DIY Diffuser Bracelet

Heyyyyy there!! Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve done a DIY on here. It’s funny to think back to when this was mostly DIY blog. Feels like a lifetime ago. But I’m aching to have this creative outlet again. So here we are!So let’s make some (suuuuper easy) awesome bracelets. First, what’s the heck is a diffuser bracelet? It’s a bracelet that diffuses an essential oil (of your choice). How? The lava stone absorbs the oil and you benefit from aromatherapy throughout your day!Supplies:

Beads, lava stones  (diffuser bead), Stretch Magic (or other jewelry making stretch cord), Young Living Essential Oil of your choice (need some? I can get you some, message me!), spacer beads (optional), and scissors.The DIY: 

Measure cord around your wrist, cut and tie two knots on one end.

Add beads, and I also added little spacer reads (optional) because we had some here at home and I like the look. Tie a few finishing knots.

 Add Young Living Essential Oils*  – you could either add a drop directly to the lava stone (on 2-3 beads is plenty!) or use a cotton swab or a Q-tip to avoid oils from dripping off beads. *Be sure to dilute oils if needed (you can use a carrier oil such as fractioned coconut oil).

Chase put Valor and Stress Away on his. He struggles when he’s in a large group of people, so on school days especially he wears this and smell Valor whenever he needs too. Shailo wanted Valor on his as well :) I also added Stress Away to maaaaybe help him calm down just a tad. 

Everly and mommas <3 

I added Stress Away to mine and LOVE it. But you can add whatever one you’d like!

So simple right? I was worried about them breaking into a million pieces with them being so stretchy and such, but they haven’t yet and my kids each wear one to school so… enough said! ❤️

Happy FRIYAY (as the cool kids say)!

Also, speaking of DIFFUSERS… Young Living has an awesome deal that ends today. Check it out:

Find me @colourherhopeessentials for more details and great ideas!

Pumpkin Painting 2016

pumpkinpainting2016-2Each year we paint our pumpkins. I’m not a huge fan of carving pumpkins and I’d much rather  clean up paint than pumpkin “guts” haha. So we paint! I started this when Chase was 2, and it’s been a hit ever since!pumpkinpainting2016-3pumpkinpainting2016-1-2pumpkinpainting2016-1pumpkinpainting2016-18pumpkinpainting2016-15pumpkinpainting2016-16Cutie pumpkinpainting2016-14

Concentrating :) Shailo made many things on his pumpkin including an A. pumpkinpainting2016-9pumpkinpainting2016-10pumpkinpainting2016-11Ever chose many shades of pink, some purple, teal and gold. On her own – that’s my girl ;) pumpkinpainting2016-17

Chase did a dragon breathing fire. pumpkinpainting2016-7pumpkinpainting2016-6Love these crazy, fun kids!

Past pumpkin fun that I’ve shared here:

“Punkin” painting 2011

Pumpkin Painting 2012

Shailo’s Bug Birthday!

I cannot believe this beautiful blue eyed boy is THREE.ShailosBirthday_2

ShailosBirthday_4 Our Shai is a bug-lovin’ boy! So we planned a bug party for this amazing little guy!

There weren’t a lot of DIYs for this party, it was the EASIEST party to plan and do and also one of the funnest!


I used a cloud bed sheet as a backdrop and added pictures and shared some stats from his actual birth day.

untitled-228Basically I went really simple:

-Dollar Tree bugs (like ten packs so each kiddo could take some home and some for decor!)

-I used faux grass (also Dollar Tree) in mason jars with faux bugs

-I used little planters (pictured above) with green silverware as “grass”


– I saved a bunch of glass jars and we were SUPER lucky because we have SO many grasshoppers in our backyard. The kiddos spent an hour (at least) collecting them! It was a blast. Even the dads had fun with that hahaha :)ShailoBirthdayCollage_1

ShailoBirthdayCollage_2-We put a little bit of dirt and bugs in the kiddos pool so they could “dig for bugs”ShailosBirthday_3

ShailoBirthdayCollage_3ShailoBirthdayCollage_4We did a “worm” cake but of course! I think he liked it ;)

It was a dirty, messy, super fun birthday that I recommend to any momma with a boy or girl who loves bugs!

Here’s to many more bug catchin’ years with you, Shai!

DIY Jersey Knot Headbands

Decided to try and pop out another quick DIY on the blog, before I “pop out” this baby FRIDAY!!

