Chase’s first Zoo trip.

Chase had his first trip to the Zoo this August! I wanted to take him last summer but due to bed rest that wasn’t possible. I am actually glad it worked out this way. We went with my dear friend Teri and her daughter. So the cute little girl you’ll see with us in Chase’s pretty little friend Kate (3).

I thought it was super adorable that the two of them starting “reading” the maps as we began our venture into the Zoo.

Our first stop was the elephants. This photo captures the {exact} moment when Chase first saw a real elephant. His expression says it all. Complete awe. (I just love, love, LOVE these two photos!)

He had a really hard time leaving the elephants to explore the Zoo.

The giraffe came in second to the elephant for Chase’s favourite animal.

It was {incredibly} hot on this day, so the kiddos played in some water to cool off. I kind of wanted to join them :)

A huge highlight of the day for Chase was this train ride. He just couldn’t believe it. We were going to ride a train, a “Choo-choo”.

waiting in line.This photo of his cute little face says it all. He enjoys every second and to this day asks me to go on a choo-choo ride! And proceeds with “Chugga chugga Choo-choo”.

Unfortunately the train ride was literally maybe 5 minutes. Waaaaay too short for a 2-year-old boy who loves trains.  Should I mention here that Chase threw a huge tantrum as we left? And that while he was throwing a fit in the stroller he knocked our Canon 60D from the top of the stroller to the cement ground. (Camera ended up okay. Lense, not so much but thankfully we have a warranty)

No, I won’t mention those things ;) but instead leave on a good note saying it was a really great time (it truly was) and I can’t wait to take both my boys next spring and summer!

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