DIY Project: Homemade Book (2)

Wanna bless the socks off a loved one. Read on.

You can either buy an book (I prefer the older ones because the texture is pretty amazing) from a thrift store or use an old hardcover book you no longer want.

You can sew the pages together or super glue them. Sewing just adds a fun touch, but it does take a bit of work and a few pricks of the finger :)

You can add a contents page, if you wish. If you do, just make sure you make a plan before hand or save the page and fill this in last. Because later you might not want to follow the exact order you had or you may want to add a page or theme.

I LOVE adding quotes. You can buy them on trace paper at Joann Fabric, Hobby Lobby or Michaels or just use trace paper to write your own favs.

You can number the pages with stickers. See the five?

You can add pockets like these and stick fun little things inside. You can also switch up the way you stitch the pages together.

You can paint, then paper mache. Oooor just paper mache.

You can add buttons, fabric, ribbon, etc….

You can make things POP from the pages.

You know the photo pockets you get when developing photos? Paint it, glue it, put photos or notes in it. Or just use something you have lying around. Like an envelope or a gift card holder…

You can use magazines to make a collage.

You can rip, rip, rip paper and glue, glue, glue to create this look.

I made this specific book for my sister Chelsea. I didn’t post every page or the final product because some things inside were meant only for my sister bug if you would like to see more ideas/photos of this book click here.

Helpful tip:

Over time I’ve collected/saved random tissue paper, magazines, quotes, photos, newspapers, fabric, random scrapbooking things, stickers, strings, etc. Also, look for sales at hobby stores or stop by the dollar sections at the stores you love.If you label a box named arts and crafts (or something) and fill it over time, you will have a lot to work with!

I didn’t post a supply list this time because I realized you can just see it here or use things you already have. But if you would like to see a  little supply list  from a previous post, click here.

Make a book for someone you love! It can be a great tool to encourage and remind those you love of just how much they mean to you.

Coming soon: I am in the process of making books for Chase. Two are for learning opportunities and one is of his first year.

Share your ideas with me! I love hearing new ways to create!

7 thoughts on “DIY Project: Homemade Book (2)

  1. Hannah says:

    I love, love, love your handmade books and am definitely planning on doing some of my own soon!
    p.s. i wish we lived closer too. we are planning to make a trip to CO, maybe next year though :)


  2. Anna Manke says:

    Jami, I LOVE what you made! I never knew you did stuff like this.
    Thanks for sharing tips on how to make this. You have inspired me for sure.
    You are a true artist at heart. and not just that; your creations are of amazing quality.


  3. Petra says:

    thanks for showing your book jami! I’m in the process of making one for my sister but the theme is things to remember in life. it was really cool seeing yours and seeing different ideas! what a great idea to make one for chase to learn.


  4. Kailey says:

    Hi girl!
    I am about to begin creating my third scrapbook and I’m very excited! For my first book, I added pages from my journal which was definitely my favorite part of the whole book! It is all about Dru and me :) From when we met until we got married… I kept so much crap. I’m glad I did now but oh my gosh it was so crazy keeping up with all that stuff! Thanks for the ideas….


  5. Lily says:

    I literally was just about to make one of these and found this when I was looking on google images at home made books. True inspiration


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