Chase’s First Christmas.

Here are some photos of Chase’s first Christmas. I personally love Christmas time but this year was my fave to date and Ted would say the same. It’s amazing how much a little one of your own can brighten everything, even your favourite holiday! It was fun to spend this year deciding what traditions we want to accommodate as a little family. Ted and I are {truly thankful} for our son. It’s amazing how much a little being can make your heart soar with so much pride and joy!
Christmas Eve at the Great Grandparent’s house. Love his face when curious.
And of course loved the paper when in his mouth.
Happy lil man. See the white gums but no teeth yet and I am personally kind of grateful for that :)
Book… for eating ;)
Of course we couldn’t go throughout the day without chewing on the toesies.
I am hoping he holds off on crawling for another few months, for selfish reasons. I think he is growing too fast and the crawling stage is a hard one for me! It’s TOO fast.
He has other plans, I believe.
Happy First Christmas my little love.
{You are such a blessing}
The years to come will probably be even more fun, as Chase is able to do things. Like help mommy make gifts, make and decorate sugar cookies and a ginger bread house, decorate the tree, actually understand the Christmas books I read him, sing happy birthday to Jesus and watch and enjoy the old version of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, etc. I can’t wait!

One thought on “Chase’s First Christmas.

  1. Anonymous says:

    aw! i love all the pictures, he is getting so big! is my boy :-( he'll be a year in 2 months!! they grow so fast! i hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!Happy New Year!love uDanielle


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