3 months.

We blinked and Shailo turns 4 months tomorrow. Cra-zy. I thought I’d better post his 3 month photos before it’s too late. If you wanna see photos of a cute, bald, chunky, drool-y baby boy near a ‘3’ …stay a minute. :)

Chomping on his fingers, playing with his toes.

I could just stop here because that pretty much sums it up but you know me, I’ve gotta show a few more.

Shai is already following in his big brother’s footsteps and teething early. Chase’s didn’t pop through until he was 6 months but I’m not too sure Shai’s might come sooner :( They are really bothering this little man, his gums are so red and swollen. We shall see.

This is a perfect example of how quick he is getting. This photoshoot is getting harder by the month ;)

Do you notice his clear skin? His head is no longer covered with eczema! I tried “everything” I could to get rid of it on my own, naturally but it wasn’t working. His head got so bad it was oozing puss. I finally took him to the pediatrician and they gave me medicine for his head (for 2x daily) and it cleared up within a day! So thankful! Even with his head oozing and itchy, he still was super happy. People would ask me if it bothered him and I’d feel so bad because it looked awful but the truth is he’d try scratching it but never cried about it. Either way, I’m just thankful it’s gone.

The photos below are some I shot while Chase was stealing the ‘3’ from Shailo. It was really cute and funny and ended with Shailo grabbing Chase’s arm and lots of laughter from Chasey-boy.

Oh my heart. My beautiful handsome boys. ;)

Blue eyed Shai. When people are around him they usually can’t help but smile. He’ll stare for a second and then give a huge smile and most of the time, a little giggle. He’s truly so so joyful. I didn’t think it was possible to have a baby more chill than Chase but he is. I do hold him a lot because that’s just me, so maybe that’s it. I don’t know but I love it and I am so thankful!

Chase wanted a turn too. He remembered we had a 2 and asked me for it and then posed like this all on his own.

Sillies wearing their “hats”.

Shai, you’re getting too big too fast. Slow down, little man.

happy valentine’s day!

while pregnant with Shailo i found this little “chicks dig me” flinstone shirt that my aunt bought while for Chase in 2010. i just couldn’t help it and of course {had} to do another paper hearts photoshoot. looking at the two of them side to side (chase: 7 months here and Shailo 3 months) we are stunned at how much they really do look alike!

and maybe even more stunned by how fast timing is flying by. just whoa.

here’s some shots from our little paper hearts photoshoot with the boys;

(one of my new faves of these two!)

Ted did take some of his own shots of Shailo while I was but I only uploaded my shots. He may post a few of his shots on his photo blog if you want to pop by.

{Happy Valentine’s Day}



… of Chase’s oh so fun weekend.

Second “dumping” of the season. One day he will enjoy this!

Bundeling up.

Going to the mall. (yes, I’m one of “those” moms I’m afraid)

Receiving his first Christmas present ever.
A jumperoo.

So excited! from Jami Davis on Vimeo.

Rolling over and over and over til he was tired. SO cute!
Playin’ at the Murphy’s house!
Chillin’ with buddy Ivan.
Grabbing at mommy’s icecream bowl.
Representing for our (my side) family’s fav team.

Of course there are a few pictures missing here from his weekend.
What you do not see are photos of our sleepless friday and saturday night.
Teething kicks our buts at night time.
We’re hoping for a good night tonight!

Flannel Friday.

Because everyone at the YWAM is doing it, Chase joined in too.
Not really, I just found this top too irresistible.
Flannel Friday!
Side note: Crazy how much editing takes away from the real photo sometimes. The photos above actually turned out really dark and I had to edit them to make them light.
However, this photo turned out great!

He loves to stand.

Happy flannel friday!
Wait til you see our Christmas photo! Hehe.

Happy Anniversary Baby Blog!

One year ago today I started our baby blog; writing through the morning sickness, the stretching skin, the emotions and excitement as we embarked on the journey to becoming parents!

One year ago today I had my first post; We’re pregnant!

Let’s reminisce!
weeks 6, 10, 13, 15
weeks 15, 16, 18, 20
weeks 22, 23, 24, 25
weeks 26, 29, 31, 35
weeks 38, 39, 40, 42
A total of 48lbs gained, going from a 26″ to a 43″ belly at 9 days overdue, a 42 hour labor resulting in a c-section, I can honestly say it was well worth it!!
More than words can say, I mean look at him. ;)

Here we are, 190 posts, 42(+) week by week pregnancy pics and 1 beautiful baby boy, later!
One year, wow. I truly can’t believe how much has happened in the past year.

We are so thankful for the past year and especially our lil Chase Journey.
Stay tuned in the next years, as my belly is sure to grow again with many more lil Jami or Ted Davis’!
(Yeah, that’s write birth story, I’m still stickin’ to having more babies!)

Even Though We’re Ninjas…

Today, teething kicked our butt.
(and last night and the night before)
Chase’s teething comes with gnawing, chewing, extra cuddling, crying
and screaming and

Wanting to be in mommy’s arms
(sorry dad!)

Rosy red cheeks from the slight fever.

These lil guys are lifesavers…
Snuggly teething elephant.

He loves the cold teething toys the best.

That’s right babe, we’re hoping for peace.
And soon, for his sake.
Poor buddy!
If you are a new mom, pregnant or may become pregnant, don’t worry because I’ve read/heard that not every baby reacts to teething the way Chase does! There is hope! (Haha, this sounds like a commercial.)

