No Sugar October.

i. am. addicted. to. sugar.

pretty much every single day i “must” have one sugary beverage; a soda, a decaf coffee (with lots of creamer or syrups), juice, smoothie, etc.

and there are {always} sugary foods in our house. sugary cereals, muffins, granola bars with chocolate chips…

it’s pretty bad.


i’ve decided to start fresh with a new month and decided on October. what better month than the month before i’m supposed to have Boy S?

i’ve done this before. once i fasted sugar for 40 days. and my biggest feat was when i was a teenager, for TWO years i refused to drink soda or to eat ice cream or chocolate.

if i had such self-control at 16-18, surely i can as a 24-year-old adult woman.

a {huge} motivation for dropping sugar (until i have a healthier relationship with it ;)) is CHASE.

we were really careful with him when it came to sugar until this pregnancy with S. i share things with him that i shouldn’t and i regret it big time. i don’t want him to become addicted to sugar when he once (and thankfully still does if i’m not eating something) thought that fruit and healthy granola bars were sweet treats.

another motivation is i want to lose {all} or at least most of the weight i’ve gained in 3 pregnancies. this pregnancy i have done well in maintaining my weight. here i am at 34 weeks having only gained 12lbs! i am so thankful and proud that i finally got it right this pregnancy.

(side note: 12lbs might seem like far too little for the baby but it’s really not. i am so overweight for my 5’0 frame that i was only supposed to gain 15-20lbs tops. when i began this pregnancy with S i was 2lbs less than what i weighed at 42 weeks pregnant with Chase! yeah…needless to say it again, but i’ve gained a lot in just 3 years )

 sugar is my downfall.

before getting pregnant with S sugar was my main source of calorie intake.

i want to have S and have already “conquered” my addiction to sugar so that i won’t be battling that while trying to lose weight.

i don’t think it’s a lofty goal. i think it’s smart and will help my health in more ways than i could imagine!

so, here we are, October 1st (which is just crazy, right?!) and today i began.

wanna join in? i have one friend that is joining me. i think the accountability would be great and will be posting blogs ever so often to share how it’s going.

lemme know! oh and pray for me? hahahahaha. no but seriously, please do :)

8 thoughts on “No Sugar October.

  1. mooselicker says:

    I tried that before and lasted a week. There are just way too many foods that have sugar in it that I never realized. I don’t pay attention to sugar anymore and it’s easier that way. Milk and even some breads have sugar in it, too hard to avoid. If the food doesn’t offer me something other than sugar then I avoid it. The best approach might be trying to limit it as much as possible, but hey what do I know? I couldn’t last 2 weeks without a gram of sugar and you made it 40 days.

    Best of luck to you!


    • colourherhope says:

      thanks for the comment! i meant to say on this post that i am NOT cutting out all sugars; like in bread, milk, etc. but in sugared beverages and sweet type things. Maybe just try that? That is much easier still hard though!


  2. Ashleigh Dean says:

    woah, that is wonderful. my main problem is that since i have started this job i keep snacks here in case i get hungry… and so now i usually snack in the morning, kinda miss lunch, then snack in the afternoon. this is NOT good. maybe my goal should be more of eating HEALTHY snacks at work. that’s where I will start! i will start… soon, of course ;)


  3. Anna & Selena says:

    Hey you:-) You are getting so close!!! We are very excited for you and wishing you a quick, healthy delivery!! I was going to tweet to you but for some reason your twitter handle wouldn’t come up??? Wanted to let you know we are thinking about you.

    xoxo Anna


  4. Danielle says:

    how are you doing with this?? i know I said that i was going to do it with you and I was doing SOOO well until a couple days ago when the husband and i went on a date & i just HAD to order dessert! LoL! but I have definitely been working a whole lot more on my self control when it comes to sugar! I hope you are doing well with it too!!


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