Project ReStyle {01}

I am joining in with A Beautiful Mess and Smile and Wave. in their newly created ‘Project ReStyle’ where you take things that aren’t super awesome and you ReStyle them into amazing treasures!

As I was thinking about what to post, I realized, I already do this quite a bit!! Usually with thrifted finds or old things lying around the house so this will be a lot of fun and very inspirational! Remember my recent Thrifted {Treasures} where I found a punch of frames and a mirror? Well, I finished the mirror yesterday and absolutely {love} how it turned out!

You might have heard me say this many times before but when we get a home, the colours for our living room will be teal (not an ugly teal),  with black and white accents and splashes of this coloured pink (Eisley-inspired)! This is another piece that will someday adorn our home!

Chasey-boy love the mirror too. :) And I am pretty in love with painting everything lately, haha. Paint can transform {anything}…or most anything!

Do you have any ReStyling  you’ve done? Link me to your place for more inspiration or just join in with Elsie (do a double-take, not Eisley ;)) and Rachel and their little movement!

x, jami

OH and last night I was super honoured to be featured on U-Create (made my night!!!!!). Be sure to go and check out Kari’s site, it’s {super} inspirational!

U Create

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