Project ReStyle {01}

I am joining in with A Beautiful Mess and Smile and Wave. in their newly created ‘Project ReStyle’ where you take things that aren’t super awesome and you ReStyle them into amazing treasures!

As I was thinking about what to post, I realized, I already do this quite a bit!! Usually with thrifted finds or old things lying around the house so this will be a lot of fun and very inspirational! Remember my recent Thrifted {Treasures} where I found a punch of frames and a mirror? Well, I finished the mirror yesterday and absolutely {love} how it turned out!

You might have heard me say this many times before but when we get a home, the colours for our living room will be teal (not an ugly teal),  with black and white accents and splashes of this coloured pink (Eisley-inspired)! This is another piece that will someday adorn our home!

Chasey-boy love the mirror too. :) And I am pretty in love with painting everything lately, haha. Paint can transform {anything}…or most anything!

Do you have any ReStyling  you’ve done? Link me to your place for more inspiration or just join in with Elsie (do a double-take, not Eisley ;)) and Rachel and their little movement!

x, jami

OH and last night I was super honoured to be featured on U-Create (made my night!!!!!). Be sure to go and check out Kari’s site, it’s {super} inspirational!

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DIY homemade {inspiration} booklet

Wanna make a cute little book? I made Chase a few learning booklets (out of kix boxes) for Christmas and decided to make myself a little booklet that holds my hopes for 2011. I took pictures of the process so you can make one too if ya want. (or if you don’t have the time or energy or supplies… i am going to try and sell one or two on Etsy to see how they sell)

Supplies used:

Supplies used;

cardboard box (you can probably use chip board but that isn’t free), scissors, modge podge,  paint/sponge brush, paper, hole punch, snap rings (to hold the book together), fabric scraps…

(optional) I used my cricut to cut vinyl letters out, but you can use stickers or your handwriting, or stitching, or whatever works for you. I also use this this book of creative cut outs that I had, which you can find at a hobby store or make some yourself. (just fyi- Joann’s sale racks are AMAZING!)

How to DIY;

-First, cut the cardboard pages to the size you like.

-Second, figure out the layout of your pages

(if you’re a super observant person, you’ll notice later, I never used this paper in my book. That’s because this is actually my sister and one of the pages she did in her book :))

– Then, glue and place paper carefully. I would add my paper on the glued cardboard and then I would cut the scrap paper to match the size of the (miss matched) cardboard.-Punch how ever many holes you want. You can use a regular hole punch too, it’s a little harder but it works just the same!

-Snap on the snap rings.-Cut scraps of fabric and tie them on the rings. (I cut 3″ and 4″ pieces)

– Finally, add whatever else you want into the book, ie. pictures, cut outs, writing…

Here is a peek into my book!I began writing in it before I took photos and realized that some of what I wrote was more personal. Eeee! So I blurred what I had written and then completed it after I took photos.I had a few “silly” goals like this ‘drink more water’ that I needed to incorprate into my daily living. Not huge dreams, but apart of the big picture. Even the little things make a huge difference :)I organized some of my goals, dreams for this year into categories. I placed some into different seasons, some into months, some weekly, etc.

The end. (this pink paper reminds me of Eisley :))

Well… that’s my little {inspiration} booklet. Hope you’re inspired to create one! OR… just lemme know if you want me to make you one and I will put on specifically up for you on Etsy.

Much love, Jami


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DIY Project; Country Chic Headband.

Tonight we had to attend an end of the quater party at YWAM Denver. The theme was Wild West. Having lived in Wyoming for 4 years of my life, I know for a fact, country is my least favourite style. So I decided to go country chic, cowgirl meets 2010.

I used a purple bandana, a small pieve of cardboard, a black headband and a hot glue gun to create this look;

It was supposed to be curved more with my head but it didn’t. It portrayed the idea though.

Right before we left I decided to use the scraps from the headband to make a necklace;

I used a simple leaf necklace and covered it by adding the scraps. They can easily be removed, so it was only for the night.

I decided to make this last minute (total of 15-20 min) but it turned out great and def country chic instead of hick country, which was the look I was going for! I did get a few silly looks but I did have people who shared a similar love for the creative side, comment on their interest, haha.

And just for fun a few random new headpieces bought with birthday money;

2 bobbypin flowers for 1.50 and 2 clip on bows for 2.50 @ forever 21. I love these because they make me feel like a child again, you know, cause 23 is so old ;)

okay, thanks for checking in!

DIY Project: Masquerade Mask

We were invited to a masquerade birthday which took place this past Saturday. At first I was discouraged because the thought of getting a mask and dressing up (none of my dresses fit my, um, top half… if you know what I mean). It sounded like we would be spending money we really didn’t have to attend a party for a few hours. We really wanted to go, because it was a dear friend, but it didn’t seem like we would be able to. Then it hit me, why not make a mask?! (And I also used a gift card to purchase an $8 dress!) So… I shared the idea with Ted and then a few friends decided to join in with me! We went to Hobby Lobby and bought those white full faced masks, feathers, sequens, jewels, etc. Here are a few pictures from that night;

I cut my mask to the shape I wanted, then spray painted it black. After it dried, I placed black lace on it with fabric glue. Then I added all of the fun stuff; a few red and black feathers, red jewels, and one “tear drop” just for a dramatic effect. Total cost for my mask: $9 and I was able to create it how I really wanted it. Bonus!

What about Ted? Well…

Ted wore an Afghan outfit he already owned and used A photo of Jesus (which he had for a teaching he did) as his mask. Haha, people got a kick out of it. :)

My prego friend April, The birthday girl Jae and I.

