DIY fabric scraps to tassel decor.

DIY fabric scraps to tassel decor

This image of a ribbon backdrop I found on Pinterest sparked inspiration. You see, we live in the bottom level of a duplex (just for 2 more months, yay!) and the perimeter walls are {all} solid cement. Makes decorating interesting and room walls somewhat creepy. We recently rearranged out bedroom to fit our family’s needs currently. To maximize the most space for our small room, we ended up needing to put our head of the bed against one of the cement walls. Ugh. I didn’t like it at all.

(Side note: Please excuse the quality of the photos. Most were taken with a phone)
I decided I’d had enough and would do the best I could with what we already had to make something to somehow “pretty” up that wall until we move. (I do have a headboard idea – I bought a wooden privacy screen for $5 and plan to paint it but am not able to do that at the moment due to cold weather and no garage to paint it in) Okay, enough chattin’.

Supplies used:

scissors, twine, fabric

How to DIY:

1. Cut fabric into strips of whatever length and width you’d like.

2. Lay  fabric strips out in a pattern

3. One by one tie then onto the twine.

…and you’re done! It’s that easy!

 You can stop here. I did for a few weeks and then decided to add a bit more…

I decided to add words to our tassel “headboard”.

4. draw letters onto fabric

5. cut letters out

He is my little crafting buddy joined in, of course :) I decided to do ‘You + me’ for two reasons; one, it’s cute and fitting. two, it was the song we danced to for our first dance at our wedding.

6. spray with fabric stiffener (a step i did not do but totally recommend, ours letters are a bit flimsy)

7. pin them to the tassel decor – you could so this for a birthday party and pin a name or word(s) to it as well! All kinds of possibilities!

Call me crazy but this simple decor really does help our room feel more welcoming and cozy!

Let me know if you do this. I always love hearing of others who do the DIYs I post and enjoy seeing pictures of your work too. Thanks for stopping by!

{Happy Sunday} and for some {Happy SuperBowl Sunday} :)

{Inspiration Workshop ~ Holiday Decor}

Today is my first time linking up with a fave blogger of mine. Today’s ‘Inspiration Workshop’ prompt is ‘Holiday Decor’ :) I’m excited although there isn’t much to show around here this year, there are still a few Christmas-y things up! I honestly didn’t think that I’d find time/energy to do decor this year due to having a new baby, but I was wrong! I found little windows of time because it was important to me to create a Christmas-y feel for Chase and honestly, just to {create} – it helps me remember to be myself as well as a momma! Although it did take longer than it normally would have, it was fun and now adds a cozy touch to our little home.

Chase decorating our little white tree.

Our colours for this year (and quite possibly the next few years, it’s so cheery!); blue, teal, pink, purple and green.

 “E” for our Eisley-girl

One of those ‘You know you’re a momma to a boy when…’ moments. :) I was going to make a little felt tree skirt, but I see no need now. He’s has a new audience under the tree first thing every morning.

Chase’s great-grandmother “GGgma” gave him this little vintage nightlight.

Our advent calendar for this year. I really didn’t think I would do one this year but found this simple idea on pinterest to buy envelopes and hang them so. I made our envelopes from paper I already had. It took me {forever} to find the mini clothespins I had in my mess of a craftroom but I finally found them just two days ago! Yay :)

It’s kind of hard to tell in this photo but I numbered each envelope.

As I was deciding what we’d do each day leading up to Christmas morning, I had to plan it around our schedule too which was interesting to say the least. I also had to keep myself from going overboard with excitement and being too ambitious. Especially as I’m still in the mix of learning to maneuver with 2 kiddos at home or outside the house  (which is still a major YIKES to me!) ;) I kind of miss being a child again, anticipating the days fun event but not knowing what to expect. I love surprises, so maybe that’s why :)

For those curious or wanting ideas for next year (or this year, not too late to start!!), here are a few of the activities I chose for our advent this year (some we repeat weekly);

