DIY Project: Masquerade Mask

We were invited to a masquerade birthday which took place this past Saturday. At first I was discouraged because the thought of getting a mask and dressing up (none of my dresses fit my, um, top half… if you know what I mean). It sounded like we would be spending money we really didn’t have to attend a party for a few hours. We really wanted to go, because it was a dear friend, but it didn’t seem like we would be able to. Then it hit me, why not make a mask?! (And I also used a gift card to purchase an $8 dress!) So… I shared the idea with Ted and then a few friends decided to join in with me! We went to Hobby Lobby and bought those white full faced masks, feathers, sequens, jewels, etc. Here are a few pictures from that night;

I cut my mask to the shape I wanted, then spray painted it black. After it dried, I placed black lace on it with fabric glue. Then I added all of the fun stuff; a few red and black feathers, red jewels, and one “tear drop” just for a dramatic effect. Total cost for my mask: $9 and I was able to create it how I really wanted it. Bonus!

What about Ted? Well…

Ted wore an Afghan outfit he already owned and used A photo of Jesus (which he had for a teaching he did) as his mask. Haha, people got a kick out of it. :)

My prego friend April, The birthday girl Jae and I.

(photo courtesy of Hannah Caristo) Friends Lori, Ape, Auntie Dee Dee, Alli Bird and I. (I’m pretty sure no guys read this, but if you’re a guy just stop reading… girls, can you see what I am talking about?! Size E… I can’t wait to stop breastfeeding just because of this very thing, UGH!)

This was one of my fave masks of the night because it’s so beautiful and huge!

So, just in case you have a masquerade party to attend and need a mask… there is an idea :)

2 thoughts on “DIY Project: Masquerade Mask

  1. Melissa says:

    Looks like a fun party… and what a cute mask! And I see what you mean about your “woes” of breastfeeding… ;) You should at least have a happy husband!


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