3 Month Photoshoot.

These are 2, almost 3 weeks late in coming, not that anyone but me will notice. Haha :)

Chillin’ with his buddy Scoundrel.

The bumbo has helped him sit up better, but he still needs help to sit up on his own.

“Look mommy, I’m a big boy!”

Love this one. His eyes are still blue/grey but I see hazel sometimes.
I’m curious what colour they will end up being!

He definitely doesn’t get his length from me.
Two things he enjoys; chewing and grabbing.
These lil guys are his new fav. Teething toys.

:) all boy, that’s for sure.

Mision accomplished; sicker destroyed.

Yesterday was quite the day.

First, I took Chase to the doctor (finally) to ask about the inflamed patch on the back of his head and on his legs. Sure enough, it’s eczema, which is hereditary (I have it). They gave him lotion, so hopefully that will work.

Within the next week we are taking him in to get his blood drawn so we can narrow down what he might be allergic to. My eczema is triggered by allergies in peanuts and dairy, although it’s nothing life threatening like some people I know. Hopefully his isn’t too bad of an allergy as well!

This wasn’t his well-baby checkup, that is scheduled for November 18th. However, they did weigh and measure him, just because I guess. He now weighs 15 lbs 11 oz and is 28 3/4 in long!! He has definitely slowed down in the weight but shot up in length. He now looks long and thin, although he still has his cute rolls! The length part he does not get from me!

Second, wednesday evening I started feeling awful. And by his appointment yesterdayI felt so sick, then I could barely make it to the car. I called Ted and we immediately went to see my doctor. I would usually wait it out, but with a baby and the flu going around, I just couldn’t risk it. We arrived, and I could barely walk. I went inside, almost made it to the bathroom before telling a lady in the hall “Ma’am, I’m going to pass out”… she laid me down in time, thankfully! Anyways, I had food poisoning. I was just happy to hear it wasn’t the flu!

Poor Ted had to take care of us yesterday. I think it was really hard on him, doing almost everything by himself (expect the feedin). At this point, Chase really needs me more than daddy, so it was hard for everyone. Chase wanted mommy, mommy wanted to sleep and daddy had to learn how to manage everything at once. It was interesting because Chase was extremely frustrated and fussy yesterday. It made me realize how much he loves and needs being held by me!  Whenever I did get the energy to cuddle him, he would be just fine and snuggle close. I actually loved that part of the awful day yesterday.


– does “crazy toes” like momma (Let’s just say my toes have a mind of their own, ha ha)

– giggles when we sing “if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands”

– enjoys watching mommy and daddy’s facial expressions
– is a silly sleeper.

– has many of his own cute facial expressions to tell us what he wants or likes (oooor dislikes)

– raises his eyebrows up and down when excited or staring at something intensely
– smirks

– when sitting in his carseat or lying on a blankie, will make a cute, sweet face, turn his head and “hid” it in the blankie or the seat straps or mommy with a lil grin like “I’m cute and I know it”

– is trying his best to be a thumbsucker. We are about to give in and let him win that “battle”…

– loves his turtle mirror, his musical mr. cow and his mr. moose
– has a love-hate relationship with mr. cow and will talk to, coo at, scream at or chew on him. ;)

– is intrigued by us eating and sometimes he even opens his mouth like “I want some too!”
– rolls over from back to tummy
– doesn’t like rolling over from tummy to back. In fact, he’s only done so a handful of times!
– loves his play mat (well, while on his back)
– while sleeping, prefers that only his soft blankie touch his face and nothing else
– sleeps by himself until around 4 am, eats then sleeps in bed with mommy and daddy until about 7 am.
– LOVES the morning. Wakes up bright eyed and excited. It’s like he thinks “it’s been hours since we hung out and played” or something. We love it.
– spends most mornings chillin’ with daddy.
– is a sudden screamer. The shrill, high pitched kind and most times just because!
– tries to copy sounds or noises mommy and daddy make. Here is one example;

Like Father, Like Son from Jami Davis on Vimeo.

– when first placed in his bumbo, his face shows how much he loves the independence, his facial expression says “mom look at me, I’m a big boy!”

– cuddles into mommy’s (sometimes daddy’s) neck and falls asleep

– loves rocking chairs/gliders
– prefers your arms or a sling over a stroller
– usually gets scared watching baby Einstein!
– loves his feet.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… a giraffe?

First, one year ago TODAY we found out we were prego with Chase! Whoa, what an incredible memory!!!
Second, Chase was supposed to be a bumble bee and Ted, a flower. You think I am kidding, I am not. Ted is a crazy man, if you haven’t already seen that in the videos :)  but the bumble bee didn’t end up fitting him (thank goodness!!). Thankfully we’d been given 2 costumes! Chase was a cow…or was it a horse or giraffe… We decided the mane looked more giraffe-like, whatever it was he was cute!

Snuggly lil giraffe.

Costume party for some of the kids at the YWAM Denver base.

Chase met Hannah Montana! :)

Seriously LOVE when he does these lips!

And, last night, he was the life of the party at Chipotle! If you wore tinfoil you got a free burrito! Of course it was packed, but it was fun hanging out with friends

Lil pumpkin bum!

Wonder what he’ll be next year?

Just kidding … for now.