Here is a quick post to share DIY headbands for yourself or your little one!

photo 1-11

Choose a fabric, I haven’t yet tried cotton but mostly because I really love the jersey materials! They work well with this kind of headband as well. photo.PNGMeasurements: For a baby/toddler I cut 22″ long and a little over 4″ wide (you’ll cut the extra off)
photo 3-9Once you’ve cut… photo 4-6 Fold it and pin the RIGHT side IN!photo 5-9Then sew, sew, 1-12
Once you’re finished, fold it again.
photo 2-15 Cut the corners off, to make the “bow” a little more 3-10Cut the extra off the sides if needed (also, for this tutorial I accidentally used a straight stitch when I usually do a close zigzag stitch)photo 4-7 Turn material right side 5-10 photo-2

Knot the material to your liking!! And you’re done!

photo 2-16

I’ve experimented with this fun project. I’ve done some wider and thinner. I like both but will really decide when I see them on our little Gal! :)

photo 1-13

They are so easy and quick and cute! I hope you enjoy this DIY!

The next time you see me on here, I’ll be introducing our new bundle!!

Pray for us this Friday as we’re having her via C-section around 7:30am MST!

DIY Infinity Scarf Nursing Cover

For Christmas I was gifted a infinity scarf nursing cover! It’s SO cute and really a brilliant idea, especially if – like me – you love infinity scarves.

However, I did not love the price when I heard of it. You can spend a small fortune on one or you could make 5 for the price of 1 you’d buy on Etsy (or elsewhere). I flipped mine inside out and couldn’t believe how easy it would be to make some. This week I ventured to Joann Fabrics and chose 5 prints I loved (currently 30% off!) and began trying my hand at them.

photo 2-13

Step 1: Pick out cute prints that you can wear with your everyday outfits. I recommend buying a yard of each but you read below (step 3) and decide for yourself.

photo 1-10

Step 2: Fold your material inside out so the right side is facing each other and pin along the raw edge.

photo 1-7

photo 2-10

Step 3:

The nursing cover I have measured 30″ wide x 20″ long. It fits and will work for nursing, however I wanted to make mine a little bigger. I made 5 and 3 of them are 30″ x 24″ (because I ended up really liking that size personally. And 2 are 60″ wide x 30″ long, and they too are good, just personally I think a little on the bulky and large side. The choice is yours, really!

(I have extra material to make headbands and hats, etc from the shorter ones)

Step 4: (not pictured) sew the raw edge together.

photo 3-7

Step 5: (Optional depending on the material) I chose to sew the edge of the entire piece on some but you don’t have to. Some jersey fabrics just fold over perfectly so when you’re wearing it you don’t see the raw edge all around. photo 3-8And you’re done! SEW EASY ;)
photo 4-5This one above has a kind of subtle sparkle in it, I love it! It’s my “dressier” one.
photo 3.PNGThis one above is fun because it’s reversible. photo 2-11A simple, pretty print for everyday.
photo 1-8

And pink because…. I wear a lot of black (kind of a bad habit of mine since I was a teenager) so a little colour in my life is a good thing :)

I hope this DIY was helpful and made sense. I’m by NO means a professional or even advanced sewer, but I do enjoy sewing and figuring out how to make things that are pretty.

Thanks for popping by! I hope to post another DIY soon on baby or adult jersey knot headbands!

Mrs. Lee to be – Wedding Shower

Some of our dearest friends are getting married this summer!! I was so touched and moved to tears when my sweet friend Chey asked me to be her Matron of Honor (which we both agree sounds too matronly so we’re sticking with Maid of Honor ;)) What an exciting time! I loooove deciding themes and planning parties and deciding on a colour scheme, decor and food, etc and last weekend we had Chey’s first shower! I thought I’d share the fun details of the party – just for fun, maybe to help spark some ideas for you …and again, to kinda get my name out there if anyone locally would like to hire me for a party or for wedding decor, etc. (Wink – but seriously…)

The invites were pretty simple as I knew there would be a lot going out. I painted the A and C stamps with a cream paint and used washi tape for a simple touch on the front. I also used the washi tape as simple decor on recycled glass jars – which you’ll see later.

I chose a few fun fonts and created the invite in Photoshop and then printed them onto a textured teal paper. The theme of the shower was Mrs. Lee to be with travel and vintage touches strung throughout my house.


A few fun touches greeted the guests as they walked up.


I wanted to do some sort of guestbook of encouragement. I first thought letters from her friends but the day before the party I spotted this canvas bag at Hobby Lobby and thought we could have a similar feel on a canvas bag that she could use the weekend or perhaps on her honeymoon! I put a purple fabric marker beside the bag and friends wrote encouraging words to her. I will also use it at her Lingerie Shower for guests who were unable to attend the Wedding Shower.


