ways which the team, mostly the girls had compromised while on outreach. In their talking, in their relationships, and in their times with God. Not that there is condemnation, not at all!
He was just trying to show them areas in which they needed to grow. And as a whole, areas in which the team needs to grow and be humble in. We had 2 days of complete disunity. Ted and I felt terrible, like nothing would be resolved among the team. We felt weary and afraid.
God really spoke to us about speaking with the team and about loving each other. Don’t get me wrong, our team unity for most of the outreach was really amazing but God saw deeper and wanted to deal with the few things.
One night Ted just poured his heart to the team, speaking of what God had shared with us about the team. A challenge to love as Christ in EVERY circumstance, not just in the moments when we feel like doing so. It is a struggle to do so, but you can!
The next day we decided to get the team together for a time of talking, apologizing (if needed), being humble, tears maybe, and ultimately  restoration. Ted and I felt like we should lead however God wants to lead, whatever God wanted to do, He would do it.
And He did.
He brought complete restoration and encouragement to the hearts of the team. I call this blog An End with a Beginning because I really felt like our last week was just that for the students and for Ted and I!
Thank You for your prayers while we were gone. Honestly we could really feel them and we knew that people were standing behind us, lifting us up each day!
we love you
Jami Joann

Another Delayed Update!

I’m sorry that we did not update for our week 5 of outreach!

We spent our last week in Thailand in Bangkok, and two days on an island called Kho Samet. Here we spent our debriefing and relaxing after 4 weeks of outreach. It was relaxing, but the morning saying goodbye to Thailand was a sad one for most.
We did arrive back in the states on July 31st. It was a relief to land in LA after 18 hours of flying! Many of the team spent our time traveling with upset stomachs, not to mention a baby who cried for most of the flight, and a man who snored so loud his seat shook each time! Needless to say, we were thrilled to finally land!
We then drove to the LA base, grabbed our van and took off for Vegas. Ted begged the team not to sleep during the drive so we would be able to sleep the night through and fight off our jet lag. Within the first 20 minutes Ted looked back to find all but one student sleeping (including me!) His attempt to wake us all up failed and most only woke for bathroom stops along the way…and surprisingly we are still fighting Jet lag :)
Saturday we began a day of work with YWAM Las Vegas at their newest location called The Pier. The base here has a heart and vision to reach out to the people in need in Vegas, so with God’s help they were able to purchase a massive old drug rehabilitation building located in West Las Vegas (aka the Ghetto). The building had been vacant for 2 years before they purchased it about 9 months ago, and during the vacancy many homeless used the facility as their home: sleeping, eating, stealing copper pipes, and all of the outdoor air conditioners. It has been a struggle for the base since purchasing it, to keep everything safe and hidden!
The guys are actually sleeping in that location. So please pray for their safety. A few weeks before someone has broken into the pier and stolen all of the staff members clothing, wallet, and guitar all while he was sleeping in the room. Another staff member decided to tell me all of the statistics of what goes on there, and I walked away ecstatic about where we decided to house our guys…and my husband! (note: sarcasm)
During our days here, we will be working at the Pier. Our team began a deep clean yesterday and it should take another 3 or 4 days to completely finish cleaning, and moving everything in. Our evenings will be downtown Vegas doing street evangelism and prayer on “the strip”. Please pray for energy and passion for the team! Everyone wants to finish this outreach strong, but the jet lag is really kicking us hard right now.
We do have one very serious prayer request about a student. While we were on the island swimming, most of the students were fine with the amount of sun we got, but one student (Garrett) got a very bad burn. In face we took him to the emergency room yesterday because we have never seen anything like this before. Even the pre-med student (Josiah) on our team, said you only see “that sort of thing” in a medical book. The doctor says he has a second degree burn, an infection in the burn, and sun poisoning! Today we are taking him to a burn clinic to get it taken care of. He is in a lot of pain, but his attitude is still bright. Please pray for healing!
Other than the burn and our jet lag our team is doing great!
We leave for Denver August 7th!
Love you!

