30 Days to Go! (Maybe more, maybe less)

Today’s date is June 9th, which means… 30 days ’til our due date and meeting our little one (if he/she chooses to wait that long)!!
We had our weekly appointment today and Baby is doing great, still head down, heartbeat is still speedy, and I’m now measuring right on, not a week ahead. Right before our midwife came in, Ted said to me, “I really hope you are dilated!” (A new word he learned in our birthing class, just kidding… or maybe?!) and I said, “Babe, even if I’m dilated 1-2 cm now, it still may be a few weeks.”
He looked so bummed but His excitement skyrocketed when our midwife told us that beginning next week, we can welcome the baby anytime because his/her lungs would be fully developed.
Last night before bed, after we sung and prayed for Baby, Ted said, “Sometimes I hope baby comes early, in fact I just prayed for skutter to come tonight!” (We say skutter so he doesn’t slip up and tell me the baby’s sex)… I was like “Ted! Not yet!” Although I can’t wait to meet our baby, I do want his/her lungs developed and to finish a few more things around the house to feel “ready”.
This morning I awoke eager to get things done and to finish final projects. Today my mom, sisters and brother came down to help me finish our living room. They are seriously blessing me like crazy, helping me prepare! Thank you family!
The finishing touches.
  • Painting walls red (sneak peek)

  • Painting accent things black.
  • Making curtains from leftover fabric from our bridesmaids dresses (Dupioni silk).

  • Getting rid of a big couch and one recliner and replacing them with a glider and papasan chair.
  • Hanging wall art and photos.

Once that room is done, I will feel like our home is ready to welcome baby home. He/she could come now, but for some reason I really want our home to be “finished” and homey! This isn’t like me at all, but for me I guess this is what one of my motherly sides look like?

My mom gave me an incredible gift today. It’s something I knew I wouldn’t have time to do but really wanted to.
A book filled with my writings of this journey.

She printed some of my blog postings & added her own touches.
Thanks Madre!!
Check out this cute baby travel bag my grandma bought for Baby E/C;
We also set up our stroller travel set today! We’re putting the car seat base in the car tonight, which is making things seem so close!
And here is our bouncer up close and personal;
Random bits and pieces of my day as preparing to be a momma!

Two Little Blessings & Our Baby Shower.

Charles Brown Elijah Cobb
May 26
7 lbs. 4 oz. 21 in.

Zackary Drake Failla
May 29
7 lbs. 13 oz.  20? in.

5 generations. Baby, me, my mom, grandma and great grandma!

My beautiful sisters.
I had to post this for memouries sake because I am huge compared to them now! My face is almost unrecognizable, I think I will laugh about this in the months to come! I hope!

My Aunt made the cake to match our bedding (minus the pink, but she too thinks I’m having a little girl).

This is extremely lazy but I am really wiped out and these are all the photos I will post for now. Have a great weekend!

Blessed and Ready!

My mom bought a white poppy @ Joann Fabrics for $10 & then sewed me two reversible boppy covers. (she’s quite thrifty, cuz at target it would have been $40 or more) Once I get the other one on I’ll post a picture!

The design on our diaper bag. My mom and I spent a lot of time in Joann fabrics finding fabric to match these colours and she’s made me a ton of diaper bag things. I will post those later too!

For my birthday in March I received this beautiful Vera Bradley Diaper bag from dear friends!

I’m using this as my/baby’s hospital bag. Daddy has his own ;)

A few onesies, bodysuits and sleepers I finished washing tonight. It’s still so surreal to wash and fold baby clothes!!

My friend Whitney wanted to bless me and colour my hair before the baby comes.

Just in case you can’t tell (lighting is bad) I DID do the colour that majority voted for on my poll. Auburn with highlights and I love it! So thanks for helping me decide.

Our Bedding!

Here is step one of many more to come: getting our baby bedding. This isn’t all of it, those pics will come when we paint, then set the crib up. That may still be a few weeks away. Also, in two weeks we will be doing our maternity photo shoot @ 30 weeks! Something to look forward to for you! I am excited, and hoping to not be TOO huge by the time it arrives ;)

Preparation: Finally!

This week we are getting our crib, which is beautiful! Our friend’s gave it to us! My mother-in-law recently ordered the bedding for our baby and it should be here this week. I found this bedding around Christmas time, and fell in love with the design (cuz it’s elephants).

As you can see, it’s the colours we like, minus the teal, so I am going to add the teal in through accessories and being creative. I think I found a crib sheet at Target that is the teal we want. We are heading to register at Target this Sunday. Finally, right?

We also set a date for our first baby shower, for June 7th and I am hoping that it isn’t too late! Our weekends are packed from here until the baby is born! We will be having a baby shower with our YWAM friends two weeks after the baby is born, which should be fun, having the baby there at the shower! I am looking forward to that!

