Momma making a fool of herself.

My mom helped find these words from the Gerber Commercial I wrote about months ago. The one that I cried in everytime I saw it.. and here is why! Read this!

I promise…
…To take you as my child (as the mom watches the ultrasound);
…To love you for better or worse;
…to cry with you;
…to be silly with you;
To first steps…
to first words…
potty training;
to nourish your body and your dreams.
To help you start and stay healthy!

Watch the video here if you haven’t seen it so precious:

3 thoughts on “Momma making a fool of herself.

  1. Taddy and Ariel Schmitt says:

    Hey Jami!I love your blog and all the updates on baby!! You’re definitely not making a fool of yourself. It’s so cute and lovely. And the video is awesome!! I never thought to do a video. I will remember that one for when we are on this journey. Keep up the blogging and check our out sometime. Although I just started and haven’t done much with it because of school…I hope to use it more over the summer! I’ll be praying for you as you head into the last weeks!


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