(photo courtesy of Hannah Caristo) Friends Lori, Ape, Auntie Dee Dee, Alli Bird and I. (I’m pretty sure no guys read this, but if you’re a guy just stop reading… girls, can you see what I am talking about?! Size E… I can’t wait to stop breastfeeding just because of this very thing, UGH!)

This was one of my fave masks of the night because it’s so beautiful and huge!

So, just in case you have a masquerade party to attend and need a mask… there is an idea :)

My Valentine’s at Mardi Gras.

Ted left for New Orleans early Wednesday morning for Mardi Gras with the school he is working with. They will be doing ministry down south until next friday. I will post an update once I talk with Ted tomorrow!

Because Ted is away for Valentine’s Day, I gave him his gift early;

He really loved it but one of the first things he asked was, “what book did you tear up?!” haha, if you know him, you know he looooves his books. He buys a few each time we thrift shop. No joke!

Remember this post?  Valentine’s Day inspired me to create, Chase played a part in teaching me this valuable lesson and Ted encouraged me to share this on here because I’ve actually never posted my paintings before.

Even though my valentine is away, I still wanted to “celebrate” so I’ve traveled to my family’s place so my mom and sisters and I can create.

Pics to come tomorrow!

DIY Project: Homemade Book (2)

Wanna bless the socks off a loved one. Read on.

You can either buy an book (I prefer the older ones because the texture is pretty amazing) from a thrift store or use an old hardcover book you no longer want.

You can sew the pages together or super glue them. Sewing just adds a fun touch, but it does take a bit of work and a few pricks of the finger :)

You can add a contents page, if you wish. If you do, just make sure you make a plan before hand or save the page and fill this in last. Because later you might not want to follow the exact order you had or you may want to add a page or theme.

I LOVE adding quotes. You can buy them on trace paper at Joann Fabric, Hobby Lobby or Michaels or just use trace paper to write your own favs.

You can number the pages with stickers. See the five?

You can add pockets like these and stick fun little things inside. You can also switch up the way you stitch the pages together.

You can paint, then paper mache. Oooor just paper mache.

You can add buttons, fabric, ribbon, etc….

You can make things POP from the pages.

You know the photo pockets you get when developing photos? Paint it, glue it, put photos or notes in it. Or just use something you have lying around. Like an envelope or a gift card holder…

You can use magazines to make a collage.

You can rip, rip, rip paper and glue, glue, glue to create this look.

I made this specific book for my sister Chelsea. I didn’t post every page or the final product because some things inside were meant only for my sister bug if you would like to see more ideas/photos of this book click here.

Helpful tip:

Over time I’ve collected/saved random tissue paper, magazines, quotes, photos, newspapers, fabric, random scrapbooking things, stickers, strings, etc. Also, look for sales at hobby stores or stop by the dollar sections at the stores you love.If you label a box named arts and crafts (or something) and fill it over time, you will have a lot to work with!

I didn’t post a supply list this time because I realized you can just see it here or use things you already have. But if you would like to see a  little supply list  from a previous post, click here.

Make a book for someone you love! It can be a great tool to encourage and remind those you love of just how much they mean to you.

Coming soon: I am in the process of making books for Chase. Two are for learning opportunities and one is of his first year.

Share your ideas with me! I love hearing new ways to create!

DIY Project: a "Popping" Picture

Buy a frame from a thrift store. I found this old school one for 2.99 and 1/2 off!
I painted it black.
I did not place the photo behind the glass, but in front. Making everything “pop” out.
I used modge podge and superglue to attach paper, photo, tissue paper, etc.
This photo I took of my sister was the inspiration for this specific gift.
{Find an inspiration}

This gift was for my sister Abie. I also added a part of a quote from Streams in the Deserts.
“All thoughts of sorrow fled away and joy was my visitor that day.”
Supplies needed:
a frame
paint and brush(es) – if you need to paint it.
paper/tissue paper/whatever you want to add
quote, saying or verse
you can also use:
things associated with memories

DIY Project: Homemade Books.

This is a little glimpse of the book I made Ted 3 years ago this upcoming Christmas.
Enjoy, then make one for someone you love!
(Supplies needed list below.)
Buy an old book from the thrift store.
You can paint the outside of the book or sew/stable on a fabric cover.
Write down a summary of what you want this book to say or show.
Go through the pages and decide the layout.
Then begin.
For this book I choose things associated with a memory.
Hence the Sugar in the raw and honey packet.
I used an old guitar string packet for a pocket. You can also use envelopes.
Or you can make your own lil pocket with paper, a needle and thread.
I used some of my journal entires or poetry in his book.
You can use a letter, scripture, poems, famous quotes, lyrics, etc.
Add photos.
After you finish a page, sew it to the next page to add something more and some bulk.
(Remember when choosing a layout for the book, skip every other page so you can sew pages together.)
Lightly draw a design and carefully trace over your design with a needle and thread.
Use fabric! It’s kind of blurry but I used fabric to make 3 flowers.

The end.
Well of that book anyway. :)
I am currently working on another book for a different loved one.

It’s a good christmas/birthday gift. You can also add a page or two encouraging them in their giftings or passions! It can be a great tool to encourage and remind those you love of just how much they mean to you.
Helpful tip:
Over time I’ve collected/saved random tissue paper, magazines, quotes, photos, newspapers, fabric, random scrapbooking things, stickers, strings, etc. If you label a box named arts and crafts (or something) and fill it over time, you will have a lot to work with!
Supplies used:
An old book
paint- for the book and pages
needle and thread- for stitching in designs or the pages together
pencil/pen- for drawing a design or writing
magazines- use to cut out words or pictures
photos- if you sign up at shutterfly, seehere or kodak you can get prints free :)
fabric- for either a cover or for decorated the pages
rubber cement or photo slips
Scrapbook paper plain or with designs
My mind is going blank. Add questions if you need to!