Little Baby D, 3 Months.

Today we had our appointments in Arvada; a weight check-up for Chase and a 3 month check-up on little baby D.

(Side note: Even though we are 1 hour & 20/30 minutes North in Ft. Collins, we still travel down for appointments. I really like Chase’s pediatric clinic and i love, love, love my doctor who delivered Chase. So we’re sticking with the drive down because we feel it’s worth it.)

Baby decided to play some serious hide and seek when it came to finding his/her heartbeat today, which to be honest, terrified me. Ted said he was worried too. Finally we heard it’s little strong and steady heartbeat! Little baby D is growing well and shockingly I’ve lost 1/2 pound, haven’t gained anything since last months appointment. Odd, because I’m eating all of the time and have only thrown up twice now! I won’t lie, I didn’t mind. This pregnancy I do not need to gain a lot, so I’m not at all worried. So wanna see the baby bump?

I’m showing a lot sooner than with Chase and can’t help but wonder if this belly will be bigger than with him. Whew, that would be crazy!

Okay, a little about “Chasey Boy”. He’s has gained 2 lbs and 9oz since his checkup where we realized he hadn’t gained a pound in 2 months. (Remember, I didn’t realize I was prego, so my milk was running out then.) So he’s back up, I mean he’s getting there. He’s a healthy 20 lbs 9oz nd he is walking everywhere now! There is a video here of him walking. Check it out.

Thanks for checkin’ in on us! I love comments and knowing who reads this stuff, so feel free to do so ;)

Mr. Independent & Little Baby D.

I wanted to take some time to write a blog about my boy & baby on the way. I used to blog a lot about Chase and milestones and I miss it.

Chase is cruising everywhere now. He’s walking like a mad man and loving the freedom.

He is becoming more and more independent now. It’s very bittersweet for me. If you were around when he began the first stage of crawling,you know, it about broke my heart. I felt like he was growing up too fast … now he’s walking! I think if you would have told me he would be walking by 10 months I would have been upset, but now that we’re pregnant with Little baby D I think I am appreciating the independence. But just a little bit :)

He falls down a lot still.

But he’s a determined little boy & gets right back up usually.

When really excited, he’ll try his best to “run”.

And he has a head full of blond hair. And somehow… people still call him bald! Haha :)

Okay, so a bit about Little Baby D;

  • i swear i already feel him/her like a tap, tap, tap… just like i did with chase. But it’s SO rare, that I am still unsure of myself.
  • i’ve only thrown up once! ONCE! (Countless times with Chase, if you remember)
  • i love, love, love, love, love red meat and carrots (hated red meat with Chase)
  • i steer clear of McDonald’s sausage egg mcmuffins & french fries this time around. (don’t even want them!)
  • i feel nauseous but citrus flavoured gum & real fruit popsicles help me when I really need it.
  • i am CONVINCED, hands down, this-is-a-GIRL. But remember, I was convinced Chase was too until he said “it’s a boy”.

You may have noticed with this baby I haven’t posted a lot or even weekly like I did with Chase. I loved documenting every step with my first baby, but this time around I decided to do one a month or more if I feel like it. And the ironic thing… this pregnancy is FLYING by without blogging every week about the development. Isn’t that funny? I think it’s because this time I’m not waiting for each new week to arrive and writing about it, etc. Well that, plus the fact that Chase keeps me on my toes. It’s speeding this pregnancy right up! I’m loving it, and I’m already 3 months prego! WHEW!

So…Friday I am planning on posting my 3 month photo. It’s been one month since I’ve posted a picture and let me just say, one month has made a difference. I am showing SO much sooner than with Chase! I am loving the belly again :)

thanks for readin’



Little Baby D’s First Appointment.

Today we saw our little surprise.

He/she wiggled around, heartbeat racing and tears filled my eyes. I felt as excited as I did when I first saw Chase @ 10 weeks old. This is really happening. “Little Baby D” really exists. I had my doubts, even with a missing period, my symptoms and the two pregnancy test! I doubted. I still am in awe. (Unfortunately we do not have a photo scanner, otherwise I would show you our ultrasound photos from today.)

I realized today, this baby is basically the timeline of when we began our big life transition. I really love that. Something about that brings me a lot of hope.

So the facts… (I was right on!) I am 8 weeks prego, due December 17th but I have to have a scheduled c-section one week early, so I will have little baby D December 10th (more on how I feel about another c-section and also, the Dec 10th due date).

I can already tell this pregnancy is different from mine with Chase. So far, here are the differences;

  1. I get random bouts of chills.
  2. I love, love, love, love, love eggs in the morning but hated them with Chase.
  3. I feel faint often!
  4. I have heartburn (only get it when I’m prego) and I didn’t have heartburn the first trimester with Chase.

That’s about it in differences, for now. One thing that is definitely the same are the emotions. It’s like someone turned on the emotional roller coaster in me all over again.

“You know you’re prego when”… you read your friends blog about her daughter and tear up. Or when you watch TLC’s A Baby Story and sob… oh boy, here we go again! POOR TED!

Oh and one more thing, I think this baby is a girl… but remember how wrong I was last time :)

13 weeks prego pics; official.

