Little Baby D, 3 Months.

Today we had our appointments in Arvada; a weight check-up for Chase and a 3 month check-up on little baby D.

(Side note: Even though we are 1 hour & 20/30 minutes North in Ft. Collins, we still travel down for appointments. I really like Chase’s pediatric clinic and i love, love, love my doctor who delivered Chase. So we’re sticking with the drive down because we feel it’s worth it.)

Baby decided to play some serious hide and seek when it came to finding his/her heartbeat today, which to be honest, terrified me. Ted said he was worried too. Finally we heard it’s little strong and steady heartbeat! Little baby D is growing well and shockingly I’ve lost 1/2 pound, haven’t gained anything since last months appointment. Odd, because I’m eating all of the time and have only thrown up twice now! I won’t lie, I didn’t mind. This pregnancy I do not need to gain a lot, so I’m not at all worried. So wanna see the baby bump?

I’m showing a lot sooner than with Chase and can’t help but wonder if this belly will be bigger than with him. Whew, that would be crazy!

Okay, a little about “Chasey Boy”. He’s has gained 2 lbs and 9oz since his checkup where we realized he hadn’t gained a pound in 2 months. (Remember, I didn’t realize I was prego, so my milk was running out then.) So he’s back up, I mean he’s getting there. He’s a healthy 20 lbs 9oz nd he is walking everywhere now! There is a video here of him walking. Check it out.

Thanks for checkin’ in on us! I love comments and knowing who reads this stuff, so feel free to do so ;)

7 thoughts on “Little Baby D, 3 Months.

  1. Nikki says:

    siiiister I love reading these bl0gs to know whats goin on in your busy life. I am really excited for you and my brother to have another child. Chase is growing up so fast but I seriously love the picture posting and the updates of him, I allmost feel like i have met him. Hope to see you guys this summmer. lovee all of you.


  2. Chey says:

    1) HELLO?! You look amazing in that picture. Good for you, lady! I hope you’re feeling as good about it as you look :)

    2) Thanks for posting all the updates, it really makes me feel like I’m there and part of the process with you.

    3) I’m praying for the four of you :)

    Auntie Chey


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