"Those" kind of parents.

You know, the kind that video ridiculous things and post it for the world to see. Yep, that’s us! I used to laugh as how ridiculous other moms/dads were and now… we do the same thing! :)

Chase is constantly reaching and grabbing everything I have and last night, it was my water. He did this all by himself. Enjoy the video of our son… and ignore the part where I kind of freak out. :)

Chase and his first drink of water from Jami Davis on Vimeo.

WheneverOur Christmas present from Grandma Anisa (Ted’s mom), a canon video camera!! Totally beats the mac photobooth videoing i’ve been doing. More videos to come!!

Mini ‘Not Me’ Monday…

When Chase peed outside of his diaper and all over me in an early morning feeding, I did notthink, “It’s okay, it’s only urine… and actually… it makes me feel a bit warmer!”…. Eww, nope not me! (I did change, really I did!)

When my tooth began to give me problems throughout the week, getting steadily worse and leading into a weekend of headaches galore… I did not decide to take the last 2 percocet I have leftover from my incision drama and I have not taken 1/2 a percocet the past two days to dull the pain temporarily. And of course I do not wish that I had an entire bottle left of the pills until I see the dentist… Not this girl who usually only takes asprin or ibuprofen as a last resort…. nope, NEVER me!!
I have not become one of those mom’s who post silly sometimes ridiculous videos of my child being cute or just because. I do not post silly videos of my son or both of us. Nope not me!

Momma making a fool of herself.

My mom helped find these words from the Gerber Commercial I wrote about months ago. The one that I cried in everytime I saw it.. and here is why! Read this!

I promise…
…To take you as my child (as the mom watches the ultrasound);
…To love you for better or worse;
…to cry with you;
…to be silly with you;
To first steps…
to first words…
potty training;
to nourish your body and your dreams.
To help you start and stay healthy!

Watch the video here if you haven’t seen it so precious:


Week 31: Little Chubs.

Below is a video of our hiccuping baby! Ted says I moved the camera too much, but I was excited!
Baby measures (approx.)16 inches long and weighs about 3-4 pounds! I can feel that for sure! Baby is heading into a growth spurt. He/she can turn his head from side to side, and his arms, legs and body are beginning to plump out as needed fat accumulates underneath his skin. Baby E/C is moving a lot too! He/she elbows me a lot in the sides – or at least that is what I think it is. Last night we had a time change in the wake up call. Baby woke around 1:30 am instead of 4am and definitely wanted to play!

I can literally feel our baby gaining weight- I feel the pressure changing! I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the baby is about to “drop” as they call it. The reason I know he/she hasn’t yet is because it’s still hard to breath! I read if you keep good posture than it helps and it does, but I always forget or I feel like I am pushing my enormous chest even farther out! Haha. Lately I’ve been having a rough time sleeping but I seem to wake up and make it through the day okay. I have begun to nap again, which is something I haven’t done in a while and it feels SO refreshing.

It’s begun to really get hot here and yesterday I got too much sun and time in the heat. I ended up going home sick to my stomach and took a nap in our cold basement. I woke up refreshed and I hope I’ve learned my lesson. Things are a bit different this summer, for me, being prego and all! Yesterday they had “activities worship”. Many people played sports and that was so hard for me. I watched volleyball and they even let me serve once, which was odd because my stomach muscles are stretched and totally out of wack right now! This summer should be interesting– but I am happy that our baby is coming in July because August is our hottest month AND I will still get at least 2 months of summer with the baby chillin’ outside with mommy rather than in my womb! ;)

We have a crazy busy weekend ahead of us but as of right now we are still planning on doing the photoshoot Saturday. It depends on the weather alone. Pray for sunshine for us because if this Saturday doesn’t work then it will be two weekends from now – yikes!

You know you’re prego when:
Your pet hamster of two years and a few months dies and you cry like you lost your best friend… (this happened yesterday and I was a wreck for a little while. So silly. I was blaming myself in everyway, when really she was just way old for a hamster. We’ve had her since before we were married because I wanted a pet and I couldn’t get a puppy and I’m allergic to cats. Oh man, poor Ted =)

8 weeks & 6 days til we meet our baby!!

Well, til next time- which might be tomorrow cause this week I’ve posted like 10x ;)