Sisaket (a very delayed blog)


We are currently in the village of Sisaket working with ‘We love Isaan’. Each weekday morning we spend teaching english and playing games at the village school. Our afternoons are spent working on what is called a reading room which will be used as a means of teaching english to the children in the village. We’ve already begun work on games on extending the buidling here and renovating the current one to fit their future needs.
We’ve spent this week mixing concrete and laying cement for a kitchen, bathrooms, and sidewalk, a lot of painting indoors and out, building a roof, walls, deoing all of the plumbing, tiling, etc…and al thai style which takes a BIT longer than we do in the USA.
The team is pretty exhausted from the work, but mostly from the spiritual atmosphere here. As a whole, we’ve been struggling with sleep, with our times with God, and in relationship with the people we are staying with. We spent this morning (monday) reflecting on the past week and our team could really use your prayers. In selaphum, we were able to building relationship easily with the people around us despite the language, and here it has been a lot harder.
Casey (the man with the vision of We Love Isaan) and his family are the only christians in this village of 100 families. And you can feel the spiritual oppression surrounding this village. One ray of light in this village is the children, wide eyed and ready to learn about Christ. The children flock to their home each day with a longing to play with the fah- rangs (foriegners) and the impact that Casey’s family has had here is definetly evident among the children’s lives. Please pray that this continues and that the children will come to Christ and affect their families with His love in a deep, life changing way!
We leave this saturday, so until then we will finish working on the projects we started last week!
Prayer requests:
“Choosing it” daily
Against fear
Walking in victory in Christ
Love you guys!

Traveling Times.

Hey Family!

Here we are about to finish with Week 3 of outreach. How time flies! Today ( Friday) we finished working at a local thai school where we’ve spent the past four days teaching english to grades 1-6. The team really enjoyed the challenge, the games, and the children and all of them did very well! And most realized just because you can speak english doesn’t mean teaching english comes easy…it was a good challenge and they we’re quite amazing with the creative ways in which they taught.

Three evenings of this week we hosted an english camp for 35 compassion international children. Most of our time was spent playing games to enhance the little english some of the children knew. This was difficult at times, but for the most part, fun. The team was able to spend some quality time with the children, and truly making an impact in their lives for the better.

Tomorrow morning (Sat) we head out by bus for Sisaket, where we will be working with a new ministry called We Love Isaan. There we will begin with teaching english at a local Thai school, as well as a few projects and some activites and games with the children. Our afternoons will be filled with a lot of manual labor, which the team is looking forward to. Well, at least right now they are. Please pray that this enthusiasm lasts each day!

Thanks for taking the time praying for us! Oh, and last week i forgot to mention that some of the team is having difficulty sleeping at night! Please pray for deep sleep and good rest!

More prayer requests:
Energy, God’s grace, strength, flexibility, patience with each other, health, and travel.


The Beauty of Thailand.

Hello Friends and Family!

This week began with a 8 hour bus ride over night to Selapume. We arrived early morning at the home of our translator Teek. Her family has started many ministries to help the surrounding village area. It has been such a blessing to stay with a peaceful christian family, dedicated to serving and loving others. Not to mention the food which is amazing.

Week day mornings our team split into two groups; group one working with children at the hosts’ home (daycare-like) and group two going to a leper village and one morning of work on a farm. Working with children (ages 1-5) who speak only thai has been interesting, but most of the team has really enjoyed the time with them. The minsitry working with people with leporasy actually ended up being slightly different than we thought. The majority of the time spent in the village was just hanging out with the people and asking them questions. It was actually a lot of fun, and most of the people were very excited to see us and speak with us.

Our weekday afternoons were spent doing dramas, testimonies, games, and activities at three local Thai elementary schools. The team has has done wonderful time pressing in despite the heat, really putting their whole heart into the dramas, skits, and activities. After the dramas, skits, etc. most of the focus would be on getting our photo, or shaking our hands, and honestly treating us like celebrities. This part of our day has been somewhat of a struggle. Please pray that as we go out next week, the students would see the meaning behind why we are here, and most importantly be able to see Jesus through our lives.

Most evenings here have been spent teaching english to our host and the staff of their ministry. This has been somewhat challenging at times, but very fun once we begin making conversation and really getting to know each other. In our free time some of the young staff hang around to play games, guitar or to chat.

Next week we will be teaching english 6-8 hours a day, so please pray for us!! We will be leaving selapume saturday and heading farther north to Sisaket where we will work with a new ministry called we love isaan.

Thanks for your prayers!

Prayer requests:

Jami Joann