3 months.

We blinked and Shailo turns 4 months tomorrow. Cra-zy. I thought I’d better post his 3 month photos before it’s too late. If you wanna see photos of a cute, bald, chunky, drool-y baby boy near a ‘3’ …stay a minute. :)

Chomping on his fingers, playing with his toes.

I could just stop here because that pretty much sums it up but you know me, I’ve gotta show a few more.

Shai is already following in his big brother’s footsteps and teething early. Chase’s didn’t pop through until he was 6 months but I’m not too sure Shai’s might come sooner :( They are really bothering this little man, his gums are so red and swollen. We shall see.

This is a perfect example of how quick he is getting. This photoshoot is getting harder by the month ;)

Do you notice his clear skin? His head is no longer covered with eczema! I tried “everything” I could to get rid of it on my own, naturally but it wasn’t working. His head got so bad it was oozing puss. I finally took him to the pediatrician and they gave me medicine for his head (for 2x daily) and it cleared up within a day! So thankful! Even with his head oozing and itchy, he still was super happy. People would ask me if it bothered him and I’d feel so bad because it looked awful but the truth is he’d try scratching it but never cried about it. Either way, I’m just thankful it’s gone.

The photos below are some I shot while Chase was stealing the ‘3’ from Shailo. It was really cute and funny and ended with Shailo grabbing Chase’s arm and lots of laughter from Chasey-boy.

Oh my heart. My beautiful handsome boys. ;)

Blue eyed Shai. When people are around him they usually can’t help but smile. He’ll stare for a second and then give a huge smile and most of the time, a little giggle. He’s truly so so joyful. I didn’t think it was possible to have a baby more chill than Chase but he is. I do hold him a lot because that’s just me, so maybe that’s it. I don’t know but I love it and I am so thankful!

Chase wanted a turn too. He remembered we had a 2 and asked me for it and then posed like this all on his own.

Sillies wearing their “hats”.

Shai, you’re getting too big too fast. Slow down, little man.

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