…years ago.

{5} years ago, on June 16th 2006, Ted asked me to be his girl.

March 1, 2007 he asked me to be his wife!

{4} years ago {today} we became husband and wife!

June 24th, 2007

 This is still one of my favourite photos of us. Taken on our honeymoon.

{3} years ago we spent our first anniversary in Thailand (with an outreach team we led). Our favourite anniversary location to date – this {will} definitely be happening again.

{2} years ago today, we shared our second anniversary while almost 9 months pregnant with our 1st little one.

 (3 weeks later, Chase Journey Davis was born)

{1} year ago today, we shared our 3rd anniversary while 4 months pregnant with our Eisley-girl. This was our favourite year of marriage. So many dreams beginning to unfold, so much hope for the future as our little family grew from 2 to 3 and 3 to 4.

This last year was by far our hardest, most trying year…

(photo was taken at Eisley’s memorial service as we released balloons)

This is the part where my heart aches deeply. I never imagined walking through such tragedy so early on in our married life. I had never imagined this kind of tragedy; the loss our one of our children. Our baby girl. After we lost Eisley, we walked through the deepest, darkest valley in our marriage. There were times I was terrified that we wouldn’t come out stronger, that this would break us. But we fought hard for our marriage. We beat the statistics of couples after the loss of a child. (I touched on this in another post; here.) We didn’t give up when it felt like all of our dreams were crashing down. We held on and walked (and are walking) through the valley together, hand in hand.

“I took you by the hand and we stood tall. Remembered our own land, what we lived for.”

(We both love the song After the Storm by Mumford and Sons and feel that it was and is fitting.)

(all of our feet, just add a bump in for Boy S)

My Ted, I am so very honoured that you choose me (of all the girls chasin’ you ;) to be your girl. I am so thankful and blessed to have you be the one by my side. So honoured to call you husband and watch as you’ve become and incredible, loving, adoring father to our babies. I love you more than my mere words could say. I love you now and forevermore, through the deepest, darkest valley and at the peak of every mountaintop (sometimes slightly crazier and higher) dream. I cannot wait to see where life takes us, where He leads us.

SUPER excited to see what this year alone holds, beginning with another awesome little dude entering our life.

Oh, and I really, REALLY better not be pregnant 4 years in a row ;) …No, seriously…Let’s save our 5th anniversary for our tattoo and my skin not stretched out a mile long.

15 thoughts on “…years ago.

  1. hollimom says:

    LOved this!! so glad i have come to know you on twitter and here. it has been a blessing praying for you all and seeing you come back to some joy :)


  2. teri lynn says:

    Such a beautiful post, Jami! I can see and feel the love you have for each other! And you make such a super cute couple! :) Happy anniversary Jami and Ted! Love you!


  3. Juniper Christgau says:

    Thank you for sharing (and celebrating) your life!

    We too, had our first child in our first year of marriage…talk about hitting the ground running! Four kids and 8 years later, we are still holding onto each other and clinging to God’s promises. In our 7th year of marriage we faced real adversity (and lost everything in life that we cared about…except for our family). But, it’s always darkest before the sun comes up! God keeps His promises. Thank you for sharing your joy (and sorrows) in a way that is transparent and encouraging.

    Many blessings,


  4. Lindsay says:

    I rarely subscribe to Freshly Pressed blogs, but something in me knew that I didn’t want to miss out on yours. As much as a stranger can without being creepy, I adore your little family and candid blog. Thanks for allowing the outside world to be a part of it. I am praying for you and the baby in your belly!


  5. hulkfam says:

    I say ditto to Lindsay.Exactly the same as her were my thoughts just now. Feel free to check out my blog! :-) I have had it for a year and a few months now, but don’t update it NEARLY as much as you! ;-) Keep it up!


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