5 months.

I’m so behind in catching up that Shai is now already {7 months} old and I’m just playing catchup on here about this beautiful boy that’s stolen a part of my heart.

At 5 months he really began to move. This child has loved tummy-time from the beginning. Weird, right? Chaseyboy hated it which probably explains why Chase didn’t really crawl until around 8 months and then he instead decided walking was better. Shailo is way different in this way, and really in many ways.

He. is. really. this. happy.

by 5 months, doing a photoshoot – on a couch- with a little wiggler baby was a little interesting. and each month it gets more and more interesting and {A LOT} shorter and with fewer photos. haha :)

Now for the everyday moments captured by my phone…

In his 5th month: we were settling in our new home. he made a little friend in the little girl I watch (she’s 3 weeks older and he absolutely loves her). his teeth buds began to show. he began really sitting up by himself with the help of a boppy to save his falls (this was much later than Chase but Chase also didn’t like his tummy like Shai does – love that even that is different about them :)), he took the longest nap (for him, he’s my catnapper baby) to date – 2.5 hours!

 he. absolutely.adores. his daddy and his brother. he began doing what we’re calling “push-ups”, he made a little friend in the little girl I watch (she’s 3 weeks older and he absolutely loves her).

he moved into a pack n’ play (beside our bed. working on some fear-based things but this is something i still need. to have him close. i have a goal to try and move him to a different room with Chase at the end of summer. huge huge thing, for me, not them….)

his eyes are still bright blue (Chaseyboy’s had turned by now), he started really scootin’, started sticking his tongue out – so cute, he started doing this little giggle where he’d force it and squint and close his eyes as he did – adorable!

he attended his first art show ;) and in his 5th month, he was still as happy as ever.

I could cry at how fast time is flying by. It seems like it’s at full speed currently. He (and my Chaseyboy) are getting so big so fast. I mean, Chase will be 3 in just one month! Just wow.

Future Rockstar Photoshoot (just for fun)

Here are some photos of the little guy sitting up like a “big boy”.
We bought this outfit as one of our boy outfits before Chase arrived.
We were given the “future rockstar” shoes and it matched perfectly!
LOVE it!
{love this smile}
Super adorable.
Literally a few seconds later… HAHA.
Can’t you just picture a fauxhawk here? Whenever his hair decides to get thicker!
“Can we please be done already?”
I’m sorry I haven’t posted a lot in the past month, it really makes me sad. I feel like I’ve forgotten to share important and fun facts about Chase with all of you! I have a ton of pictures you have yet to see, but I think since I’m so behind you’ll just have to check out my shutterfly or my flickr which I will try to remember to keep updating. One thing I desire for 2010 is to blog frequently (I feel like I’ve slowed down a bit) and to keep documenting Chase’s life and sharing it with you. I am so excited as I already see his little personality shining through and look forward to this next year. Wonder what it holds!
His 5 month photos are coming soon because, it’s hard to believe, but he is almost 6 months!

A Week of Firsts.

Last week was full of ‘first‘ for Chase! His first Christmas, the first time he scooted all over the room, the first time he flung himself from the car seat to the ground (scared me terribly), the first time he officially, without-a-doubt raised his arms to be picked up (so precious!), the first time he attempted to eat wrapping paper, the first time he toppled the tree on top of him (and me) and the reason I am writing this blog… the first time he ate baby food.

The cereal was as bland as could be, so not to shock him and yet it still did! He’s used to the sweetness of breastmilk!
Doesn’t know what to think about this.
“That was disgusting!”
We’ve decided to wait on feeding him throughout the day and to just feed him once every day or every other day, until he is used to it- plus I jumped ahead a little bit out of excitement, he’s not even 6 months yet. Poor buddy. I can’t wait to introduce him to veggies and later, fruits and meats but for now this is what’s I feel is best for him. I can’t wait to see his face after eating one of those, he may even like it!
I am looking forward to him sleeping more because he has a fuller belly than normal! He digest breastmilk so fast sometimes, that he’s back for more and more and more throughout the night! On the days we’ve fed him rice cereal, he’s slept so much better at night. Last night he slept the longest I can remember. 9:30 pm to 7:30 am! That I am looking forward to!

Chase eats his first meal from Jami Davis on Vimeo.

Still Merry!

Chase loves the tree so much (okay, me too), we’ve decided to keep it up for another few weeks or a month! Here are more pics to enjoy.
Now that we let him sit up on his own, he doesn’t like the bumbo so much and I don’t like that he wants to be independent at 5 months :)
This is the ornament he yanked off the tree, causing it to fall right over.
“But mommy… that ornament was yummy!”

Chase’s First Christmas.