(Above left: the only photo I got that show the awesome trunks! Right: the final decor)

Chey and Anthony are having a travel themed ceremony and she gave me free reign in helping her decorate for her wedding which is a dream! I spotted these amazing old trunks (with old school maps on them!) at a thrift store. A perk: only $25 for both!


Beverage station. Simply washi tape on a recycled jar – to holding straws I bought at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $5 (for 144! A great deal, way better than 25 at Hobby Lobby for $4!) I also made chalkboard wine bottles – which Chey requested as decor for her ceremony! It’s super fun that many of the pieces we’re creating will work at her showers as well as her big day! The frame I already had (I had painted blue for our bed room). It has a small wire I attached to the back and mini clothes pins to hold the photo of the lovely couple!


Above: my favourite pinterest inspired piece EVER.

20130525-070000.jpgAn embroidery hoop photo chandelier where I displayed photos from their engagement shoot.


The gift area.




Lots of yummy treats (um, and a lifesaver –  personally, I have found baking on the day of a party is NOT good for my nerves, so I opted out with pastries from a Sprouts Grocery! It was such a sigh of relief – even if a little more costly!)20130525-065918.jpg


I asked Chey and Anthony a list of the same questions and then wrote down one of their answers with a game of He Said, She Said -with props my mom and I made! Guests held up their guesses and Chey held up lips or a mustache to show who said it! Super fun.


The funniest game by far was having her guests “help” write her vows – mad lib style! The room broke in to many teams of 2 and worked together (without reading the entire letter) and then they shared the vows at the end. Chey chose which was her favourite. This game had everyone laughing!20130525-065833.jpg

The winners received a chocolate bar of their choice. I chose this particular brand because it looks like a letter which was a fun addition to the theme.


I didn’t get a very good photo of the whole group, but here is one of everyone writing their mad lib vows.


The beautiful Mrs. Lee to be and Chaseyboy (who popped in at the tail end of the party.) Chey came dressed adorably and very bride-to-be like. She even unintentionally matched the decor! :)

What a fun time celebrating my dear, sweet friend Chey! She has been there through so much in my family’s life and is always there to help us in any way she can!  It was truly an JOY to finally do something special for her and throw a party celebrating them!


I know Chey would say that her favourite gift of the weekend was having her momma fly in for her Wedding Shower (shown above)!

Speaking of moms… I couldn’t have thrown this party without the help of my WONDERFUL Madre!! She helped me so much with the cleaning and food prep! Such a blessing.

Thanks for popping by. Can’t wait to share more of my beautiful friend’s big day!!


And then my sister’s wedding in August!!

Easter eggs (a family first)

As far as I can remember, this year was our first time dyeing Easter eggs as a family. Ted rarely has Saturdays off, but recently he has been given a few weekends with us. A fun blessing! Saturday, before Easter Sunday, we decided to try our hands at dyeing eggs with the boys. It had been years since either of us had.

It was kind of comical ;)
EasterEggs (1 of 2) We watched the Veggie Tales Easter story and got to work. Chaseyboy took it oh. so. seriously. :)
EasterEggs (2 of 2) Shailo just shoved his hands right in (thankfully this washed off!)20130407-090935.jpg

(photo taken with my phone)EasterEggs (1 of 4)“What’s gunna work? Teeaaam work!” EasterEggs (2 of 4) I love the shots above. He’s getting so big! (He’ll be a 1 1/2 next month!)
EasterEggs (3 of 4) We dyed some and then wrote on some with colourful sharpies.
EasterEggs (4 of 4)

Definitely doing this again next year. Maybe branch out and be a little more creative? Pinterest was EXPLODING with ideas!

So pretty and fun. worth the mess and extra long bath time :)

What kinds of ways did you decorate eggs this year?! I would love to hear!

Bits + pieces: colourful playroom + bedroom

Welcome to the full room tour of the boys’ super colourful-artsy-vintage bedroom/playroom !20130324-160552.jpg20130330-091248.jpgThis room is a collection of thrifted + gifted items from over the years (the most expensive thing I paid for was the $20 orange rug from IKEA – that’s really not a bragging point, but just to say, I’m a cheap-o and also, to hopefully encourage thrifting, because I know it works! ) I started collecting vintage toys since before we were pregnant with Chase. It has always been a small dream of mine to do a vintage inspired bedroom/playroom  – if we are ever blessed with another girl I think this dream will come into fruition even more so!20130330-083743.jpgAs you enter your eyes might be a tad overwhelmed ;) It is a bit of a colour explosion.

