Mini ‘Not Me’ Monday…

When Chase peed outside of his diaper and all over me in an early morning feeding, I did notthink, “It’s okay, it’s only urine… and actually… it makes me feel a bit warmer!”…. Eww, nope not me! (I did change, really I did!)

When my tooth began to give me problems throughout the week, getting steadily worse and leading into a weekend of headaches galore… I did not decide to take the last 2 percocet I have leftover from my incision drama and I have not taken 1/2 a percocet the past two days to dull the pain temporarily. And of course I do not wish that I had an entire bottle left of the pills until I see the dentist… Not this girl who usually only takes asprin or ibuprofen as a last resort…. nope, NEVER me!!
I have not become one of those mom’s who post silly sometimes ridiculous videos of my child being cute or just because. I do not post silly videos of my son or both of us. Nope not me!

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