Decorate the tree as a family, Decorate the home, Make a Christmas playlist and sit under the tree lights, Make and decorate Christmas cookies, Make Christmas cards, Make gifts for grandparents, Put together cookie gift jars and decide who to take them to, Go out as a family and pick out this years Christmas book (we get a new one each year that the kids help pick out), Christmas family photoshoot, Have a nice Christmas-y family dinner, Open this years ornament from momma and daddy, Make a gingerbread house, Christmas movie night with hot cocoa, Read the Christmas story/Christmas-y books, do a Christmas craft, Take Christmas cookies to our neighbors, Open one gift (jammies from mommy) then bundle up and drive around to see Christmas lights (Christmas eve), After opening stocking gifts – put goals/wished for 2012 in stockings to read next year (for Ted and I this year – “read our goals we had this year, where we are now and then talk about next years goals/wishes/dreams” )… I think that’s it :)

A Pinterest inspired banner that I {love}! I stratigically placed it on my least favourite wall and it adds so much! (I want to hide our TV in an armoire but have yet to find one that I’d have to seriously re-purpose)

I hung pretty colourful jingle bells under the paper lanterns to add a cheery Christmas touch (50% off at Hobby Lobby for $3!)

I loved making the “Joy to the world” banner so much that I decided to make this one as well. Today I finally hung it :)

Chase keeps saying, “It’s so pretty!” :)  Yes, he can reach it but he knows it’s something he’s not to touch.

Well that is it for Christmas decor in the Davis’ Home this year! Hope you’ve enjoyed the little mini tour.

Merry Christmas!!



the boys’ room {part 3}

I’ve been doing a little series with photos of the progress on the boys’ room. If ya want, you can check out Part 1 here and Part 2 here. See what we started with :) Their room is really small and one of the main walls (with the window) is all cement (ick!) I was considering painting but since we’re renting and I’ve already painted on huge wall in our home (I needed colour in the living room for my sanity ;)) We decided against painting and instead have made the most with what we could. It’s turning out fun and bright! Chase is loving it! Especially the paper lanterns which he calls balloons :)

I added the boys’ names to the cement wall for colour. Boy S’s name isn’t being announced until Tuesday next week, so I couldn’t share a photo with his name. His name is painted in the aqua blue.

Not much change here with the changing table. A few baskets and the elephant my mom sewed for Chase when he was a baby.

The canvas you see was canvas I got on sale a year ago. I finally used all but two up! The paper lanterns I got on sale at (AMAZING prices!) The curtain was thrifted at the price of $2.50! It is super thick and retro-ish but matches pretty well. I still need to cute and sew the bottom so it fits the window better, but for now…

This was a seriously fun project. I used tape to make my own chevron style pattern. I also used my cricut and vinyl to create the words you see. The “puffy” words are from 2 packages of stickers I bought half off at Hobby Lobby!

The boys’ closet is tiny so we added 3 poles to hold clothes and also a over the door rack for their coats and hoodies and such. I’m in awe how much a tiny closet can hold :) When I shut the door, I can pop up this thrifted green chair which I sit on sometimes as Chase falls asleep in his bed.

I still have some work to do on this wall but here is what it looks like currently. I need to move the You are my Sunshine canvas up so I can add a frame with a copy of Boy S’s footprints and stats.

I still need to hang this IKEA bar and hooks below the frames and above the dresser to hold little buckets of things.

The little tricycle you see was a thrifted find that I painted to make it a bit more modern to fit the boys’ room style. At some point, I want to hang the kid skateboard up on the wall (which isn’t pictured because it’s blank and unfinished) above S’s bed. I have a plan to do that entire wall with shelves like the skateboard and photos from pregnancy, newborn and different stages in both boy’s life.

The boys’ room is really, really bright during almost all hours of the day. This curtain is pretty thick and it helps to keep the room looking softly lit for the boys’ naptimes.

I’m pretty excited that their room is {mostly} finished before S comes in just {6 days} now!! Thanks for popping in :)




DIY “LOVE” display.

Yeah, didn’t really know what to call this post, hehe. So we’re stickin’ with the bottom line, it’s love themed.

I did my display in our colours so I can use it as home decor as well as Valentine decor. Ready for the DIYs?!

I bought this frame for $.25 at a thrift store and spray painted it. I took a piece of scrap paper and hot glued the fabric flowers on and then hand stitched the little stems (look closely and you can see them). Click here for the fabric flower DIY.

I also bought this frame and a thrift store and spray painted it. I then used modge podge to keep the buttons on. Ted said I should have stitched each button on, which would have been awesome but seriously time consuming. ;) I used my Cricut for the “love” but you can use stickers or your own handwriting!

