DIY Project; Country Chic Headband.

Tonight we had to attend an end of the quater party at YWAM Denver. The theme was Wild West. Having lived in Wyoming for 4 years of my life, I know for a fact, country is my least favourite style. So I decided to go country chic, cowgirl meets 2010.

I used a purple bandana, a small pieve of cardboard, a black headband and a hot glue gun to create this look;

It was supposed to be curved more with my head but it didn’t. It portrayed the idea though.

Right before we left I decided to use the scraps from the headband to make a necklace;

I used a simple leaf necklace and covered it by adding the scraps. They can easily be removed, so it was only for the night.

I decided to make this last minute (total of 15-20 min) but it turned out great and def country chic instead of hick country, which was the look I was going for! I did get a few silly looks but I did have people who shared a similar love for the creative side, comment on their interest, haha.

And just for fun a few random new headpieces bought with birthday money;

2 bobbypin flowers for 1.50 and 2 clip on bows for 2.50 @ forever 21. I love these because they make me feel like a child again, you know, cause 23 is so old ;)

okay, thanks for checking in!

One thought on “DIY Project; Country Chic Headband.

  1. Kami Bowker says:

    jAMI, I have been making headpieces for Abie’s play, so I too have been having fun with this. I will probably keep some of them AND have leftover supplies, so we can do these soon after you get here. Also, I may come on Tuesday. I would really like too, but I am struggling with a cold I picked up on our trip, so I will see. I can’t wait until you are here all the time. I feel like I haven’t seen you FOREVER! Give Chase a kiss from Gram Gram, and tell Ted hello! I love you so much! You inspire me…


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