Finger tips have formed on our baby’s bitty hands. His or her veins & organs are clearly visible through it’s thin skin, and his/her body is starting to catch up to it’s head which makes up a third of his/her body size now. This week baby is 3 inches long weighing 1 ounce!
Sickness is sporadic but not as frequent, or so I think and hope! It is still hard for me to take prenatal vitamins, even though my mom recently bought be liquid prenatal vitamins. Pray I can take the right amount each day & keep it down! Insomnia has hit me hard this week, and last. I stay up pretty late, even though my body is exhausted. I am enjoying watching how fast my tummy is growing with the baby!
I have the shortest torso ever, so my mom and I  think I will get a tummy very quickly and it will stick out, for that’s really the only option!
As you can see in the pics, my chest is twice the size of my belly right now, hopefully the growing there is finished, and my baby bump will REALLY stand out! Right now it’s kinda shadowed, haha.

Week 12: It’s finally here.

I’ve been anxiously awaiting this week for a while now, and for many reasons. Besides the fact that Christmas is here, I’ve been so excited to be 3 months prego, which hopefully means I am on my way to feeling better!
This week our baby is the size of a lime (2 1/2 inches)! His or her fingers can open and close, toes can curl, it’s eye muscles can clench, and it’s mouth will make sucking movements. If I poke my belly the baby will squirm in response, which I can’t feel right now but soon! Our baby’s face now looks like a human!
This week has been rough as I’ve realized how difficult the first few months of pregnancy have been for me, and I have been waiting for the sickness to pass. I end up lying in bed, or resting on the couch a lot throughout the past, at least two months. The nauseousness causes me to be inactive, which is not what I had planned. I am praying that once month 4 comes I will be well enough to go for walks as least. I have a fear of gaining weight above and beyond what is asked of me. Right now I need to gain 25-30 pounds and I pray I stay within this limit!
Please pray for me to feel better and be healthy during the duration of my pregnancy!

Week 11; expansion of the waist.

(I know I JUST wrote a blog for week 10 & now here I am with week 11. Technically Wednesday I am 11 weeks prego, but I have the time to update now, so here we are.)
As you can see in the above photo, our baby is now approximately the size of a fig! Incredible! He or she has grown 1/4 inch since last week. Which may not seem like a lot, but to me it’s amazing the baby is already 1 1/2 inches long! His/her hands will soon open and close into fists, tiny tooth buds are beginning to appear under the baby’s gums, and some of his/her bones are beginning to harden. The baby is super gassy… oh wait, nope… that would be me.
Pretty much the same as last week. I’ve felt better the past two days, and I read that from this week on my sickness should be getting a little less and less. I pray that is true! Recently, I’ve been extremely impatient. I can’t wait to meet our little baby & be a mother. Holding other babies makes me ache even more to see our little one! I keep reminding myself of the verse talking about being anxious of nothing… oh golly. Annnnnnnd the most recent growth, the expansion (width wise) of my waist! Everything is moving about for baby to come, pushing everything to the side, yikes & woohoo all at the same time.
A little side note. I put a poll up on our site, out of pure curiosity of what people think we might be having; a boy or a girl. I feel we are having a girl, I don’t have anything to base this on, only my instinct which isn’t always right, haha. Anyways, this week people have now voted 50% each way! I’m so curious as to what we are having… 6ish months to go & we shall see!
Jami & Baby

Week 10; You know you’re pregnant when.


Above is a picture of how “big” our little one is already! This week his/her tissue and organs are growing rapidly and maturing. He is now swallowing & kicking up a storm (which we saw proof of the kicking part yesterday)! He can also bend his little arms and legs now! Right now he/she is 1 1/4″ long and in the next few weeks our baby will double in size.

I have been INCREDIBLY nauseous, even to the point where I throw up suddenly and on the spot. I’m not sure if it is the fact that our little one is now squirming around a lot more or… just the fact that I am pregnant. Yesterday while having our ultrasound, the nurse said, “See this little guy, this is the reason you’ve been so sick & exhausted.” I looked at him/her moving around, waving and thought, it is ALL worth it. I’m already in love. Oh and yes, another change; my emotions. As I wrote about him/her moving… I got all chocked up. Those pregnancy emotions has arrived. Oh the joy.
“You know you’re prego when”:
  • while driving I hear an add for McDonald’s and immediately get sick to my stomach, empty my purse, and yes throw up into the purse and all over my shirt… (WHILE DRIVING)!
  • holding someone else’s baby makes me more impatient than I have ever been my entire life
  • I have cried while watching commercials & especially the news.
  • I almost CAN’T watch extreme makeover home edition anymore, due to waves of tears
  • I also gag at food commercials
  • Ted lovingly told me that I probably should lay off (my first craving) french fries, and I immediately burst into tears
  • anything can make me gag: Sufjan our hamster, food, talking about food (especially fast food), people passing gas around me, talk of gross subjects, & sometimes even Ted’s cologne!
  • I gave in one day and drank a Dr.pepper, cried about drinking it and then a few minutes later cried about not being able to drink caffeine
  • 75% of the time my coughing triggers my gag reflex causing me to throw up, yet again.
  • looking at my waist freaks me out, expanding as it slowly does… yikes!
  • I love milk for the first time since I can remember
  • I am a little slower, dumber, and more forgetful these days
  • my hair grows faster than it has in a very long time
  • I find myself wanting to be around Ted more and more each day
Thanks for reading my long winded blog!
x Jami & “peanut” as Ted would call him/her

Week 9 Belly Shot; The bump has arrived!

See! I’ve got a little pudgy-rounded tummy! (click to enlarge if you don’t believe me!)
Our baby is growing!
EDIT: Ted & I went to the doctor today for a checkup. They took my blood, did some tests to make sure everything is OK, and along with other medical exams… told me again what I already know. I am 9 weeks, due July 9th. NEXT WEEK: our first ultrasound & hearing of his/her heartbeat!
Pray for us, cause I am slightly (only slightly) nervous. Mostly excited!