Now the letters.  I bought them for 50% off at Hobby lobby making these a whopping $.50 cents each!

I spray painted the O and E (well, my momma helped with that part actually!) and I modge podged the L and V and added the paper carefully and then super duper carefully used an Xacto knife to cut to match the letters.

You can also do this in your name or kid’s name, doesn’t just have to be L O V E. :)

So you might notice this wasn’t actually on my display. The display got too crowded but I still wanted to show you another idea. I bought this embroidery hoop at a thrift store and then spray painted it coral (see a pattern here, thrift and spray paint hahaha). I then used a disapearing ink pen to draw a heart on the lace. I doubled the string and then stitched on the heart and washed away the ink.

 I am actually not leaving it all up right here, I plan on hanging it all on a wall in our new home, but for now I am figuring out little places to put my decor.

This is another reason why I can’t leave it up;

Little curious hands :) He sure loves the buttons.

Hope you’re inspired to create!!

DIY “Love” Frame.

I saw this super cute houndstooth frame on U-Create. It was made with a stencil, but I have many sheets of the pink houndstooth paper below (it reminds me of my Eisley-girl so I grabbed a lot for her scrapbook!) and I already had the frame, so I decided to try and make one myself! I can use it as home decor as well as Valentine decor too :)

Ready for this DIY?

Supplies used:

heart frame – $1 Michaels

modge podge

sponge brush

2 diferent colours of paper

stickers or vinyl or creative handwriting, etc (i used my Cricut and black vinyl)

Modge podge wood lightly and carefully place paper down. (Don’t worry about cutting anything first)

Let it dry and flip it over. Use an xacto knife (totally recommend you buy one!) and cut out the middle carefully.

Use the middle cardboard piece that came with frame and modge podge paper to heart.

Xacto cut it out.

Make sure there are no bubbles in the paper!

This is the part where I cut the letters out with the Cricut with the help of Chasey-boy who LOVES the cricut. He’s in awe of it. He loves to help momma create …in his own way.

Side note: I was talking with a friend the other day and it sparked an idea in me. I decided that I might do a post with creative ways for the little ones create with you (before their old enough to craft)! People often ask me what Chase does when I’m creating and I might just do a little blog post about it and how he joins in and creative ways to involve him. Would that be helpful? or not? (haha) I just feel really passionate about being a momma and still being you, and finding ways to do that, especially now that I know how therapeutic it really can be on a heart or even during grief… maybe soon I’ll do that!

And wa-la! SO simple and cute. And if you don’t have a significant other do something else in the little heart!

Okay, a few more DIYs next.

DIY Paper Heart Garland {1}

I saw pretty paper heart garlands on sale on etsy and decided to give them a try myself. It love how they turned out and the fact that they don’t have to just be Valentine’s decor!

Below is how I made them;

Choose paper. I chose pretty paper from Hobby Lobby (this pink houndstooth one always reminds me of Eisley). You could use plain white paper or even newspaper! I made one with newspaper just to see, and it totally works! So you could just use what you have if you want.

Cut paper into stripes. You can choose the width :) I like the almost 1″ width.

For the layered effect you’ll need to cut the stripes different heights.

Starting from the left side first, lay each piece on top of the other until you reach the middle piece and then do the same starting from the right side.

Staple the pieces together carefully. I honestly think glue would work the best so maybe try that.

I would also maybe buy or use paper that is double-sided. This was my first attempt and I love it but it would be more time effective to have double-sided paper. Although I gotta say, I love how it turned out!!

Chase crushed one beyond fixin’ but oh well, he had fun “helping” momma create.

I also had this sweet girl (my bebe sister) helping me out and a little Mum & Sons playing in the background.

Punch a hole through the middle piece, string fishing line through and hang them!

and you’re done!

Hope you’re inspired to create them. Like I said, it doesn’t have to be a Valentine thing, mine is staying up for a while!

