Tissue Paper Flowers Tutorial

I am so sorry I’m posting this so much later than I’d hoped. Here is a complete tutorial! Let me just say, this isn’t the easiest DIY project. It really depends on the paper you get and that’s hard to know when it’s packaged. I would go for more stiff paper than soft – but not too stiff. The softer the paper, the harder it is to separate and make pretty without tearing it, which you’ll see what I mean in a second. These turn out really awesome, here we go;

Supplies used:

Tissue paper

Floral Wire

Wire cutters (scissors work too)


Fishing Line (if you want to hang them)

How to DIY; 

First add as many pieces of paper as you want. I would do no less than 8 sheets at a time. The more sheets, the more layers.

Open tissue paper up completely then fold in half the long way.

Fold again (the more or less you fold the paper, the smaller or larger the flower will be)

Cut the fold.

Fold the tissue paper over and under until it looks like this.

Add floral wire. I added a little bit more on the ones that I hung with fishing line and made a little loop to tie the line in. The step you don’t see (because I forgot to photograph it :)) is cutting the to far tips of the paper. With this flower I did a sharp edge.

Like so :)

Carefully begin pulling each layer apart starting from the top.

When each layer is apart it looks something like this!

You can also round the edges for another look.

You can also blend colours.

This photo shows you a few ways you can use them. This was taken at my sisters “Alice in Wonderland” themed birthday party.

You can use them as table decor or hang them or whatever you want. I added googly eyes for this party.

My favourites size to make and for decor purposes, is the medium size that you see in red in the above photo. I actually didn’t make any large ones, but I bet those would be awesome too!

I had another party I’m throwing next weekend and that one has a bunch of purple tissue paper flowers, so I will be sure to take a photo of them! Hope this tutorial was helpful!

9 thoughts on “Tissue Paper Flowers Tutorial

  1. Sarah says:

    We love tissue paper! I did a tutorial last year on how to make them using pipe cleaners and such so the kids can do them with no worries. Love this though and the idea to hang them is fantastic!


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