Thank you & a Vintage Pearl Giveaway.

First, THANK YOU so much for voting on which hospital gown to get. It’s between the Anita and the Susan now. I still can’t decide, but I’m pretty sure my husband just did for me, with a comment he just threw out :)  I’ll share which one I’ve chosen when I get it!

Second, I’m a HUGE fan of the The Vintage Pearl and they are doing 3 $75 giveaways! I got my beautiful charm necklace from them on Mother’s Day last year and after Eisley passed away a friend bought me an angel wing with Eisley’s name on it (if you haven’t heard the incredible story behind that click here).

This was taken Sunday via Instagram. I’ve now added them all to the same chain and am anxious to add Boy S to it!!

The Vintage Pearl has much more than just charm necklaces. Go check ’em out!

And click here to enter!

x- Jami

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