More DIYs coming tonight :)

Thrifted Treasures {4}

I’m pretty excited to share my thrifted finds with you this week! I always hope you’re inspired to go thrifting when you see these posts! And before you tell me there aren’t any good thrift stores near you, spend at least one hour in it, sifting through everything and if it’s still awful, then I have a few other ideas for ya. Write me :)

Friday we ventured up to Cheyenne, Wyoming (40 min drive) to have lunch with my Aunt Cynth and to hit up the thrift stores there. So most of these finds are from their thrift stores. Here are my finds, most of which are for home decor;

Remember this wall with the embroidery hoops? Well I’ve added to my collection of hoops in hope to someday have a wall similar to that. I love how some of them are oval too! Price: $.10-1.00

Yes, it’s true, I have a love for picture frames. Most of these will be painted and used for wall decor. Price: $.25-1.00

I have an even bigger love for the gaudy frames! These will be painted as well. price: $.25-2.00

I love these little vintage ceramics. These will be decor for our kid’s room, ‘The Sunshine Room’. Price: .50

Fabrics! Price: $.25-.100 Below are the up close photos of my favourite fabrics;

Remember this wall? I plan on putting these in one of the embroidery hoops I bought to create a similar look.

This will be made into some kind of decor in the kid’s room.

I absolutely love this piece! I was planning on using this as decor in embroidery hoops, but honestly, I don’t know if I can cut it up!

Ceramic that I will paint for the kid’s room. Price: .25

vintage avon pitcher and dish. So amazing because I had this picked out on the treasury list I made of inspiration from Etsy for our living room, ‘The Hope Room’. Price: $2

Vintage snoopy thermas for decor in the kid’s room. $.25

This was an Avon lotion bottle. I love the colours and well it goes with the plan I have the kid’s room! $.75

Chase’s favourite thrifted treasure was this little vintage horse my grandma found for $5. A steal!

This was a suuuuuper awesome find! We recently added plumb to our colour scheme in our kitchen and this pitcher was $.50 and this tea-pot was a $4.50!


All of this matches our living room decor {perfectly}. $.50 for the coral pieces, $.25 for all the rest! Almost a steal!

These were also on my Hope Room treasury. I would like to hang lace curtains inside of our main living room curtains (which I hope to make/thrift!) My grandma found this set for me!

I know this looks coral-coloured (ish) but it’s actually red. I plan to paint it coral pink. $.50

Another “set” of oddly shaped jars. I did something super awesome with these yesterday and will share soon!! If you need home decor, vases, things to store things in, etc, go buy some and I’ll show ya something very easy to do to transform theses! Price: $.25-.75

And finally, my favourite thrifted find this time around;

I fell in love with this giant (50″ x 30.5″) vintage frame a while ago and said if it was there next time, I would get it. I assumed someone snagged this treasure and I was so glad to see it still hanging there a little over a month later! A whopping $12!! This was my largest and favourite purchase of the day. Thankfully we somehow managed to fit it in my grandma’s Buick and now it sits in the garage until Ted and I find a home!

As we left our last home (a year ago this April), I promised myself that when we had our own place again, I would immediately make it our home and an expression of us. I’ve slowly collected, revamped, restyled and made items for our home and I am so very excited to piece it all together when we find a place to call home (we’re currently searching)! I can’t wait! I might do a fun little series on our decor ideas, colour and inspiration. I keep calling it  our “hopeful home”. Each room has specific inspiration behind it. I’ve even named each room, can you tell that I’ve been dreaming of our home for far too long?! :)

Stay tuned tomorrow as I plan on posting DIY “Valentine’s” decor that could be used as regular decor too, if you aren’t into Valentine’s day :)

Favourite Finds

When Chase falls asleep at night, I cozy up in bed and first, read -currently it’s either a chapter from Wings of Mourning or a passage from Streams in the Desert or Through a Season of Grief- and then I grab Ted’s iPad and head to to be inspired. I heard of pinterest from Rachel of Smile & Wave and even found my inspirational booklet on there, but then again, most anyone can “pin” anything, but it was a nice surprise to see it on there.

Most of these finds below I first found on Pinterest or Etsy but I linked most of them to their direct source.

I would love something like this little crafting nook. {Pinterest}

Or this Kitchen cart transformed into a crafting cart. I LOVE this and friday I will be searching for one at thrift stores!! {Better Homes & Gardens} So practical and super smart! I have a crafting room, but usually end up pulling out a table into the living room because it’s better for me, esp since Chase isn’t napping twice a day anymore. This would make things so much easier!

