3 Month Photoshoot.

These are 2, almost 3 weeks late in coming, not that anyone but me will notice. Haha :)

Chillin’ with his buddy Scoundrel.

The bumbo has helped him sit up better, but he still needs help to sit up on his own.

“Look mommy, I’m a big boy!”

Love this one. His eyes are still blue/grey but I see hazel sometimes.
I’m curious what colour they will end up being!

He definitely doesn’t get his length from me.
Two things he enjoys; chewing and grabbing.
These lil guys are his new fav. Teething toys.

:) all boy, that’s for sure.

Mision accomplished; sicker destroyed.

Yesterday was quite the day.

First, I took Chase to the doctor (finally) to ask about the inflamed patch on the back of his head and on his legs. Sure enough, it’s eczema, which is hereditary (I have it). They gave him lotion, so hopefully that will work.

Within the next week we are taking him in to get his blood drawn so we can narrow down what he might be allergic to. My eczema is triggered by allergies in peanuts and dairy, although it’s nothing life threatening like some people I know. Hopefully his isn’t too bad of an allergy as well!

This wasn’t his well-baby checkup, that is scheduled for November 18th. However, they did weigh and measure him, just because I guess. He now weighs 15 lbs 11 oz and is 28 3/4 in long!! He has definitely slowed down in the weight but shot up in length. He now looks long and thin, although he still has his cute rolls! The length part he does not get from me!

Second, wednesday evening I started feeling awful. And by his appointment yesterdayI felt so sick, then I could barely make it to the car. I called Ted and we immediately went to see my doctor. I would usually wait it out, but with a baby and the flu going around, I just couldn’t risk it. We arrived, and I could barely walk. I went inside, almost made it to the bathroom before telling a lady in the hall “Ma’am, I’m going to pass out”… she laid me down in time, thankfully! Anyways, I had food poisoning. I was just happy to hear it wasn’t the flu!

Poor Ted had to take care of us yesterday. I think it was really hard on him, doing almost everything by himself (expect the feedin). At this point, Chase really needs me more than daddy, so it was hard for everyone. Chase wanted mommy, mommy wanted to sleep and daddy had to learn how to manage everything at once. It was interesting because Chase was extremely frustrated and fussy yesterday. It made me realize how much he loves and needs being held by me!  Whenever I did get the energy to cuddle him, he would be just fine and snuggle close. I actually loved that part of the awful day yesterday.

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