DIY Project: Homemade Books.

This is a little glimpse of the book I made Ted 3 years ago this upcoming Christmas.
Enjoy, then make one for someone you love!
(Supplies needed list below.)
Buy an old book from the thrift store.
You can paint the outside of the book or sew/stable on a fabric cover.
Write down a summary of what you want this book to say or show.
Go through the pages and decide the layout.
Then begin.
For this book I choose things associated with a memory.
Hence the Sugar in the raw and honey packet.
I used an old guitar string packet for a pocket. You can also use envelopes.
Or you can make your own lil pocket with paper, a needle and thread.
I used some of my journal entires or poetry in his book.
You can use a letter, scripture, poems, famous quotes, lyrics, etc.
Add photos.
After you finish a page, sew it to the next page to add something more and some bulk.
(Remember when choosing a layout for the book, skip every other page so you can sew pages together.)
Lightly draw a design and carefully trace over your design with a needle and thread.
Use fabric! It’s kind of blurry but I used fabric to make 3 flowers.

The end.
Well of that book anyway. :)
I am currently working on another book for a different loved one.

It’s a good christmas/birthday gift. You can also add a page or two encouraging them in their giftings or passions! It can be a great tool to encourage and remind those you love of just how much they mean to you.
Helpful tip:
Over time I’ve collected/saved random tissue paper, magazines, quotes, photos, newspapers, fabric, random scrapbooking things, stickers, strings, etc. If you label a box named arts and crafts (or something) and fill it over time, you will have a lot to work with!
Supplies used:
An old book
paint- for the book and pages
needle and thread- for stitching in designs or the pages together
pencil/pen- for drawing a design or writing
magazines- use to cut out words or pictures
photos- if you sign up at shutterfly, seehere or kodak you can get prints free :)
fabric- for either a cover or for decorated the pages
rubber cement or photo slips
Scrapbook paper plain or with designs
My mind is going blank. Add questions if you need to!

6 thoughts on “DIY Project: Homemade Books.

  1. Cynthia Wood says:

    How did you get the pages you created and the outside of the old book to stay together. Originally, I was considering using a hole punch on my pages and binding them with a ribbon but I would like to have a sturdier cover but I don’t know how to get them together.


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