Below is currently my favourite Etsy store for clothing. I could never afford her incredible stuff but I hope to someday know how to make things as beautiful as this!!

Amazing. Love this. Beautiful! {Little Houses Etsy shop}

I want to make these and wear them around the house. Added to my list of things to sew (or try to ;))! {I Think Sew}

Very cute. Chase would have a blast with this cute little handmade “bowling” set! {Mazska Etsy shop}

First, If you know me, you know I love the colour teal. I know turquoise is a little off from my love of teal, but it is pretty similar. This week via Pinterest I found House of Turquoise. Amazing and suuuper inspirational in home decor!

And remember my 25 by 25 List well, this is almost exactly the style crib I envisioned when I said I wanted to revamp a crib and paint it an awesome colour! Love!!

For creating. I really, really want these! You could use it for so many things! Some girls would buy shoes, I would buy this hahaha. {Cinderella Gift Shop on Etsy}

For home decor. I have a plan to do a small wall kind of similar to this. Love it! {The Purl Bee}

For the kiddo room. Vintage camera. Sad it sold. Hope to find one! {found on Etsy}

Pretty vintage pyrex. I hope to find some in this colour while thrifting! {Modern Findings}

I like everything about this, the owl, colours, the cuteness, etc! {Anthropologie }

This is just amazing! I would change the colour, but other than that, I love it! {source}

For our girls (someday). SO adorable! This little raincoat reminds me of my Eisley-girl, in a good way. If I’m blessed with another girl, she’ll sport stuff like this. {Old Navy}


Below is my favourite find;

I saw this on Pinterest and gasped. I showed Ted and he did too. Whew. This reminds me of my Eisley-girl. Not the girl herself, just the idea and the pink balloons. I felt a wave of happiness when I thought of her in heaven and jokingly thought of all the balloons that we (and a lot of others) released for her being up there with her. I kind of want to frame this. :) {source}

Well, hope this post lifted the mood from last night’s post!

For some, surfing blogs and pinterest and Etsy might seem like a waste of time, and maybe it is for you, everyone has their opinions of what time wasting is for them ;) For me I find it super inspirational and relaxing. If you find it a waste or maybe you don’t have time, just pop in here from time to time as I’m starting ‘Fabulous Finds’ back up, but I’ve changed the name to ‘Favourite Finds’ cause honestly, I don’t like the word fabulous, I know, I’m weird!

I haven’t done one since I was hospitalized for Eisley. It was kinda hard to start it back up because I’m not surfing for cute things for her anymore, but it was also really good for me too. So stay tuned every once in a while for Favourite Finds.


A Handmade Thanksgiving 1; a thankful foundation.

Today starts the beginning of “a handmade Thanksgiving” as I’m calling it. I will be posting simple and affordable DIY projects over the next few weeks. I hope you feel inspired.

I thought this would be a great place to start; a creative idea which inspires us to remember to be thankful and grateful. As I researched quotes for this post, I found myself suddenly aware of how much I have to be thankful for. I am truly blessed. I can guarantee you are too. Of course there are things I wish could be different however when I paused and look inside and around me… I realized, even despite our loss, we are so blessed. We were are blessed to even get the honour of knowing our Eisley-girl and the time we had with her. Tonight, I feel overwhelmed as I realize how blessed we truly are.

I found this really inspiring idea (on Country Living) to write each guest (which could just be family, depending on your plans) a quote relating to thankfulness, gratefulness, etc and have each guest read aloud their quote (or just keep it). Use creative writing to write the quote on a thin strip of paper and then use double-sided take to tape it to their glass. Or make a little card and place it on their plate.

Here are some quotes I found that I really liked and you might too;

For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving.  ~W.T. Purkiser

If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness.  It will change your life mightily.  ~Gerald Good

“As each day comes to us refreshed and anew, so does my gratitude renew itself daily. The breaking of the sun over the horizon is my grateful heart dawning upon a blessed world. ” — Adabella Radici

Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.  ~Henry Ward Beecher

Seeds of discouragement will not grow in the thankful heart.–Anonymous

Stayed tuned for a lot more DIY projects coming soon; centerpieces, garland, place settings, etc, etc, etc!