Chase spotted this rug at IKEA. $20 for a decent sized rug, not bad! We previously had a CARS blanket laid down for the wear and tear my boys put carpet through. Since we always rent – this rug was a nice find! It will help be a catch all for the little messes little hands can quickly make :)20130330-083725.jpgYou might remember the room tour from our previous home. I had a very specific colour pallete – which is mainly the colours you see on the 5 canvases above. Well, that all flew out the window with this room. But I have to say, I LOVE where it went; Colour galore.
20130324-160608.jpgI hung an outfit both boys wore when they were infants. I also framed one of Chaseyboy’s first toys – it was well loved as you can see ;) The cars prints are from IKEA as well as the white frames. The ‘love’ Chase painted a while back.
20130324-160600.jpgOn top of the changing table: a cute pillow friend my mom made Chase two Christmases ago. I also put their basket of musical toys up high for special times when my ears can handle the banging symbols ;)20130324-160758.jpgWe’ve barely used the changing table for what it is really for – to change kiddos. We mostly have used it for storage. I thrifted the baskets that hold Shailo’s jammies and paints/comfy clothes. The bottom drawer holds the awkward sized toys that can’t fit into bins very well.
20130330-083810.jpg20130330-083731.jpgSome art I made for the boys room with a few quotes I love.20130330-083750.jpgThe pendant banner is made of felt + string. It was decor I made for  Shailo’s 1st birthday party.
20130330-083641.jpgClouds + Shailo’s 1st year painting! Didn’t his turn out super cute?! 20130324-160632.jpgI absolutely LOVED these curtains from the moment I saw them in an IKEA catalog. They were a whopping $15. Notice, I didn’t actually hang them with a rod. I just simply hung them with pins! They have yet to be torn down and they’ve been up for months now.

We like to call this tent the little “pirate ship cove” because… as you can see… my little pirate-lovin’ Chaseyboy houses his ships here. He and I found the first pirate ship at a thrift store for $3 and at Christmas time this year, he was gifted 2 more pirate ships. WHOA. Thankfully both of my boys are super into pirates currently (Chase’s 4th birthday party is actually pirate themed – per his request!)
The boys cozy spot of the room. Side note: The boys room has the most beautiful natural light all. day. long. We all enjoy being in this room and I think that is a part of it. LOVE natural light.20130324-160454.jpgIt is a blessing to have both a mother and a mother-in-law who are seriously gifted in sewing. My mom has made these cute little stuffed animals for each of our kiddos!

20130324-160411.jpgMy MIL, Anisa, makes the most amazing quilts and blankets for the boys. This one beneath my feet was one she made right before Chase was born. The basket that holds their stuffed animals (seriously, don’t know how this happened, so many!)20130324-160431.jpg This is where Chaseyboy sleeps (you might remember, Shailo sleeps in our room, sometimes in his crib, mostly in our bed ;)) Chase has never had a beloved stuffed animal that he just can’t sleep without but this pillow case is his ‘must have’. Thankfully I have 2! The sock monkey blanket I thrifted and it fits for when he moves to a twin bed. The name banners I made with scrap fabric and twine. And the picture was a gift from my MIL! I spotted a smaller version at an antique mall and she surprised me and mailed this beauty to me. Brought me to tears. LOVE it. 20130330-120152.jpg

Chaseyboy also “can’t sleep” without the “rain” of the white noise maker and his turtle that puts blue stars on his wall at nighttime.

20130324-160708.jpgUnder Chasey’s bed is a mesh organizer (IKEA) that holds extra blankets and the bright bin (thrifted) holds his Dinosaur Train + characters)


Art wall. Love this so very much. From left to right: chalk pastel art by Chase framed in a thrifted, vintage frame, a ‘you are my sunshine’ canvas I painted on Eisley’s due date – for her, next is Chase’s 1st year canvas and some photos you’ll see up close below, next is another You are my sunshine canvas – this one for the boys.20130330-110433.jpg This AMAZING piece of art is one my sister, Abie, did. She took a photo of Chase and I and re-created it with, get this, ONLY the words ‘You are my sunshine’ over and over. Isn’t that AMAZING?!20130330-083737.jpg

Up close of each of the boys’ 1st year canvases.


Frames are from IKEA and the far right one is from Target. Photos: Chase and his friend Anthem at our Ugly Sweater Christmas Party, and then one of my FAVES of the boys from this summer – by a tractor, and another of the boys, dressed the same with a similar expression – at the Denver Aquarium.20130330-091149.jpgWe’ve all seen the crayon art on Pinterest – when it was becoming popular, a mom’s group I was a part of in Fort Collins did it! It was actually a lot of fun, mine of course, was a sun for my “sunshines” :)  Below that is Chase’s 3rd year canvas and 2nd year, above that is a small painted frame with an ultrasound photo of Shailo and above that is the quote “every cloud has a silver lining” that I printed offline a few years ago..