I still can’t believe we are 12 weeks away (more or less), and you can’t tangibly tell we’re planning for a baby! I only have one entire section in our room of collected baby items from friends and family and a lot of baby books, but other than that you can’t really tell that we’re having a baby in 12 weeks!

We did finally picked out the paint type and brand and will be buying that this week as well, and hopefully I will have the bedroom painted by next week, and the crib all set up and ready! I will take before and after pics of the room. It may take a while before I post some pics, because even after painting the room, we will still need to buy curtains and rods, and put the changing table in, etc.

Random note: I <3 polls. I know I keep creating polls and posting them, but I love to see people’s views! So please vote! (Even on my silly hair colouring one)! The Day We Meet Our Baby:
I needed to write, because I am actually feeling super antsy and nervous today. In worship this morning, I ended up crying and Ted and I left to walk and talk. It is becoming more and more real, with each new week, and each time I look in the mirror and see my growing belly. I cried because as much as I am so thrilled, excited, ecstatic really… I am nervous too. I’ve read a lot of books on mothering, parenting, discipline, eating, etc… but to be honest I am more relying on my natural ability to mother, and it hit me today, that I really won’t know what that is like until I am a mother.

Another fear that’s beginning to rise up in me, is the day of our baby’s birth. We’ve rewritten our birth plan to best fit the hospital, but I am in no way prepared for what is to come. We will be taking our birthing class in May, and I still won’t feel prepared. I am afraid of the pain, but I want to go all natural because I want to experience the labor and birthing our baby, I want to be alert and aware but I am nervous.

The moment I look forward to the most, and could even cry about it now, it the moment where our little one comes, and they tell my the “it’s a boy or girl” and immediately place him/her on my chest so I can see our beautiful baby. Oh my word, I can’t wait.

That is the part that keeps my mind at peace. That is the part that I eagerly await.

More Nesting: COLOURS!

We have made our mind up about our colours for the crib set! Chocolate brown, teal, & spring lime. (Our poor moms) This has been an intense process, especially because we (well I) do not know our baby’s sex. ALTHOUGH, I am convinced it’s a girl. I will feel awfully silly if I am wrong, but not dissapointed =) The colours are pretty neutral, I mean they will work if we have another baby opposite sex of this one, you know?

Anyways, above is our inspiration. We found this swing online, already in love with elephants, and we loved the colours. We will keep this swing at home and take the matching bouncer seat to work with us, so baby can hang out while we are working.

Now begins the 14 week journey of preparing our home for our baby! YAY! (which doesn’t even sum up how excited I am!!)

Week 25: Nesting On the Mind.

Nesting. 6 months and 1 week… it’s hard to believe how close we are to meeting our baby! It seems so far away still, but baby needs time to finish developing, and God’s still working on Ted and I, not to mention the fact that we are just now able to move into our home again!! We officially move down from our mountain campus friday! AMEN, seriously.

I dream of nesting, I wake up throughout the night sometimes to get myself comfortable, and begin thinking about nesting, I constantly talk to Ted about ideas, things we need to buy or put on our registration… I never go a day without thinking about something to do with nesting. It hit me a while ago actually, but now that I can officially start, it’s been on my mind 24/7!

We’ve decided to not make an entire nursery for the baby and it’s things, but instead to have him or her in our room, and a rocker and play things in our living room. The reason being; our second bedroom is the perfect nursery size but it’s actually kind of a far walk to get to the baby in a hurry. We just decided that the crib would be next to my side of the bed, and I am going to sand, prime, and paint a low dresser we have for it’s changing table, so everything we really need will be in our room.

We are (hopefully) painting our living room red to match our asian theme we’ve had since being married, the accent colours will be burnt yellow, and black. My mom is going to help make curtains, and Ted is helping me hang all of our wall art! I can’t wait. Our room we finally decided, will be painted a burnt yellow. We wanted to make sure when we opened our door to the living room the colours didn’t clash, BUT we also wanted to use the Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night wall art as our main focus. We originally thought blue, but I’m not huge on blue anyways. Burnt yellow will work for both rooms.

Now this doesn’t sound like much preparation for the baby coming, but this is a start to getting our home to feel more home like, and comfortable! Ted and I are finding ways to save money, be thrifty, and still get what we need before the baby comes. It’s hard. We decided, like I said above, to use our low dresser as a changing table. It’s the perfect height for me to change the baby on. It will take a lot of work, sanding, priming, and painting it black but it will look amazing, or so I hope! We will then buy a changing pad, and some fun stuff for the baby to look as above it while it’s being changed. We are looking for a glider chair on ebay, craigslist, thrift stores, and garage sales… hoping to find a great deal! Okay whoa. I need to write another blog, cause this one is too long. And I didn’t even write an update on baby and momma yet! Haha, sorry! I am just so excited!

Jami & Baby