Hospital gown; Help me decide?

Hey! I am choosing a hospital gown from Annie & Isabel and would love your opinion. First though, you can read more about Annie & Isabel and the story behind the name here. Selena and Anna have incredible hearts and I just love what they are doing in creating such beautiful, unique gowns for woman. (I mean, seriously, have you ever had to wear an hospitals hospital gown?) I love and appreciate their hearts in wanting woman to look and feel, not only beautiful, but {hope}.

On a  more personal level this gown means something special to me as well. Sometime during bedrest with our Eisley-girl was when I first heard from “Annie & Isabel”. They wrote me often via Twitter to encourage, love and speak hope to me and this continued long after we lost Eisley (even still). I knew that whenever I would get pregnant again, I would be honoured to wear one of their gowns. I also feel like it’s my a kind of way of really being able to thank them for their love and support to me during my darkest season. And, yes, it will be so nice to not wear an open backed gown ever again :)

So how can you help? Well, I am torn between 3 beautiful gowns. One is simple pretty, another is more creative pretty and another is funky pretty. But I love all 3 of them….Please vote and help me decide? Which one do you think is more JAMI? You can click on the photo or link below each photo to see each gown in more detail.


01:: The Isabel

02:: The Susan

03:: The Anita

I’m going to combine the votes from facebook, twitter and here and go with that :) Thanks for your help!

If you know anyone who is expecting or spending time in the hospital, maybe send them to their site or buy them one of these beautiful gowns as a gift! They have a few more pretty choices, so go check them out!

27 thoughts on “Hospital gown; Help me decide?

  1. stace8383 says:

    Those are nice, all of them! I didn’t even know you could get hospital gowns other than the ones provided by hospitals. I’ll keep them in mind; I’m expecting in September. :)


  2. deezahoney says:

    hmmm….my vote is for The Anita (though my personal favorite is The Isabel). I’m a new reader, though, so my impression of your style may not be spot on. :-)


  3. hulkfam says:

    I’d go with the Anita. It’s something happy looking, (not to mention cute), to cheer you up in the hospital , and brighten up your pale colored walled room during the labour. :-) :mrgreen:


  4. Nutty mom says:

    I saw your mustache or bows sign on pinterest! It felt like I knew a celebrity, lol. Not that I KNOW you, but I “know” you ya know? hahah, anyway I thought it was way cool.


  5. Marija sKeri says:

    aww all are so cool. I believe that in your case nb. 3 would be great choice. Somehow it seams it goes with your personality (i could met through your stories!) :)))


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