Here are some photos of Chase’s first Christmas. I personally love Christmas time but this year was my fave to date and Ted would say the same. It’s amazing how much a little one of your own can brighten everything, even your favourite holiday! It was fun to spend this year deciding what traditions we want to accommodate as a little family. Ted and I are {truly thankful} for our son. It’s amazing how much a little being can make your heart soar with so much pride and joy!
Christmas Eve at the Great Grandparent’s house. Love his face when curious.
And of course loved the paper when in his mouth.
Happy lil man. See the white gums but no teeth yet and I am personally kind of grateful for that :)
Book… for eating ;)
Of course we couldn’t go throughout the day without chewing on the toesies.
I am hoping he holds off on crawling for another few months, for selfish reasons. I think he is growing too fast and the crawling stage is a hard one for me! It’s TOO fast.
He has other plans, I believe.
Happy First Christmas my little love.
{You are such a blessing}
The years to come will probably be even more fun, as Chase is able to do things. Like help mommy make gifts, make and decorate sugar cookies and a ginger bread house, decorate the tree, actually understand the Christmas books I read him, sing happy birthday to Jesus and watch and enjoy the old version of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, etc. I can’t wait!

"Those" kind of parents.

You know, the kind that video ridiculous things and post it for the world to see. Yep, that’s us! I used to laugh as how ridiculous other moms/dads were and now… we do the same thing! :)

Chase is constantly reaching and grabbing everything I have and last night, it was my water. He did this all by himself. Enjoy the video of our son… and ignore the part where I kind of freak out. :)

Chase and his first drink of water from Jami Davis on Vimeo.

WheneverOur Christmas present from Grandma Anisa (Ted’s mom), a canon video camera!! Totally beats the mac photobooth videoing i’ve been doing. More videos to come!!

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree…

How lovely are your faux needles ;)
Thursday evening last week, Chase had his first time around a Christmas tree. Well, he’s seen them, but this time he got time to admire it up close. Apparently a little too close. I let him lie on the floor next to my parents beautiful and real 7 1/2′ tall tree. It was magnificent and Chase thought so too. He was mesmerized by the lights and ornaments. He would reach up and would sometimes put a small branch in his mouth.

24 hours later, while shopping, my sister Chelsea tells me there is something in his eye. So I lean over and see a little something in the corner of his eye. We look closer and realize it’s green. Chelsea gently looked on his eye and said, “There’s a pine needle in his eye!”

First, how did this happen without me knowing. I mean, he didn’t even cry. In fact, he slept amazingly that night! Second, I was terrified to try and get it out myself and even seriously considered taking him to the emergency room. But then my dad came to the rescue. With the help of Chelsea and a warm q tip, he was able to remove it, no problem. Not even a screaming baby, for he was all smiles!

We almost decided against getting a tree this year. For one, we couldn’t really afford one, plus after the scare with the pine needle (it really did bother me, I mean, it’s his eye… and, yes, I still “suffer” from new mom syndrome) I didn’t want to get a real tree.  Today we finally decided YES and found “the one” for this year. We decided to try thrift stores first before heading anywhere else. At our 2nd thrift store, where all Christmas items were 1/2 off we found the “one”. It was a 3′ pre-lite tree for $3! AMAZING!

(We are decorating it tomorrrow, but for now here is a pic!

Now Chase will have his first Christmas with a tree! We also found the most vintage stockings and ornaments too, which I forgot to take photos of… I will soon! :) The total cost for a tree, 4 stockings, red velvet ribbon and 1 large bag of vintage ornaments: $9.50! We will have a decorative Christmas after all!

I’ve almost gone a week since blogging, again and here is my excuse.
Last minute touches to Christmas gifts!
I am so, so bummed that I haven’t taken the time to update lately. I have such a passion for blogging and a huge part of really good blogging is doing so a few times a week! I have so much on my mind, to blog about, but for now, this will have to do. If I’m not back until after Christmas…
Have a blessed holiday filled with joy, lots of laughter and cheesy Christmas sweaters!
{Merry Christmas!}

Mommy’s Tea & Other Icky Things.

My personal fave.
Chase is so fascinated with us eating or drinking. He is constantly grabbing at our plates or in this case, our beverages. This time he reached out and brought it to his mouth. This was pretty surprising to me. I mean, how does he know how to do that? He’s only had a bottle 3 maybe 4 times in his life!
Daddy and Uncle Darren thought it would be funny to let him just taste a salt and vinegar chip… and I can’t believe I let them. Poor buddy! Even I don’t like those chips!
I agree Chase, nasty!
We are/were waiting until Chase was 6 months to begin feeding him.
Our doctor says to start around 4 months “to teach them to eat” but I don’t think it’s necessary. Especially in our case, because his weight is great and I still have plenty of milk at this point.
With all of that said… I really, really can’t wait to feed him for the first time. We are definitly going to document that, so don’t you worry! This is kind of lame, but there is part of me that wants to let him eat over Christmas break so we could tell him he had his first real food on Christmas day! It would be 1/2 month early and with his interest in food, I don’t think it would be harmful in any way. Maybe a little unnecessary. Ted and I just can’t wait to see how he does. What he thinks! We shall see. Maybe you will see pics soon!

Hopefully his face won’t look like this! Like “what the heck daddy?!”

I’m sorry I didn’t post all week… SAD, I don’t like it when I can’t post updates/pictures. Even when our life is busy, I usually found time to update, but last week was INSANE. Not to mention a lot of restless/sleepless nights with my boy. But that’s for another blog. I shall play “catch up” over the next few days! :)