the boys’ room {part 1}

I am “nesting” big time.  It hit me once August came because that was the month I’d decided we’d really begin preparing for Boy S’s arrival. I know that might seem really late, just 3 months out, but my heart really wasn’t ready. Even as August came swiftly upon us, I found myself excited but full of fear at the thought of preparing things. We’ve taken it a step at a time and today I’m excited to share some of what we have accomplished.

First, we decided that we wanted the boys to have a room of their own instead of sharing it with all of momma’s craft things. That was a hard decision for Ted because the meant giving up his own office space. We talked and decided that was for the best. Ted did too, I promise ;) So we began the “room switch” of Ted’s office into the craft/playroom with me (I am pretty stoked about sharing this space with my love ;)) all while Chase and Boy S’s things were piled in the craft room (and living room, and our bedroom) waiting to be moved.

(Most of the clothes for Boy S, needing to be washed, organized by size and put away!)

Basically there was a lot of move this here to move that there to move those over here, etc. WHEW. It was/is crazy but it’s coming together! And then after we packed Ted’s office into boxes and bins to be moved, everything stood still due to Ted’s busy schedule with work and his fall semester starting… until TODAY!

My grandparents came over and helped BIG time! I should probably say here that they are really young for grandparents (and Great-grandparents!!) and even younger at heart. They are the kind of people that go-go-go-go-go and like to see things through, finished and accomplished. When they came over today, I did not expect to do as much as we did. In fact, I thought we were just  moving boxes from Ted’s office into our storage closet. Wrong! They wanted to tackle this room switch full force and I was ALL for it!

Enough talk, here are some photos of the process;

 Ted’s office space BEFORE the switch. Taken about a month ago. We went from this….

To this…

To this!

I can’t even express how thankful I am that we {finally} have the rooms switched over! If you’ve ever been in nesting mode you know, it’s SO hard to sleep because your mind will. not. shut. off.  For me, once I get something in my mind I need to get it done and soon. One more thing checked off my lists of ‘to dos’ before S comes! Thank you to my lovely, awesome grandparents! And my madre for all those time you helped me organize and shift things to move!

Part 2 coming in just a few minutes….

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