Some of the collected vintage toys are able to be displayed (and played with) on their bookcase. The little red, foam car up top was Chase’s very first car! It has now been chewed and torn up but it’s one I just can’t seem to throw away! 20130324-160701.jpg

My MIL often brings us things Ted owned or made as a child. I LOVE THAT. She brought down these heavy wooden cars Ted made when he was little. This blue truck is one of them.
20130324-162004.jpgThis dresser was really nothing special. So I decided to add green and star knobs from Hobby Lobby! The mesh blue hanging organizer I thrifted but found out it is actually from IKEA! It holds dress up things and sometimes toys and stuffed animals – depending on what Chase puts in it.20130324-160737.jpgFrom left to right: The little picture frame which holds the first photo of Chase and Shailo (when he first met his baby brother) was actually made by Ted when he was a kiddo! The other painted frame – Chase and his friend Anthem each painted one before his friend moved away to Georgia recently. It holds a photo of the boys in a tent at their first sleepover! The skateboard I thrifted when Chase was a baby (hope to made skateboard shelving when they are older) and the blocks spell out our boys’ middle names.  To the right: close up of the alphabet lamp I thrifted.20130324-160833.jpgThese little white shoes were Ted’s when he was a baby! Next to it is the Willow Tree ‘brothers’ figure I bought for Christmas and a gum ball machine I added thrifted glass marbles to.20130330-094009.jpgThe closet is my LEAST favourite spot in this room and you can imagine why :) But I am thankful for this toy organizer.20130324-160444.jpgI thrifted both the toy organizer and this vintage shelving! I love the little vintage print with the train and fox.

I made this pinterest inspired organizers “for the boys” this Christmas. It has been a HUGE help. I bought the little wooden creatures from Hobby Lobby for around .50-.67 a piece. I painted the wooden door hangers, and used scrap fabric to hang them. The letters are foam stickers. And the ‘months’ was written with a silver sharpie marker.20130324-160616.jpg

Laundry basket from, you guessed it, IKEA. :)


As you exit, you’ll always see this little sign on the door. Yes, indeed :)

Annnnd… just to keep it real… YES, I did clean their room for the photos and this is actually what it looks like 90% of the time…


Have a happy Saturday and a wonderful Easter Sunday!

DIY kid’s art display

I am excited to share  a simple DIY to display your kiddos art, or really, whatever you’d like :) Last week, I had the boys’ art strung on a piece of yarn tied between thumb tacks. It worked, yes, but for some time I’ve wanted to create a better display and when I received gift cards to Hobby Lobby for my birthday, I found the perfect frames and began! It seriously takes no time at all! Stay, especially if you have a little artist on your hands :) (and please excuse the horrible lighting and quality of these photos… I may just be speaking to my photographer hubby who I know will see this ;))


Supplies used:

Frames (you could use a regular and painted one if you’d like) – I bought mine at Hobby Lobby for 40% off of $8 each

Paint – colour of your choice

Paint brushes

Glue gun

Mini clothes pins

Stickers (or a Cricut to cut out your own)


Step 1: paint and let it try

Step 2: Pick a word, quote or saying and place stickers


Step 3: Glue clothes pins  (measure and mark ahead of time – so they are even. Mine aren’t because I didn’t think that through)

Step 4: Print photos and add to frames

Step 5: Hang and hang up kiddos artwork20130329-115059.jpg


The aprons  – one was a gift for Chase and we recently painted it. Shailo’s was $1.19 on sale at Hobby Lobby!

It is fun to display their art in a place for them to admire or show daddy and friends who come by. When we take down the art – I am so that mom who saves everything but recently started using an app called ArtKive which is amazing!

Hope you are inspired

Simple home decor

 Today’s DIY decor is a piece of art for those who need simple and quick …and a plus, reasonably priced!

Supplies used:

8×10 frame – Wal-Mart Mainstays frame under $2.

scrap book paper

flashcard (could use a photo or a quote as art)

paper cutter

1 piece of tape20130310-163635.jpgDIY:

1. trace mat from the inside of the frame to size the paper correctly

2. cut

3. place inside frame


4. tape art on20130310-163706.jpg5. hang frame and you’re done! So many possibilities.

Hope you’re inspired!

Happy Sunday!