My love turned 26 Tuesday, one step closer to 50 ;) Ted worked from 7 am to 4 so Chasey-boy and I took advantage of the time and decorated the house and made a huge mess cake and cupcakes. Then that evening we dropped Chase of with my parents and went to a movie called Hanna (very creative videography and action, just fyi!) and to dinner at a Mongolian grill called HuHot. His birthday week happened to fall on the same week that college classes ended until June! Hooray! So he has been able to just chill when he comes home which has been incredible!

Here are a few of the photos I took of Chasers helping me make cake and cupcakes. WHEW, what a mess, but so so so so cute and a lot of fun! (You might seriously judge my parenting after these, hehe)


and of course some sampling to make sure everything tastes well ;)

The set up inside.

The set up outside. After dinner and a movie we headed home and had a couple of friends over for a small celebration.

Wine for them, Jones cream soda for me (I’m not a fan of wine)
It was a beautiful, chilly spring evening.

We sat around our little fire and talked while sigur ros played in the background. So relaxing!

One of my gifts to Ted this year took some serious secretive planning and hiding of money ;). Each year I try to surprise him. I always, always, always fail because he always snoops and searches and finds out… except for this year!! I just had to share because this is quite the victory! I didn’t even hint that I had a plan until about 10 days before his birthday. Bad idea. He would not leave me alone! I ended up giving him his gift a little early because of fear he’d find out. He’s love Mumford and Sons long before they became huge, so I got him Mumford and Sons tickets and he. had. no. idea. He was truly surprised!! HOORAY!

{Happy birthday my love} We are so blessed that you’re in our lives.

2 thoughts on “26.

  1. Danielle says:

    i absolutely LOVE that you let Chase help with the cupcakes!!! I wish I was that brave with Gabriela! I let her help stir but that’s about it right now!! But your cupcake pictures are SOOOOO cute!! :D


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